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How to make whole grain chocolate cookies | Healthy and tasty| Cookies recipe |

Hey guys!
This is Ghavneet here,
I hope you all are doing well !
So, today I am back with another video. Today I am making yummy and healthy chocolate cookies.
Here are the ingredients:
1cup: sugar
1cup: ghee( butter, oil)
2cups : flour *
2tbsp: custard powder
1tbsp: coca powder
1/2 tbsp: baking powder
1/4 tbsp: baking soda
5-6 drops: vanilla essence
1/2 cup: milk

* use only one cup and stick to it.
* In this recipe I have used a mixture of several flours.

Here’s the list:
1/2 cup: gram flour
1/2 cup: semolina
1/2 cup: oats
1/2 cup: wheat flour

You can use any kind of flour.

Here is a trick to remember ingredients
Your flour is always double of ghee (oil, butter), sugar is equal to ghee.
1cup ghee+ 1 cup sugar=2cups of flour

I hope you all liked it!
See you all again soon,
Ghavneet Kaler

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back so today we aremaking these super delicious cookies sohey guys these are our ingredients sofirst of all tell me I’m using thisstuff and this is my teaspoon I’msticking to this only so you can use anyof those so first of all I have onewhole cup of suji or semolina and thenhigh I have bowls and these are fewfennel seeds so this is one whole cup ofboat like this half and this half of mixone drop so this I have this is wholeone cup this is Gruffalo and this is thebeat floor with white floor and this isan optical pinch of salt so this isagain both of them makes one cupso here I have sugar which is almost onecup and here I have my key or you cantake butter or anything Sookie and sugarare in same ratio and then I have my 1/2teaspoon baking powder then I have my1/4 teaspoon of baking soda so there Ihave taken 2 TSP of custard powder and 1TSP of cocoa powder so these are justflavors so this is totally optional andthen I have my ebony lessons so I’mgoing to do something like four drops sothese were our ingredients so let’s seenow I need a bound and this useless cardnow I am going to add my melted keynow I am going to add my sugar so I’mgoing to edit it like tone-wise I amadding half of my sugar rest I’ll beadequately so I need to brisk it and Ineed to do it screaming until it turnswhite then I’ll be adding my own sugarso this is how it’s cutting it for likefive minutes so now I’m going to add therest of the sugar mixture I know now I’mgoing to add my vanilla essence so I’mnot going to are like four five times sonow I’m going to mix it again so this ishow it looks after now I’m going to addmy all the floors that I have so I amgoing to add them little by little so Iam going to mix it wellso nothing like this salsa and eat alongwith this and both baking powder andbaking sodaand we need to mix them well so I’m alsogoing to address those so now I am goingto mix it how it’s going to look aftermixing it well now my are going to addhalf a cup of milk because it was toohard and going to move we want this tobe little bit soft so that I could makeproper shape of cookies and milk is alsoneeded for baking powder and baking sodato react to well so I’m going to mix itbut after mixing it I am going to keepit in refrigerator for like ten minutesso this is how it’s going to look afterfreezing it I have taken it out of therefrigerator so let’s make cookies outof it so I have takenlet’s tell return to traditionso this is cool right now actually I’mbad at making circle shapes so I thinksit’s and I have taken like this bakingtray and I have greased it as wellso let’s keep it and see you so I havemade my only six cookies now it’s timeto take them in so let’s keep theminside out of it keeping it and in themiddle rangso the oven was already preheated at 150degree centigrade now I’m just buildingminutes and I will be checking inbetween and both the tanks so I’m takingit at 150 degrees now our cookies arealmost ready and this is how they aregoing to look and they are superdelicious and super yummy and here’s afinal look for our cookies so thank youguys please like the video bye

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