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Easy to make cookie dough first video

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Video Transcription

conn-young I never the almond cookiedouble easy way hello are you gonnaa storm you know I watch it I could do asomersaultthose are not ham well I got a Swiss youmight not have to be how they’re gonnahave to be on cam one Hornet butter andI’m Onizuka brown sugar I know honeymilk and the hon chocolate chips ofvanilla and saltokay guys the first thing we’ll put isthe flouroh no the second thing we’re gonna do isput some sugar and we’re gonna mix themwith this patch okay guys I fully mixedin the sugar with the flour so the thirdthing we’re gonna put in and salt andvanilla and we’re gonna wholly mix it inI’ll come back to you okay guys the thenwe’re gonna put the milk you can putchili pot i – 1 tablespoon you can put 2if you wantnow we’re gonna fully mix in here andcome back okay guys then we’re gonna putsome chip chocolate and mix it inokay they’re fully mixed in thechocolate then we’re gonna put thewhat’s it called the butter okay guys Ihave some technical difficulties puttingin the butter but now we’re gonna mixthem and come back okay guys the cookiedough is ready when we mixed it a lot soit does if you need to mix it a lot tomake it like this now we’re gonna put itin the otherfor ten minutes and and we’ll come backto youokay I forgot to tell you that we needto mold it and shape it into cookies sothis is a hack you can get any cup thatyou want and put it on the cookie doughso to become like God shape of a cookieokay guys first you’re gonna get thisroller and put it into a flat surfaceokay guys now we’re gonna put the cupand make it into the cookie shape okayguys when we’re done we’ll come back toyou guys so we’re finished with thecookie we shape the cookies I made aflower moon and some wrong things that Imade this one I don’t know what that isreally but if you have an electric ovenyou put it on 170 degrees so whetherwe’re gonna make them and come back toyou cookies are ready and they smell sogood so we’re about or about to tastethem the Apple tastes really good andthis was the end of the video hope youliked it and bye[Music]

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