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Video Transcription

hi everyone today on the channel we’regoing to be making this rainbow cake itis rainbow layers on the inside and it’sdecorated using the petal tip that I’mgoing to show you how to do in a videowith rainbow buttercream so I hope youlike rainbows because it’s all aboutrainbow today so let’s get started so tomake the rainbow cake we’re going toneed prepared buttercream and a preparedvanilla cake batter both of these can befound on our Channel and we’ll providethe links below we’re going to be usingred orange yellow green blue and purplegel paste now these are Americal or gelsand they give really vibrant colors toyour cakes so try those ones out if youhaven’t before we’re going to be usingsix different bowls in order to dye bothof our buttercream and the cake batterfor decorating the cake I’m going to beusing an 809 8co tip that’s our just anopen round one you can use any size thatyou want and for all the cakes I’m goingto be making each of them in an 8 inchround pan so let’s get started the firstthing we need to do is to divide thebatter equally into the six differentbowls because each Bowl will be coloreda different color so I’m just using astandard cookie scoop and I’m just goingto divide it equally until all the cakebatter is out of the bowl after the cakebatter is all evenly distributed youwant it to be eat as even as you can sothat each layer of the cake is going tobe pretty much the exact same size sonow you want to put each different colorinto the bowl starting off with theorange yellow green blue we’ve got redand we have purple so I’m just gonnastart mixing up one here I’m going touse a different spoon each time or makesure you wash your spoon before you putit into another color don’t want anycolor mixingmix these all up and I’ll be back toshow you how to get them ready for thecake pan so why don’t you have eachbatter with the color mixed in you’regoing to grease your cake pan and thenyou’re just going to take all of thecake batter and you’re going to dump itinto the pan and then you’re just slowlygoing to try to work it out to theoutside of the pan to get to the edgesthere’s not very much cake batter ineach of these and so you do have to justbe gently to be gentle sorry and to justgradually push that cake batter all theway to the outside when I get that thereI’m going to pop it into the oven at 350degrees Fahrenheit and it’s gonna bakefor about 20 to 25 minutes it won’t bevery long because it’s really thin soyou just want to watch it carefully I’mgonna repeat this process that you seeright here for each of the batters so toprepare the buttercream for the outsideof the rainbow cake you’re going tofollow the exact same steps that we didfor making the cake batter coloredyou’re going to divide it up into sixequal parts and color each with eachdifferent color before you coloreverything though I want you to pull outabout two cups of the buttercream andleave it for icing in between the layersand then color the rest of them so allthe buttercream colors have been mixedand we’ve got our white left at the sideand that’s going to be used in betweenthe layers so just set your icing asideand we’ll get ready to stack the cakeonce all of your cakes have baked theyshould look something like thisbeautiful rainbow so the next thing thatyou need to do is to make sure that youlevel each of these layers and thenwe’ll be ready to stack so once you haveall of the layers leveled what you’regoing to do is in between each oneyou’re going to put a scoop of the whitebuttercream and you’re just going tosmooth it around so I’m gonna stack eachone of the layers just like thisand on goes the blue press that downmake sure it’s even all the way aroundand then another scoop of the whitebuttercream so I’ll be back when I havefilled up and created the rainbow ofcake so I finished stacking all of thelayers with the buttercream and at thispoint the cake is fairly unstablebecause of the amount of buttercream inbetween each layer so before I do mycrumb coat I’m going to put it in thefreezer to let it freeze solidly andthen I’ll be able to apply my crumb coatmuch easier so now that the cake isfrozen it’s gonna be much easier toapply the crumb coat so I’m just goingto do a really thin layer because it’sgoing to have lots of icing on theoutside with the petal effect so I’mjust going to cover the whole entirecake like this really lightly and thenI’m going to show you how to do thepetal effect so I finished crumb coatingand now I’m going to be using purplefirst at the base and I’m going to workmy way up and in order to do the petaleffect I’m just squeezing my bag andthen pulling and pressing at the sametime so squeeze and then pull and pressand I’m going to do that all the wayaround and then I’m going to switch tomy blue so I have my blue buttercreamready to go now when you want to startyour next color you want to start in thegap where the petals were so you’re justgoing to do the same thing so it’s justkind of alternating so the pedals aren’tstacked right on top of each otherthey’re just a slightly alternating soI’m going to go through and finish allthe different colors in the cake andI’ll be back when I have completed allof the rainbow here is the completedcake with the buttercream piping and I’mgoing to take a big slice out of it soyou can see the inside rainbow as welland after I’ve done that I will be backto show you here’s our completed and cutbeautiful rainbow cake I honestly thinkthis isone of the prettiest cakes that I’veever gotten to make so I hope youenjoyed the tutorial and find it easy toreplicate on your own so remember if youliked it give it a thumbs up andremember to share it and always ofcourse subscribe to our channel so youcan stay up to date on all of our futurevideos you can find us on FacebookGoogle+ and on Twitter I will see youagain next time[Music]you

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