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Making Cookies With Daddy

Kalib and Kion show you how to make sugar Valentine’s Day cookies.

IG: Kalib’s Imaginarium

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

welcome to Carol’s imagined burialtogether when your imagination comes tolife[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]cookies for Valentine’s Day then we’regonna take and cut them into all cottagecheesedecorating the way that our queen ofmine will think[Music][Music][Music]we have heart shape[Music]all right push it down okay we gotta hugit out yeah so let’s get her traininglet’s finish get a little sheep to putit on some place to do the cookies onthe sheet so we just put it up in theoven and then we’re gonna decorate itafter we get finishedyou want another you want another heartor you want to do another shape buddytriangle triangle like a heartall right so let’s do the Train allright okay push it down okay good jobOh God I mean did it now good job Ohtriangle triangle what’s next what elsewhat you want manI start the storm let’s get little babystore the babies are like machine Ican’t do itbuddy yeah Oh Cup careful carefuloh she could cut your hands buddy thesethings are sharp so just grab it out myhand good job I can’t you see you gotthe square I do I do it look I do itOh what else we walk with my Krogerthrow up again discredit on[Music][Music][Music][Music]I don’t know where the car search okayI’m gonna do the car only god that’s sohard[Music]let’s do this big story oh my goodnessdoes a big star okay let’s do the bigstar like a jack[Music][Music]look[Music][Music][Music]yeah chamber yeah[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]all right so this is the last cookiebuddy we’ll just make a regular cookieokay no but I can’t do this ah it’sgotta be able to cookies buddy you gottaput them on the cookies like this[Music][Music][Music][Music]so now we’re gonna set the over to 350degrees and then we’re gonna put thecookies in the oven for maybe aboutbetween 5 to 10 minutes[Music][Music]be back after this short commercial[Music]the kooky Bubba is a buddy we did agreat job half hour he says I don’t eatwith my mouth full is rudesay bye with your hands[Music]you

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