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How to Make Your Own Homemade Chocy Cookies

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own cookies easy claps. Please like and subscribe and bell to support the channel.

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Video Transcription

as welcome back to the channel welcome
back to another cooking video
yeah so I’m here with Jake okay big
Lorax what we call a big oh yeah
so today we’re gonna be making chopped
to cookies and there’s your not taste
Kong so has always oh hi pop look at
these chips
oh yeah chocolate chip cookies just like
da bomb test if your mom’s recipe so so
yeah he’s four capable cooks so yeah
yeah so here the ingredients yeah
biggest see also in our recipe we’re
gonna be doing double ingredients come
on double cuz we we need more cookies so
that’s just the ingredients we have my
mama has a singing fish so you guys
we’ve just got all this stuff lined up
he wasn’t that much I mean we had to
settle for imitation vanilla because
we’re for our buck absolutely pop well
like he is not real but like it’s
cheaper than a beside so yeah the ovens
been pretty to do like you got to do
this thing gonna make at home okay rule
on the trays later we need to okay
prepare wait could you put the butter
and the sugar is gonna be like a montage
won’t fun guys use this chuckin
ultimately wanna do something you know
you know this is what it us okay and we
are this Shaban and just like a mix all
that together so we just we’re just
gonna mix it anymore in a few is it hey
yeah we add liquid in sir you just gonna
mix I love it it’s so hard like after
about less a minute or two we’re gonna
like combine in the egg now so I’ll show
you what we do that let’s welcome back
we just we swore to start up in it but I
not really as much weight so could you
know like oh no poor in there oh my gosh
I mean we do the egg what’s your size
I’m the only one that can do this right
all those skills so yeah we just got a
mix that there’s gonna be a lot of
mixing in this yeah today’s video
sponsored by you’ll get 1 billion three
chance yeah and you’ll get a free trip
to clash of clans Islands would you get
the barbarians and yet you get free you
get like free instant Pekka upgrade
level 10 battle bunny and you easily
just win the game yet so yeah sure yeah
you know actually well just like
clash royale as soon as you like as soon
as you get into clash Royale you get a
for you Megan alright and you also get
like a billion gems so it’s come out the
film wait can you think me sorry you
cannot to film on mixing but after that
after it’s been well combined we’re
gonna start and like pack we’re just
staring in everything I’ll film back
when it’s like when like wait so it says
like stern flour milk and dark chocolate
bits so I’ll just film back when
everything has been stirred Utah
guys we just finished the cookies and
with grease are all the pans with butter
so yeah
so now basic also by the way you mix the
cookies the top chips in to the cookie
or or you can just put them on top
whichever one you like now yeah wait so
I mean I hold the camera so good like
one in just like say yeah okay
right dreads flying it down
yeah bit like yeah like that like that
we should make a mega one yes I go on so
yeah guys just like make like a little
Bowl and then like I saw flatten it out
a bit and yeah I’ll show you what it’s
like when it’s all been done cookie the
reason experiencing you put butter on it
unlike the mistake that we made where we
make pizza yeah you ever check out that
video please okay let’s all let’s use
also know Entergy BR know I’m a giant
cookie no yes yes yes no yes what no
this big enough we need some more fine
these things on the top
hold on and what is that what is that no
it looks weird no do it
oh god okay okay so on the recipe it
says bake for 15 to 18 minutes so I’ll
just make it for 15 and then you SS want
to light golden and cooked so yeah oh
look at the smiley face it’s so cool
it’s called in your mom what
yeah so I’ll cook it for 50 minutes and
if it’s not done yeah so basically I’ll
just show you when it’s like finished

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