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here’s a video where i make cookies and talk

this is a video that i found, and i never uploaded it so pls enjoy.


Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

hi guys it’s Lia today I’m gonna bemaking some chocolate chip cookies sofor these cookies I have all theingredients over here but I need butterbrown sugar regular sugar salt vanillaextract and egg yolk baking soda flourand chocolate chips so I’m gonna putokay so I have the recipe right here andyou really can’t see my face hmmmy head is like cut off okay that’sbetterokay so I have the recipe right here andit says I need to preheat my oven to 350degrees and then line a baking sheetwith parchment paper okay next I have toshape butter just until it starts tomelt so I need two tablespoons now I’velet this sit out for just a little bitjust so that it gets like a little softbut I still need to cut it or I stillneed to yeah just until it melts okay soI’m gonna put a paper towel over thisjust so that it doesn’t splatter when Iput it in the microwave so next I needto add the this butter and sugar andsalt and vanilla into this bowl and mixit funny story about this oh so he’sgetting out of the cabinet that cabinetand I like accidentally tilted it andthe lid came off and it broke so here’sthat video it was quite interesting andI was really upset and I texted my momand I called her like four times shedidn’t answer and I was so sad andthere’s so much sugar in here – okayanyway I need one tablespoonmy sugar so I went to you Bergkampyou boss this past weekend and I didn’teven know your camp was a thing and Ithought there was gonna be a bunch ofnerds there but it was actually so fun Ihad such a great time I went with Mikaand then CIO and she’s a girl on my teamand then our advisor Miss Hofstra I callher Castro nobody calls from this seeour culture Jen because Jennifer’s herfirst name but yeah it was actually sofun and I learned so much like I wasn’texpecting to have that much fun but Idid I was very it was a great time I’mexcited to see Otto and meet our seniorsso they don’t get to go back next yearum but I get to go back through two moreyears and I’m so excited I can’t nextthing to add the vanilla which I forgotto take out now this recipe makes liketwo big chocolate chip cookies but Ithink I’m gonna make like normal sizedones oh I need some salt to pinch ofsalt so I went to your camp this pastweekend and then I had this week ofcheer practice well I’ve had multipleweeks of cheer practice already but soit goes Yorba camp this week and thencheer camp next week so it’s kind of awalk sure camp is fine it’s just reallyexhausting I don’t have this better nowlast year great time like I said justexhausting like we have a really goodteam this year and I am we’re gonna bonda lot our coach doesn’t let us take ourphones so that we can like bond as ateam but it’s stuff but like of courseit’s still fun like I don’t know I feellike I’m just saying the same thing overand over again like it’s a fun but it’sexhausting but like I don’t know howelse to describe itthe food there is so good it’s like oursleep and I’m so picky they have awaffle machine and so if I don’t likethe food something up they serve got awaffle you know okay next thing I didn’tadd the egg yolk so I have my angryokay so I don’t remember what I wastalking about I don’t even know if I wastalking about anything but I’m justgonna stir this again yeah I’m excitedfor cheer camp we’ve got all of ourclothes today for like the whole seasonand honestly my favorite part of thewhole season my butt like getting yourclothes is so exciting because you getto see what like the seniors designedit’s great okay I think that egg is wellincorporatednext I baking soda and flour untilcombined I need 1/4 teaspoon sureso we’ve got practice like our firstdate cheer practice was July 8th and soI came on the 9th because on the 8th Iwas driving back from Las Vegas but umyeah we’ve gotten so much done I’ve donea live which was the site that I did andlike that’s how I broke my ankle so thatwas a really terrifying experience Iactually did a few of those today andstill absolutely terrifying but um Idon’t know I kinda just have to do it Idon’t really have a choice I have tostir this but yeah I’m glad I did itjust because I had to do it sometime butyeah it’s honestly like I would chooseto do it like I know my coaches aregonna make me they didn’t stretch metoday which is really nice because whenthey stretch me it’shorrible it honestly like it hurts soGodbut I need to stretch at home okay thisis next I need to I need to do chocolatechips but I’m actually going to chopsome up and I’m gonna see how much Ineed it so this is dark chocolate thisis milk chocolate I’m only gonna add alittle bit of milk chocolate and then Ihave these chocolate chips okay so Iadded in the chocolate chips so myschool is starting soon it starts onAugust 14th and I find it excited to behonest I’m just excited to see everyoneagain I kind of like the beginning ofthe year with classes because it’s easyand I’m going to started to I’m excitedto get started on our yearbook you knowthat sounds kind of interesting but I Ireally am I love actually now that yourpitch really stressful but once it’s alldone it’s so fun okay I need to get thebakery sheet okay so I just put butteron this one tablespoon scoop justbecause this batter is kind of sticky soI’m just gonna do like a heapingtablespoon for each cookiekind of sign it’s okay it worked kind ofI say I’m gonna get like I really wish Ihad one of those like those little likeice cream scoop cookies these thingsdon’t yeah but really what did I say 450sprouts thought hon okay so now thesehave to go in the oven for probably likeeight minutes and then I’ll come backwhen they are done okay so the cookiesare done and they’re all right here butI have this one right here let’s try itthey’re really thin cuz they spread out[Music]there’s Shogun I’m definitely gonna eatall of these with a no shame I’m happyoh and the different kinds of chocolatewith the dark chocolate and the milkchocolate and then the chocolate chipsso then they’re like soft and giving inthe middle and then the edges are likereally crispy I’m so excited to showthem this recipe has children and nobodyin my house ever eats cookies so it’susually just mean listen to a smallrecipe they make like pretty big cookiestoo like when I made the – they werelike thick and like big but these arestill they’re so big that they’rethinnerI like the thinner ones better tomb theyspread a lot I’ll put the recipe in thedescription box you’re seriously so goodthank you guys so much for watching thisvideo I hope you enjoyed I’ll post thelink for this recipe down in thedescription below I hope you guysenjoyed this video and comment any videoideas you would like to see me do andyeah bye guys

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