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How To Make Ultra Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookies

a quick and easy guide for people who like their cookies a lil extra crispy

note: I know my audio is awful its a work in progress

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

there are hundreds of cookie recipes onYouTube but if you’re searching for theChristmas cookies you can possibly makeyou’ve come to the right place they’realso great for throwing out your friendson your board so begin by chopping uptwo chocolate baking bars they shouldlook like this when they’re done andnext up using the body heat of your doggo ahead and soften one cup of butterdon’t forget to leave a few lovescratches as a thank you now in a bowlthe sand mixer add a cup and half thesugar and the butter cream this for justa little bit until it’s mixed togethernow set the mixer to medium speed andadd two eggs in a tablespoon of vanillaextract now in a separate bowl combine ateaspoon of salt and two and a quartercups of flour and one teaspoon of bakingsoda now in three separate additions addthe dry ingredients to the wetingredients it should look somethinglike this when you’re done then add inthe chopped chocolate now grab a bakingpan and lined it up with parchment paperand begin rolling the dough into smallballs now pre-heat your oven to 375degrees and pop the cookies in for about10 minutes and after that you’re doneCongrats you made cookies I hope youfeel special[Music]

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