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Let’s Make THE BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

In this video Shane teaches you how to make the most delicious chocolate chip cookies. Pay close attention as even the process of putting the ingredients together is not how your momma or Toll House taught you and it totally makes a difference.

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Video Transcription

right so I thought we’d make somechocolate chip cookies here and I thinkthis is a good place to startmostly because if you figure this outthen you will be forgiven for all thethings that you screw up that don’ttaste so good because these things areamazing they’re the recipe that comes onthe back of the chocolate chips and youget at Costco which is a very goodsemi-sweet chocolate chips and I wantedto point out a couple of things I madeone slight change to this recipe firstlyit doesn’t suggest using unsalted butterbut I think for any baking that you doyou should always assume that yourbutter should be unsalted because theamount of salt that is put into saltedbutter varies from brand to brand andthe amount of salt that’s in your recipeis important for the interaction betweenyour leavening agent baking powderbaking soda so I use unsalted butter andI add in almond extract with the vanillaextract you’re still going to use thesame amount total but you just add inlike 25% almond extract to 75% vanillaextract and those are pure extracts andalmond is amazing in here so I thinkwe’re ready to goand these amounts that I’m giving youare for a double recipe on this and I’llbake off a lot of them and then I willfreeze the rest of them in small portiondoubt sizes so they’re ready to cook sowe’ve got in here three sticks of theunsalted butter 2 cups of packed brownsugar 1 cup of the organic unrefinedsugar that I get at Costco as well sostart by creaming that got a paddleattachment on heredr. storm for a couple minutes it’lltake you three or four minutes to reallyget those butter and sugar and quiteready them together and you may have tostop it take this down make sure thatit’s all done it can see there it’s notsticking to the sides at all it’s it’scoming together pretty nicely I know itseems like a sneaker cookies and it’skind of remedial but a couple of yearsago my stepdaughter was talking with afriend of Texas and she commented on thefact that I was actually making cookiesand that she’s never seen cookies beingmade experience with the whole housethis is looking pretty good the nextstep is to add the eggs already cockedin here and I added the vanilla and thealmond extract right to the eggs becausethey go in basically at the same time sowe’ll do eggs one at a timeat this point you’ll definitely want toget the sides cleaned up really well andhit that againonce that is done we’re gonna add in ourbaking soda two teaspoons of that andone teaspoon of saltand it’s gonna go real fast now we’vegot four cups of flour here if you gotthe bigger machine like this you canjust dump it all in at one time smallermachine you have to but the trick is youdon’t want to over mix the flour onceyou start baking and you’re putting yourflour and flour ingredients in you don’twant to mix too much so really just acouple of turns go right in and that’spretty much itand that’s pretty much it so once youget the flour in there and the chocolatechips it doesn’t have to mix very muchmuch longer than that at all so pop thatoff it’s best to just use your fingerswith this here clean this off about thistime if you have kids they’ll usuallycome running out they have a sense ofwhen there is cookie dough that isedibleall right so got that cleared off hitwith the spatula make sure everything isup off the bottomall right ready to pour some out andbake themso into a 375-degree preheated oven youcan see the spacing on there and thenhere you can see the bricks that i’vegotten in the oven there then how I’vegot that set up alright so the cookiesare in it’ll pray take 14 minutes forthem to cook and I rotate them one time180 degrees at some point during thecookie usually around 10 minutes therest of the cookie dough I portion uplike thisplop it down on parchment paper thesewill go into the freezer and whenthey’re frozen then I’ll take them offof the paper like this I put them into astorage bag and I’ve got cookies readyto go for hopefully in this about twoweeks hope they last that long alrightjust starting to brown a little bit so Ithink it’d be a great time to rotatethem and they probably gonna take aboutanother two minutes at that point sowe’re gonna watch it real closeyeah that’s just about right so let upset up for a couple minutes and then I’mgoing to pull them off and get them ontothese cooling racks so firstly I want tothank my lovely wife for making me myown personalized other meds they’ve gota heat reflective material in betweenthese old wool fabrics that that I foundand then she cut out a lovely littledeer applique and put that on there forme so I’m quite lucky and she made methese ones toothere’s a little tag that she put onthem so reference in my earlier videoabout having your kitchen set up rightnow is a great time to have a goodspatula and a cooling rack and look atthose cookies since baking is not alwaysperfect the fact that these are comingout like this on a video I’m prettyexcited about because these are as goodas they get if your cookies turn out asgood as these ones I’m going to be avery popular guy

20 Replies to “Let’s Make THE BEST Chocolate Chip Cookies

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  4. I missed Baking Baked so much! This made my day. I might even try the recipe now that I can’t go out.

  5. I have been watching @Salomondrin for years now…and I was totally not expecting this. Next click will definitely be the website. Thank you for the content. I’m glad you’re still creating good content dude.

  6. When brown sugar start sticking together microwave it for 10 seconds that also makes it warm and helps it cream with the butter easier

  7. You two are like a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds. Brightened my day. Thanks for a new installment of Baking Baked! Keep it up!

  8. Teach me English please Idol, haha ​​greetings Alejandro, send greetings to your wife and Tata from me, take care

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