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How To Make Cookies With EveryDayMe!!

Hey guys welcome back to another video! In this video I am going to show you how to make cookies!! Remember to like comment and sub for more funny content!

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Video Transcription

[Music][Applause][Music]hey hey guys welcome back to anothervideo I’m everyday me and today we’regonna be making cookies right here butwe don’t need the instructions[Music]where’s the baking mix ok so Ifound the cookies they were inside theinstructions all at once but um I gotthe cookie mix so we got ourBowl not only gotta rip this bitch openbut I need a spatula mystery okay I gota spatula goddamn it now wegotta rip this bitch open smellslike that happiness and these stick ofbutter me Christ I think we’re good whatthe am I missing hey we’re almosttherewe almost got it mixed all the way upwe’re almost ready to put it in a love it the spatuladamn it[Music]all right so now my fingers are cleanfrom evenness things asshole we can makeit to move we can bring it to the oven[Applause]all right so that we found up our ovenjust gonna spray the this man hey[Music]well got it done just got to slap it inof it just got over all right so myinternal timer that I have like upinside of me finally went off so I thinkthese uh cookies are done we’re justgonna take them all out of the oven nownow the last step you have to do so yougotta come outside[Music]and that’s how you make cookies bye-bye[Music]

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