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How to Make Mom’s Magnificent No Bake Cookies

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My Mom’s Magnificent No Bake Cookie recipe is simply divine. Rich chocolate caramel, hearty oats, creamy peanut butter, and aromatic vanilla is the basis of this recipe. Add some freshly cracked sea salt or pink Himalayan salt and your taste buds will thank you immensely.

These are simple no bake cookies to make with a little practice and knowledge about sugar syrup. You will want to cook the caramel sauce to 235F or 113C and remove it from the heat immediately to have a nice tender cookie that holds its shape well and tastes out of this world.

Visit the website for more explanation and to see more on how to make these magnificent no bake cookies.

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Video Transcription

a rich chocolate caramel sauce Hardyoats peanut butter an aromatic vanillamakes up this delicious cookie doesn’tit already sound wonderful and thebeauty of it is it’s really simple tomake these are my mom’s magnificent nobig cookies and I got to share them withyou here are the ingredients but don’tworryas always I’m going to include a linkbelow that will give a detailedinstructions and nutrition informationso let’s start in a saucepan I haveone-and-a-half cups of sugar that’s 300grams and to this I’m adding one stickor 1/2 cup of butter or 113 grams I’malso going to put in 1/2 cup of milk or120 milliliters and 1/4 cup of cocoa or20 grams now if you noticed I’d use thestick of butter and I made a line aroundthe pan this helps keep the sugar fromcrystallizing and will help it actuallyfrom boiling over it’s a trick my momtaught me I don’t know why people don’ttalk about that anymore it’s actually inher cookbook from the 1970s so I’m sureshe learned it from there now what youwant to do is start out on a lower heatuntil your butter melts I like to geteverything well combined so you don’thave any lumpy cocoa another option isyou can put the cocoa and the sugartogether and stir it really well and itwill help break up the lumps before youput it into the pan now as you can seeit’s very nicely smooth I’ve zoomed inso you can see it better and we’re aboutto start boiling what makes this a veryeasy recipe is all you’re doing ismaking a nice soft ball stage carameland a lot of the recipes out there willtell you bring it to a full boil andthen cook it one minute and don’t stir Iactually recommend stirring it becauseI’ve tried to do this without thestirring and two things happen one theone minute is never sufficient timebecause my stove apparently is differentfrom the recipe stove and so there’s alot of other people’s because they weretelling the same story my never set andby stirring it you ensure that that nicerich chocolate caramel sauce never burnsthere’s nothing worse than having burntmilk ruin a dessert and you don’t knowit until after it cools and you takethat first bite and get a bitter sourtaste so please just ignore the oneminute failsafe recipes that seem tofell so many people because they don’trealize all you’re doing is cooking atsoftball stage if you don’t know whatsoftball stage is is two hundred andthirty five degrees or about a hundredand thirteen degrees Celsius and whenyou drop this liquid into some coldwater you will see that it will form asoft ball I will show you that later onas you see this is now boiling it’s gota nice rolling boil and according to youthe other recipes it should be oneminute from now however my total cooktime took about four and a half minutesoh I just want to put that out there soyou guys aren’t surprised if it takes alittle longer and the reason thishappens and why the one minute rule doesnot work for everyone is you don’t knowwhat kind of pan they’re using you don’tknow what kind of heat source they’reusing for instance I’m using a triplyand I have an induction heat source forme medium is very hot medium isbasically high on this stove so if Iwould cook anything on a medium it wouldbe a high for someone with an electricstove for instance and a gas stove iseven more variable a lot of peopleprefer gas I’ve worked on all three Iused to be a huge gas proponent I am nowa person that will tell you induction isamazingfor the safety benefits for the amountof control you have over your food tothe fact that you can literally lay yourhand on the stovetop and not get burnedit’s just an amazing cooks cook surfaceto work withnow I’m using a bout number three on thestove if you’re using gas or electricyou want to use medium medium low mediumhigh you want a nice rolling boil gentlethough so if it’s going too fast if it’srising really high you want to back itdown I recommend you put it on mediumand just see what happensdon’t let it boil over just let it be anice consistent even boil like this asyou can see it’s starting to thicken upreally nice and it’s still a nicerolling gentle boil I’m not getting hurtbecause I’m using a low even heat andit’s gonna take a little bit time butit’s so worth it because the sugarswon’t dissolve this will be a silkysmooth rich caramel sauce that is justloaded with cocoa it takes a maybe 10minutes from getting all youringredients together to boiling it toputting the oats and peanut butter andvanilla and salt and the rest it’s justan amazingly quick cookie it’s sometimesreferred to as surprise cookies orpreacher cookies for the preacher thatwould show up down south and like youknow never she told anybody he was goingso the old woman would go into thekitchen and whip up a batch of these andthey’d be ready on the table by the timedinner was served so I really think thatyou will enjoy this recipe once youlearn it again the trick is just makingthis to the softball stage and I’m goingto show you what it looks like as youcan see it’s making nice little ballshapes into the glass and I’m going toshow it to you in my hand you want tolet it cool a little bit before youremove it or you will get burned as youcan see it’s a nice ball shape so we’redone turn it off the heat immediatelyremove it and it’s gonna still boil youneed to be very careful when you move itbecause you can get burnedtoss in those oats get them all if youcan that was 3 cups worth or 240 gramsnext you’re going to put in your peanutbutter which is half a cup or 132 gramsand I like to use the creamy versionbecause it’s the classic way to makethese but you can also use crunchypeanut butter it works perfectly finethe natural doesn’t work as well becauseof the oil separation finally you wantto add in five milliliters or oneteaspoon of vanilla and if you’re notgoing to put salt on top like I’m goingto you’ll want to add in the salt atthis point you’ll want to add in oneteaspoon of salt or five grams I don’tadd this all in when you’re boilingbecause when you put salt in with hotboiling liquids sometimes it canactually put impurities in it and makeit spattered it’s just a quick tip andthen all you’re going to do is just stirthis now if you cook this too hot it’llstart turning crumbly I will show thaton the blog post it’s not a big deal itjust won’t form cookies it’s stilledibleit’s still delicious just next time cookit a little lower and as you can seemaggie is my sous chef here she loves towatch me bake she’s always begging forfood unfortunately this has chocolateand it’s cocoa cocoa is so dangerous fordogs so sorry Maggie you’re not gettingany of these today and I want to pointout something I did I think was amistake when I was researching how tomake these again I read use a scooperit’s easier personally I thought thiswas a horrible idea it kept this in theshape of a mound and I realized that washappening and I had to push them downwith a fork well when I pushed them downwith a fork to make them into a nicecookie shape they lost their Sheen sothey still taste it wonderful but theyjust didn’t look as pretty as theyshould so I highly recommend skippingthe nice little scooper and you’ll seein just a few moments what my mom usedto do it’s honestly the most superiorway of making these cookies poor Maggieshe’s just so heartbroken that I won’tgive them to her she’s gonna try adifferent position she’s so cute shejust cracks me up she gets closer andthen she gives you those cute littlepuppy ears and while they’re stillI like to put crack peak I’m a Himalayanpink salt sorry I’m saying that wrong orsea salt now as you can see I had topush them down and they’re not as prettybut they’re still gonna taste goodso I’m gonna go to my mom’s method I’musing the wooden spoon that it came outof I’m getting a big dollop and I’m justpushing them off there with a fork andthen just shaping them together and asyou can see as it starts to cool itstarts to form really easilyso you want to work a little bit quicklybut not too quickly because you don’twant to get burned I mean worst casescenario you get some of the pieces thatare gonna be flaked off and as althoughpeople say it’s a cook’s treat so don’tworry about it now when you’re makingany kind of caramel sauce it is highlyrecommended you use a wooden spoon orsomething that is heat safe up to veryhigh temperatures don’t use the metalspoon because it can actually crawl upand make you burnt I’ve learned the hardway and never ever ever use thoseplastic cheap spoonsit’ll just eat that plastic right awayand it’s not good for you it’s not goodfor the environment and it ruins yourfood so use a wooden spoon or aheat-safe silicone spatula when makingcaramel I still like to use woodenspoons because I just think they areawesome now this is all you have to doand don’t worry about scraping out allof what self didn’t love container ifyou don’t want to you can easily cleanthis I was just checking him right thereto see if they were done and theyweren’t and another thing I want topoint out is why not have you on abaking sheet and the other one I’mhaving on just a wire rack and some waxpaperI liked putting it on the wire rackbecause it cools a lot faster it’s justa quick tip and if you crack them openthey’re beautiful they’re delicious andI want to thank Maggie my sous chef forhelping me in the kitchen I hope youenjoyed this recipe this is my mom’smagnificent no bake cookies visit us atJacksons gem calm for more recipes andlike and subscribe for more futurevideos to come thank you

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