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“i Tried” Making ‘Emma’s Goodies’ Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies! 🍪 | Homemade Cookie Crisp! 🥣🥛|Yummy!😋

Hey guys! Second video in my “I tried’ series where I try ANYTHING! Last I tried 5 days of working out to the Madfit YoutTube channel and today I’m trying out Emma’s Goodies Mini Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe! It was SOSOSO fun! Come along and see how they turned out 🥰
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So go on and grab a coffee a let’s make some cookies!!

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*I’m a stay at home Mom with 3 step children and 1 blessed of my own and some days are great and some, well, not so much. BUT! here we are coming together and what a great platform to support and encourage and show each other how we try to make it work and hope it motivates you to try something new 🥰

Emma’s Goodies Video


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Video Transcription

don’t make some cookies let’s make amess good let’s go make some cookiesgoodies let’s go make some cookies let’smake a mess goodies yeah alright heyguys it’s Vanessa and welcome back to mychannel today is the second part of my Itri series I plan on doing lots ofvideos like this basically this is goingto be the cooking or baking portion ofmy series and today I am tryingEMAS goodies mini chocolate chip cookiesI will leave her link down below she hasan awesome channel if you haven’tchecked it out her baked goods are likespot-on I cannot wait so today mydaughter and I are gonna try out some ofher mini chocolate chip cookies sheshows you eating them kind of likecookie krisp in a cereal which franklysounds amazing to me so without furtherado I’ve got all my ingredients laid outI’m gonna go ahead and show you guyswhat goes in me we’re gonna put themtogether and show you if it worked outalright guys I went ahead and premeasured everything I will list on thescreen here somewhere her recipe justreally quickly if you want to take alook at it super basic she does talkabout how the dough needs to be a littlebit looser it’s not like your typicalcookie dough so let’s get right into theingredients here I have 2 cups of flourall-purpose but for myself right now soI’m bringing it to better light I haveunbleached it is literally all I couldfind if you’re anything like me rightnow you cannot find flour anywhere finewe’ll make it work so I have some brownsugar here I have half a cup of brownsugar along with half a cup of whitesugar I also have half a teaspoon oractually sorry I have a teaspoon ofvanilla and a little more because Ialways do that with my cookies and alittle bit of milk because we may needthat depending on how loose our batteris I also have the measurement they’rebizarre because I believe that she’s inEurope or the UK or something maybe andor she’s measuring in grams or maybeshe’s just a very specific Baker I amNOT her measurement called for 1 and 1/3plus 1 tablespoons of butterso one stick plus 1/3 of the sticks plusa tablespoon that’s what’s here also wehave one large egg or extra-large eggpreferably I just have large egg whichis why she also mentions gum though alsoI have half a teaspoon of baking powderand Ialso need half a teaspoon of salt I’mjust gonna use this one and somechocolate chips she doesn’t say how manyI’m just guessing until it meets yourliking if that makes any sense here’severything we’re gonna need let’s goahead and get it into the bowlall right so it does call to go aheadand melt your butter I don’t know aboutyou guys I have made chocolate chipcookies in the past where I’ve usedmelted butter and it does make a reallynice chewy cookie so I’m interested tosee how this is gonna work it doesmention that it’s not supposed to be asuper dense batter so that makes senseso we’re gonna go ahead and put these inthe microwaveI got her bail she’s nice she’s gonna behelping us out today she’s gonna begiving all the mixing she’s not gonnaput that in her hair cuz we’re bakinggross okay our butter is ready let’spull this outokay so the first step is to go aheadand add the melted butter to the bowlgood job and then we’re going to add thetwo different kinds of sugars and we’realso gonna add the vanilla in there[Music]right now she’s gonna take her spoon andyou’re just gonna mix it up so we’ll getin a closer look here it doesn’t callfor a mixer at this point because you’renot actually creaming everythingtogether because you’re not looking toget the same consistency of a typicalcookie dough okay goodmy mom’s trying to film a serious videohere can you stop all right okay yeahthank you kind of wait at the saw seelooking actually a little trick I’vetold Belle is especially since we’relearning how to crack eggs go ahead it’sto crack it into a separate bowl so thatwe don’t get any shells wow that wasreally good babe mm-hmm no shells noshells all right awesome so we’re gonnaput it in the bowl and add that as well[Music]I think that’s pretty good okay nowwe’re gonna go ahead and add all of theflour at once or underneath themicrowave it don’t fit this in a fancykitchen so just chop it up a bit thereyou go that’s fine we’re gonna mix ityou don’t want to take too too long soyou don’t want it to beyeah we’re gonna go ahead and add thisI’m gonna add the baking powder in whileshe’s doing that cat I’m gonna take overhere a little good time so she said thatthis could happen and if it got if it’slike this then you may have to go aheadand add some milk so I’m gonna go aheadand do thatgonna heat up a little bit in themicrowave so this is a little bit toomuch like a really old-school cookiedough consistency and we don’t want allright so our milk is warmed up probablya little bit too much I’m just gonna addabout half of what she recommended firstI don’t just do the rest because I havea feeling I’m gonna need it I can tellalready all right then I’m gonna add alittle bit of water and see if thatmakes a difference here yeah oh yeah Ican already see it’s changing so alittle bit more well that’s coolthis is a groundwater yeah work out hereguysI think we’re gonna try it with thisit’s not quite as creamy as her so Idon’t want to keep adding any more we’rejust gonna add the chocolate chips nowit is nice though we’re just doing thatsilky thing where it’s pulling away fromthe side so I think we’re good all rightso the next step she says to put it intoa piping bag I do not have a piping bagso all I did was take a gallon ziplockbag and kind of wrapped it around a bowland I’m gonna go ahead and spoon some ofthe batter into that and we will pipe itonto a tray all right so let’s see ifthis little makeshift piping bag it’sgonna work I don’t have a tip so we’rejust gonna roll with it they might notlook as perfect as hers but squeeze itout pretty good because then she showsthat you dip your finger in a little bitof water and you smooth them out and youkind of make them yeah see I have toshape them a little bit cuzbut that’s good so let’s pump all theseout and we’ll come back over to me givethem a little bit of a aesthetic look[Music]okay so what she shows you at this pointis to take a little bit of water andjust dip your finger in it it helpssmooth them out a little bit then you’rejust doing the water so that they don’tstick I guess I’m just gonna smooththese all out so they look rounder I’mgonna try to add like three or four toeach one[Music]take a look before they go in the ovenso here they are pre oven they’re gonnago in at 320 Fahrenheit for about fiveminutes so let’s do that oh we got totrain all right bye-bye cookie they’resuper cute I don’t even know if they’redone I don’t think they’re supposed tolook like super Brown it says to letthem set for quite a while because inher video they’re not dark at all ohyeah but they’re already oh they’regonna be too good too goodyay okay I’m gonna let these set and I’mgonna put the other ones in the ovenyeah these look amazing and honestly youcook cookies on a low heatanyway 325 350 typically so I guessthey’re not really gonna brown too muchyou just want them to cook through likeso in her video she shows herself shesays eat these cookies and a bowl ofmilk like Cookie CrispI don’t these cookies here a little bittoo big for that but the next batchmight be okay and then the one I’m aboutto do after this one I’m gonna do likeas small as I can and put like one ortwo chocolate chips on each one and thenwe’ll see what those ones look like sowe’ll have like three variations of thecookies here we go all right guys here’show they turned out note to self youdon’t need to leave a ton of spacebetween your cookies because they don’tactually spread out that much but I meanoh it’s still a bit soft we’ll look atthe other one so this was the firstbatch that I made there are a little bitlarger as you can tell but they’re stillsuper cute little mini cookies and thenthis was the second batch that I triedbecause I was still kind of gauging mysize and how big to pipe it so you’llsee right here yeah see there’s not ahuge difference but there is stilland then there’s these little ones theseare basically Cookie Crisp like come oncome on and they’re actually really goodguys they’re really plain chocolate-chipcookie which i think is me cuz I thinkthe base is cool I tell genius I thinkscore pieces in this with the chocolatechips would be amazing so I kind of likethe base of the cookie recipe like whoknew[Music]so I didn’t just do that for a pictureit actually tastes really goodI mean it’s cookies and milk there yougo guys that was really fun to makeactually really fun Belle loves themJamie liked them they’re the perfectsize and I just like the novelty ofhaving a mini cookie so if there’s anyother things or recipes or going viralhacks that you guys want me to try outfirst leave a comment down below I amopen to suggestions and trying out newrecipes trying out new hacks and newlittle techniques and making cookiecritic who doesn’t want to make cookiekrisp alright guys I hope you enjoyedthis videostick around check out my other contentif you’re interested subscribe and Iwill definitely be posting more videoslike this very soon take care[Music]

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