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Keto Cooking: Butter Cookies with Chocolate Orange Drizzle

This amazing Keto Dessert won’t take you more than 10 mins to prep and is super simple consisting of just six ingredients.

Here’s the original post with the recipe and all the ingredients are below:

You will need:

230g ground almonds
120g room temperature butter
50g xylitol/erythritol or raw honey
1 x egg
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
a pinch of salt

Although we love it with a sprinkle of chocolate on top it’s a really flexible base for you to add different elements depending on your tastes.

Post in the comments how you get on making this your own and any dishes you want to see in Keto Cooking,

Sow & Arrow, the home of healthy Keto.

Original of the video here

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