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October 2019: Postpartum dry eyes and Jen and I make cookies!

Went to the doctor and found out I have dry eyes! I got a fall sign, made cookies and went for a walk.

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

okay so update with my eyes well that’sthe windows they’re definitely dry shesaid so I have to like – you likecompresses for ten minutes like wetcloth oh my eyes ten minutes every nightand then the drops that I got five timesa day so that kind of sucks but at leastlike it’s not just my vision that causeright Jen so I was like thinking like ohdo I have you at LASIK again but I can’tget LASIK when I’m breastfeeding or likeyou’re not supposed to because like thatcould have been like to change your eyes- so that’s what I looked up online he’sbeing good I love my knee like realizethis is sleeping hideously their kneejust like spits it out such a big boy ohyeah these pants his newborn pants aredefinitely too small on him like theyalways right so I think we need to getrid of it as newborn and stuff I thinkthere’s two pants that are actually longenough but the rest of them or not butthen all the problems is there at threemonths pants is that they don’t aren’tsmall enough in his ways he has a littletiny odd no rules yeah did I tell youthe Midwife said that he might not getany rolls like he might just be like aslim baby like his father anyway Ireally have been craving peanut buttercookies so I brought up I brought up asifter John apparently what is the wordI’m looking for how you get good peanutbutter cookies flour doesn’t shop inonline shopping right now she was gonnadrill them all but looks like shedecided to shop online insteadbut also I don’t know if I said this inthe video but my breast pump parts thispart is broken it like got a whole yearso I don’t know if it’s like notsupposed to be because i sterilize allthe water parts by using the dr. Brownmicrowave sterilizing bags not workingthe whole reason I sort of videoing so Idon’t know if I showed this either Idon’t really put in a lot I got this offof market Facebook marketplace I can’ttalk today Facebook marketplace sellerso you got to like pick your design andstuff so I picked I’d say hello fall andthe white and black so I think thatlittle on the other side and now itlooks like they’re just kind of likestickers so I’m kind of nervous aboutthis being outside in the fall so Idon’t know if I should keep it as likean indoor inside sign it or what it’s socute but on the top and stuff like red Idon’t know why they wouldn’t like touchthat up like this side it’s finebut this side has like red there andit’s just gonna look sloppy so I havewhite hopefully it matches so I broughtthat up- hopefully painter oh yeah and Jamie’shad a fix for this is possibly justputting my staff hot glue on it so I’mgonna try that too the only time is whenI’m watching them as sterilizing I don’tgo hot well that’s a mistake the wholereason I started filming we’re to showthese asset evils that we got I alsonever showed today we had tacos fromTaco Bell because he had four four sixtacosgender won’t open up in here so here’sno I’m gonna show jodensave so you thinkcan’t think of anything else to add tous you gotta eat it quick it’s alreadyhitting soupy yeah it’s taco it’snational taco all right dad you withthis the side of you okay do you thinkanything else you want to add to itI go anything is aaovertime I knoweyes ears no no no smiles little Hannahsmiles big smilesall right I’m wearing Elliot so we cantry to bake some cookies what do youthink Elliotgood idea okay I mean trying to cookierecipe step number one is not having thebest time in here use this awesome likefolded up in here Elliot I guess this iswhy it supposed to be like not for thislittle like that he’s not supposed tosit like that yes and the cookie sayshave to be blended upanything you put our leftover plate son[Music]no jacket if the cookies were good choseeating them but they’re good rightfinish doing five was laundry an hourwell I think that is a very productiveday we have to do a fast walk done niceagain correct size n and I can go asfast as I want now Deb being six weekspostpartum so let’s do this it’s allabout balance right Jen yes the peanutbutter cookies but then you have butthen you have go for a walk you have ahealthy acai ball a through but then youhave tacos it’s all about that balancegirl

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