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How To Make No Bake Cookies💗

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Video Transcription

hey guys it’s Madison and if you didn’tknow that already then you do know I’mout and if you’re having a great dayand that’s mine one – I hope you like ittoday we’re gonna meet it make you knowthat cookies with my sister and um wehave a recipe right here that I switchedup a little bit so it’s my own recipenot this oneI should just enough not just a littlebit kind of a lot so yeah it’s just a -blender now faster then stacked that yesI did I said it stack three times now hestarts to spin can you just look onwalks Logan baby since that you can dosugar it were splendid wandering Splendabecause that’s what my drama ones and so1 and 3/4 cups of Splenda or sugarokay so now we have 1 and 3/4 cups ofsugar that we add and a stick of buttermine is like not really a stick anymorebecause I melted it and I cut it in halflike a lot of times and yeah so add thatinto your mixture it’s really a mixtureat this point actually Anna is gonnahelp do things okay so after you add thebutter and and the stuff you get ha yeahhalf a cup of milkperfect a half a cup oh why was anaction I’m just you’re the assistant forgetting me things I’m these I’m thebigger owner major I don’t either oh noand just kidding just kidding guys girlnext up you need this I bear afterdocument go through all my ingredientsat the beginning of the video sorryabout thatI need unsweetened cocoa powder and youget four tablespoons of it that whatthat’s what makes your food your thingstart brown and have the cocoa flavorand be yummy so four of those I am nomornin yelling in the background waitwas that for I know I’m joking so yeahthat was I’m thinking oh you took aboutit or so next next you know you bringthis mixture to a boil I average nowonce it starts fully boiling you set atimer for one minute and 30 seconds andthen after that timer goes off then youtake it and remove it from the heat butmake sure you um mix it like a lot whenyou’re boiling it starts warming up sitin the like not get so clumpy so as youcan see the mixture is way less clumpynow[Applause][Music][Music][Applause]then you add in the tablespoon ofvanilla peanut butterguys um sorry donut don’t I’m half a cupof peanut butter add in 3/4 or 1 cuphigh right there yeah it really doesn’tmatter i I personally think I’m morepeanut butter the butter so yeah ok washyour hands before and after Mickeycities now scoop it up throw it on thewax paper goop it throw it on the waxpaper scoop it on the wax paperokay okay bye[Music]get one shudder smoked sausage that’d beembarrassing snap story whole thing noyou know like post a linkI have an ideawe have the face of a snowman[Music]the middle of a snowman yellow[Applause]well thank youI hate birthing really do these annoyyet I love him too he sounds I don’teven know himjohnny-boy why Maddie hey did you quitno nevermind because they don’t hate thesmell manyeah I’m right up on the board you doingmake your throw about now our watch ohand that is what ah like know if youposted liquor store I will I’m posting alink on my store I really do not careyou’re already blocked me from yourstore and I could care less if I textedyou or not guys tried to hide these fromyour sisters or brothers if you havethem hey guys we have step brothers yesoh you know no we don’t need him theybroke upusually agree with some bullies justagree on a I’m gonna agree with you fromnow onwith some things I need something I’mmaking snakeguys isn’t like cooking out yours I’mmaking it really long smack me in theface oh wait you did that I be trying toavoid you but you’re like to know I’mworried about self on the head okay byethank you like and subscribe my snake nono one will eat my special or I just letthem sit I just let them sit because I’mlike so what hard okay bye yeah guysplease subscribe I would like your surebut if you don’t that’s 100% okaybecause some people don’t subscribe tome and that’s mean just kidding I knowwhy we care because everybody has theirown choice if they gonna subscribe andthis is don’t

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