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Making Cookies W/ Wendy :)

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]so we’re gonna be making cookies oh youknow we should rise to brownies thereyou have to meet that like Jessica makesthe kick winner and shudder you lookgood in it right remember Ronnie Wood ohwe made brownies in there Ricky was likeare they made out of pot and I was likeoh yeahOh[Music][Music][Music][Music]so in a vlog so far Jenny’s sweatingbutter all over the train what sir youknow how that feelsexcept for you you’re dropping watereverywhere so like I was making cookieswith her and then she was rolling liketoo and she don’t wash her hands[Music]so Enda logs from now on so now is she’sgonna meet us – yes fucking lawyer okaymore further apart oh my good[Music][Music][Applause][Music]and I’m just like why are you looking atwith you do like your mom and everysingle wing and I’m gonna put that inand you better show your mom is like thebest look at that a long legs in theback behind me YouTube you wanna grab myhair nothing with my hair I don’t thinkyou can kiss my hair straightWow oh shit butter that’s a new lookyeah yeah so like I ended up dropping myAP class it’s breaking and my grades arelike way better already know collegestudents she went to the library with amom okay with your bangs okay let’s makea little video of Wendy[Music]I’m cute I’m gay hit my line so you wantto it’s Wendy wha whatWendy’s raw like a literally gettinganswer you’re like olive I mean no we’regonna put in the you’re so like waikingmaterial I’m a housewife I can use ahousewife though unknown we’re gonna getthis and put it into the oven okay nowyou’re gonna walk themdown here and then we’re gonna put ityeah bitch is not even straight it movedso the beer underage these cookies areready not ready to grab why cuz they’restill hot like you know like becausethen they’re not hardened don’t thinkyou’re that much like No[Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Laughter][Music]your zippers down[Music]Jared on just keep these member do youwant[Music][Music][Laughter][Music]muskan[Applause]the pollutant[Applause]

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