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How to make chocolate chip oatmeal cookies

Hi guys welcome to our channel in today’s video we bake massive oatmeal chocolate chip cookies it’s a pretty simpel recipe we hope you guys enjoy and make sure to subsribe and like this video thanks😁
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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to our Channeltoday is one of our first videos andwe’re going to be showing you guys howto make yeah chocolate chip oatmealcookies and we might even put them inshapes we don’t know yet rightyes we’re super excited for this videoand my name is Kate and her name isEdith and we love to bake so we thoughtwhy not make a channel about it rightand we have all this time but before weget started make sure to subscribe andlike this video and we’re sending loveto all of you guys who are affected bythis virus stay safe out there and stayin quarantine readied yeah what’saffecting themwhat’s the virus okay so um for this forthis summer for this video to make thesecookies your guys what keep you’re gonnaneed three cups in point me up threecups of oats a pack of some chocolatechip 1/3 of a cup of chocolate chipsum 3/4 of a teaspoon of baking soda okayI totally messed the measurements up youneed three cups of oats and for thechocolate chips you actually need 3/4 ofa cup not a third you need 3/4 of a cupof chocolate chips sorry and threequarters of a cup of a teaspoon ofbaking soda and how much power do weneed how much 3 for others a cup offlour 3/4 of a cup of flour and this isour family’s special listen you needvanilla you need vanilla two teaspoonsof vanilla extract you know that’s it Iknow that is this is sugar and how muchshould we need we make ha we need half acup of sugar sugar half a cup of sugarneed one eggum three corners um of brown sugar 3/4of a cup of brown sugar 3/4 of a cup ofbutter unsaltedunsellable let’s get to it and for our’pliance is you’re gonna need the mythI’m a mixer the electric mixer andyou’re gonna need something like this umfor the attachment it does not have tolook like this it just can’t be the thewhisk okayand you’re gonna need the mixer bowl nowthat’s it baby and it is super superBetty yes superb at many and the bowlfor the mixer okay to get started inthis recipe you’re gonna want we’regonna cream our butter okay one secondwe wanted to make sure you guys haveunsalted butter too okay sorry aboutthat bit of a delay now we have ourbutter and we’re gonna cut off a littlebit of butter okay and then we’re gonnaget our butter and I’m gonna start offhave butter fingers worth because I hadwe had a bit too much right okay nowwe’re gonna grab this and Edie could youthrow that in the microwave pleasebecause the microwaves right underneathwe’re gonna microwave it till it is nothard anymore we want it to be liquidybutter okay we melted our butter and nowit’s all liquidy and you’re gonna wantto put that in your mixer bowl for themixer right you wanna help me pull thatin it’s just a bit of butter put thatover there see itso now we’ve got that for fun mix butternow we’re gonna put in our sugars sofirst we’re gonna put in our brown sugarwe need 3/4 of a cup I don’t think wegot to tell you guys there so sorry youguys are going to need some cups somemeasuring cups measuring spoons okay wehave we don’t have a 3/4 cup so we’regonna use our quarter cup and put threeof them three quarter cups readied packlightly pack there you go and last one[Music]last one okay there we gowell look at your fingers but that’s notwhat you do in baking okay ready okaynow we’re gonna need half a cup did youclose this up you know how to close thisup off another banking okay you want toclose this with the okay now we’re gonnaleave half a cup of sugar and you’regonna put your half a cup inalthough eating sugar spills so I’mgonna put this one in you can put thenext thing in oh wait no you can put theoh there’s Ben he’s our official tastetester and these are what is he ourofficial tasteryes he’s our brother this is heart okayand we added that it now when you’redone that you should probably eat youshould probably pre-heat your ovenyou’re gonna want to pre-heat your ovento 350 degreesokay tea is that SmartTVgonna help gonna help my aunt Edie cuzeggs is a bit of a big girl job and youwanna come over and say hi ma this isBen he’s our official taste tester shetold us and he will be at the end of thevideo taste testing rookies but let’snot CD so smart how does she like toknow this and we’re gonna need there wego okayshe can have one great okay now we’vegot our Bowl and we have all that but weneed to add our water so mom help us getour water thank youwe need two tablespoons snow for thewater for the vanilla is to disappearokay one tablespoon of water and you’regoing to need one moreOh flowers not yet I don’t think andthat was our wet ingredientseven though sugar is not right awayright what we’re not having that yetEdie we got all our ingredients in thebowl and now we’re gonna put at yourmixer attachment and now the mixer andwe’ll see you guys when it’s done mixingbecause it gets pretty loud okay wecream them together and it kind of lookslike a brown mixture and it’s and it’snot too thick if you just think that’sokay to them right it’s yeah it’s okayif it’s thick but now it’s all ready andnow we’re gonna start adding our dryingredientsflower is that ready okay now we’regonna add our flour oh man we shouldtell them cinnamon in our special recipeyeah hey cinnamon so we’re going to getcinnamon we’re so sorry we forgot totell you that me today okaykidding she doesn’t have her um oneteaspoon of cinnamonokay Matt our flour and how much flourdo you think we need Evie eight moons upno we don’t need eight spoons we need3/4 of a cup so once again we don’t havea quarter of it did we add our sugaryeah cuz I poured it over okaythree quarters[Music]Wow pretty big round so now we’ve gotour our flower in now it’s time for thecinnamon okay we’re gonna estimate itteaspoon but bit of a teaspoon in therein thereoh not next year silly and then we’regonna add and then we’re gonna add ourbaking soda how much baking so do weneed we need 3/4 of a teaspoon maybewhere’s our spoons where’d you put thespoons the measuring spoon we just hadthe measuring spoons Wow we’re vanillaoh they’re over there can go better flipby the wooden bowl my little helper Heyokay now we’re gonna hey guys but that’swhen we say the beginning of the videosokay we’re gonna get 3/4 of a teaspoon[Music]and then there and then 1/4 spoon putsome on there okay now that we’ve addedour baking sodadon’t do that we’re gonna mix it up whenwe put it the mixer and then we’re gonnawe’re gonna blend it up okaynow we’re gonna add I know we’re gonnabring this up and we’ll see you whenit’s all mixed okay we’re all done andit’s all creamed out and it looks reallygood ready okay now we’re gonna add ouroats underneath three types of boatshoney you want to add some first cup ofoats I know but I’m gonna pour it comeover in my chair pour them in okay youspilled it everywhere maybe this is whyokay Hey there are leafs leave us Keikobetter news you’re now I need to add abit of extra oats since we kind ofspilled them overokay now we’re going to add our next cupof books because we need three cups it’sfilled every young kid stole it yeah shespilled beans that’s okay this is ourthird cup now that we’ve got our threecups of oats we’re gonna add a oneof the best partgoodbye we have to mix it firstokay all right we mixed up for okay nowwe’re gonna pour in half a cup[Applause]a little bit extra only a little bitthough now we’re gonna mix that up andwe’ll see them you learn it all mix andwe’re gonna put them on the pan soonmake sure you get a large pan like thisa large pan of a sheet pan and thenyou’re gonna want to spray it with somecooking spray or you could use parchmentwell we’re gonna use completelyI’ll see you when it’s all mixed updoing a pasta TV – don’t press theweapon the hose the way button look podsokay our cookies are amos mixed up andwe spread our pan now we’re gonna getit’s loud try to get as much as you canoff okayI’m gonna ah we’re gonna get our icecream scoop if you don’t have one ofthose you can just use a spoon it reallydoesn’t matterOh press it down a bit and add ourcookie complete but soon in an upcomingvideo will definitely make shape cookiesI mean I get Lola your Grover likeSesame Street now I’m big boy know whothat’s a cookie skin Cookie Monster ohum I am Cookie Monster cool I neverthought I didn’t eat you hook monster[Music]Grover I’m Grover coolokay well can’t when we’re done planningall of our cookies oh gosh our oven isready and I’m done preheating at 350 andour cookies are on the pan they’re justplaying ball shapes and don’t press themdown when you’re making them love tothough will turn out huge in justthey’ll be flat huge and crumbly nowwe’re gonna add them into the oven andwe’ll see you when they’re done cookingbaking okay we’re gonna put them in theoven for 10 minutes and then we’re gonnacheck them if they’re not ready thisshould take about 10 to 12 minutes sothey might not be ready at 10 minutesbut we’ll see it’s okay if your cookiesspread out hugethat’s a minded and now they’re mungocookies but that’s okay like that biggerthe better you get or cookie then I willsee you when we’re ready to taste usokay since my cookie spread out so muchthey needed a lot more time than tenminutes we’ve put them in for almost 20minutes and they for almost 20 minutesthey’ve been in for about 17 minutes nowbut yours could only take ten minutes orthey could take twenty minutes you neverknow okay our cookies are out of theoven and they’re huge come see them lookat them like you can’t tell that whatthey’re like as big as the pan yeahthey’re huge but the more the better andwe have our taste tester we have toleave them on the cooling rack for awhile for like 20 minutes but then wewill have been taste test the cookies ohwait so they have you should leave themon the pan for about 5-10 minutes andthen you should put them on a coolingrack for a few more minutes and don’ttouch the buttons okay I’ll see you whenthey’re done the cooling rack and missyour bottom and we’ll taste them okaynow taste messing up your own tasteafter I give it a 50 okay thank you guysso much for watching before you end thevideo subscribe to our channel like thisvideo and turn on your prosenotifications so you get notified everytime we make a new and awesome video andclap for any baking suggestions that weshould make bye

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