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How to make the best chocolate chip cookies- Vlog #4 (Sir Jacobey)

thanks to everyone that watched- i really appreciate it.
I hope this helped anyone looking to make the best chocolate chip cookies.
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Video Transcription

welcome back guys to Jacobi’s vlogs andtoday I’m gonna be teaching you how tomake the best chocolate chip cookiesalright so first thing you’re gonna wantto do is grab a bowl that you can mixevery all of your ingredients togetherand this bowl is absolute from myelectric mixer or but you don’t need touse an electric mixer if you don’t haveone you can just start by hand anywayit’s fun alright so the first ingredientwe can add to our bowl is any kind offlour works great value guessing you canuse any kindso what you’re gonna do is take a scoopa 1 cup scoop of flour and put it in thebowl but we want to do this is you wantto Pat it down with your butter knifePat it all down and then scrape it offget something like that full cup it’sokay if there might be a little tiny gapin the middle where there isn’t so itwon’t be a big deal but so you do thatanother scoop and then you use a 1/4 cupso I’d be 2 and 1/4 cup thank youalright so the next ingredient you’regonna want to add is baking soda you’regonna add 1 teaspoon of it and if youdon’t have a measuring spoon like a setof these you can also just use a smallspoon like this it doesn’t matter it’salso teaspoonso you’re gonna want to pour the bakingsoda over a sink because it can get alittle bit so and you don’t need to usea knife for this just shake it alrightso you’re gonna do the same exact thingwith 1/2 teaspoon of salt shake itno the next thing you’re going to wantto do is take two sticks of butter I’mguessing a lie you use Land O’Lakes thatworks black breast stone break stoneworks just pop two sticks of butter ontoone here um usually you it’s better tobe softened but if you forgot or you’rerunning low on time you can to actuallyput it in the microwave just for acouple seconds I don’t like a minute oranything because that will melt likemelted butterbut yeah so it just it’s not softenedenough so I’m gonna just put it in themicrowave for maybe I’m gonna put it onthirty seconds but don’t actually put itin for thirty seconds like stop it maybe20 seconds left and then checkbutter looks like it’s good you can seea little butter melted under there butthat’s fine it’ll still workalright so a 3/4 cup of sugar and youcan’t you really use this you can’tactually can you use a little label herebut I’m guessing you desktop it’s alittle bit easier to draw okay then soyou don’t need to use a knife for thisbecause um it kinda just does it itselfit’s a little more easier to fall out ofthat mess it up there we go so now putthat isn’t and put another 1/4 cup allright so next ingredient is brown sugarthis will be enough so obscene amount ofthe sugar 3/4 cup now this is it sticksto the top a lot easier just it might bea little bit tough but just push it downon there alyx billion a little yeah justpush it downyou make sure it gets in there real goodandand then pop it down it then you do thatwith another 1/4 cup sookayit actually is very satisfying doingthat when I just like kind of pops outas full oh the next ingredient you’regonna want to add is vanilla so vanillaas well as the salt and baking soda canbe a little bit of a mess so make surethat you pour it over a sink be a littlemore clean if you say all right so lastingredients that you add besides achocolate chipstwo bags so when you put when you breakthe eggs you want to do it on a bowlhere then just crack it and make surethat when you do this you have a trashcan next to you so you can justimmediately put the egg in withoutmaking a mess getting Yoko over youreggs you don’t to mix them anything justput them in the bowl now the next partis mixing all right so I don’t want touse something like this in your mixerI’m using a mixer you do not have to usea mixer you can just use a bowl and mixit with a wooden spoonbecause if you don’t then it will flyeverywheredon’t get mad if you first see that it’sa little bit dry because it has to makesomething about the gameís consistency[Music]all right so once we get it devout tothis point you can turn it off thecouple setting or even me[Music]so you’re gonna want to have to add inyour chocolate chips I have an extra baghere don’t worry though I’m gonna havethat a lot actually I should add themoon[Applause][Music]I don’t want those two mixed up a goodbit yeah and then here’s[Music]now that we got a good bit of chocolatechips in there consistency’s good andthere’s one thing don’t try at home kidsit tastes amazingjust a little little bit you’ll be okayyep I’m pretty god you don’t getsalmonella yeah so might notice thatyour cookie dough is a little bit stickyso if it is a little bit sticky then youcan add a little bit more flour to itjust add not a lot at one time just likea little bit flour can make a huge messif it goes too fast[Music]so the next thing we want to do is takethe cookie on the trade-in I recommendactually using an ice cream scoop so itworks very well and the cookies aren’tgonna be like really they’re gonna bekind of thick just like meyoueat your oven to 375 degrees right nowon lines around 340 as you can see so do41 just go have 12 more cookie but Iwill show you when I finish with theseones put them on the rack they’re gonnalook really good yes sir the clout putit in the oven once the oven reaches 375degrees Fahrenheit it’s going how aboutyou something I’m not very safe in ouroven goes a little bit fast I cook itfor 9 to 12 minutes but if your ovengoes a little bit slow and make sure youjust keep checking it until it gets tothe park where you can actually put abutter knife in and if it comes outwithout any cookie dough on it then itwill be fine though the cookies it lookslike the cookies are pretty close tobeing done if not already doneuncle cookie nothing going on it so it’sokay if your cookies are a little bitlike very very soft because they’re goodthey’re very hot obviously so you wantto slowly take them off the cooling rackand yeah they will go Harden okay wouldyou mind getting something just sit itright there like thatcookies over here make sure the pancookies are right next to your coolingrack here okay can you move that rightthere so once your cookies are coolenough to take off sit them on thecooling pan they don’t have to be hotlike cold just make sure that they canget off the via pin without fallingapart repeat until process deserver allright so here’s the final they have coldand they’re on the cooling rock rightnow I didn’t want to make all the cookiedough so I took the rest of it and putit in this container you can just put itin the fridge and if you want to makecookies again sitting with the rest ofthis you can always do that you don’tneed it’s nice because you don’t have tolike this but here’s the final like jarso refined later delicious you guys somuch for watching this video and thanksto everybody that watched the wholevideo please like or subscribeI prefer if you subscribe too but anywayum thank you for watching and I mean youguys are really helping me to get to mygoal and I do nobody actually requestedfor me to do this cooking video but Ireally do like cooking and I reallyenjoy it it’s very fun to cook so umthank you guys and I will see you alllater

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