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How to make a chocolate chip cookie mug cake! (With friends!)

Hello, today I’m making a three ingredient chocolate chip Mug cake with my friends!

•chocolate chip cookies
•Water or Milk (your choice)
• sprinkles or icing (optional)

Step 1: crush up you cookies, use as many as you want depends on how much of your mug cake you want. Crush them until thin crumbs.

Step 2: add as much water or milk until it comes together and it looks like batter.

Step 3: once you’re done making the batter, Put your mug the microwave for 1 minute (60 seconds).

Step 4: You can decorate if you want, we added icing and sprinkles.

Step 5: You’re done and enjoy!

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Thank you so much for watching, Have a good day, And please stay safe!

Original of the video here

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