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How to make Oatmeal and Raisin Cookies| Simply Delicious 😋

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Video Transcription

before we start make sure you smash thatlike button and subscribe my youtubechannel 125 grams of self-raisingthis is how you make oatmeal raisincookies by the way I didn’t say that Isaw it so okay a dab of cinnamon 1/2 ateaspoon of baking a saltI need two hands to do that so that’swhy I’m enough camera and did it 50grams of brown sugar and I had 25 gramsof white sugar one cute little eggy ateaspoon of vanilla extract a hundredand 50 grams of oats hundred and fiftygrams of raisins and a hundred andfifteen grams of unsalted butter now thereason they kept us to the end is that Iwouldn’t cook the egg okayleave this to a side where the butter isbe tidy then you tidy up done now thispart is important that you wash yourhand and you want then you want to grabit and why did was I did the fun partwhich is smoosh it with your hands untilit looks like this and it can turn intoa ball smoosh it in a ball and then putit in get you lined baking trick do thatuntil it’s completely filled up and oruntil you run out now that I finishedI’m gonna put it in the oven for 12minutes at 180 degrees and now we waitand then you take them out golden brownoh my god they look so yummythese oatmeal raisin cookies are glutenfree and will make a nutritious snackfor school as they are not free and theyalso would make a fulfilling healthybreakfast eating along with prayingnatural yoghurt and mixed berries mmmsimply delicious

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