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Mommy Anne & Esang teaches us today on making a vegetarian 5-ingredient cookies with Herbalife Nutrition! PLUS a quick British Accent Training from Teacher Esang!

An episode worth watching! 🙂 Enjoy!!!

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Video Transcription

[Music]good morning everyone good morningeveryoneand welcome to[Music]hi good morning we are here and we arebackand i am mommy and and this isum who’s thatpanda hi so todayso today today we are going to makecookies cookies herbalife nutritionokay so almost[Music]this one is a very quick and easy tofollowonly five ingredients okayfive major ingredients[Music]ingredients we have bananasbananas we have okaypeanut butter is one of my favoritescinnamonit is chia seedsand a little bit of salt and a littlethis is personalized protein powder canyou saypee pee pee pee pee peepee pee pee peepee pee peeokay so let’s start and winso you only need to mash the banana so iamusing my regular sized bananas look atthisso you just smash it just smashit um[Music]okay and then i add the peanut butterthis is my favorite the um you can putlike my two tablespoonsbecause we love our peanut butter sothis one i’m usingrolled oatsbut you can actually use the simplerolled oats you don’t need to blend itnow butdoing some banana peanut butterand then you fold oh it’s how can youfoldor mix againvery little very goodit’s almost like a dough but it’s not ajoke it’s not yetokay and then you can slowly put yourchia seedson antioxidants you can then add yourherbalife shakes so this one i’m usingvanillai like vanillai’m going to put two scoops oneso that you can have your nine grams ofproteinand you have your vitamins and mineralsyou can add your personalized proteinpowderyou can add just one scoop so manypowdersand then you can add your cinnamon dashof cinnamonadd a little bit of salt usually i addsalt in a garage just to make theflavors pop okay you can use yourspatula if you want parameters[Music]and now we are ready to form this oneintocookiestoaster pan so i just lined the toasterpanwith parchment paper but you can useyour aluminum foilum butone tablespoon so just form it into abowl or let him alongyep so it really depends on you if youwant no crunchyor soft or chewywe want no crunchy eggsbut chewy sagitta so youngis around 2 inches diameter2 inches[Music]so yeah these are ready to be placed inthe oven[Music]i’m going to introduce to you the oneand only super amazingezra she’s going to teach usbritish words[Music]hi my name is[Music]okay so what aboutchocolate chocolatehow about bananashow about herbalifenutrition[Music][Laughter]how about[Music]how about london[Music]electric fun ohthere is our cookie are you excited[Music]is that you can not only enjoy itthroughvery much i enjoy cookies[Music]foreignyou don’t really need to worry aboutyou know giving kids their healthysnacks okay you can be confidentthrough the herbal nutrition productsalready you just you know play aroundwithdifferent ingredients[Music]are you happy are you excited oh so whatdo you want to tell themwhat do you want to tell them pleasedon’t forgetdon’t forget to like and subscribe onour videoif you want more of ourvideos justdescribe on the bottombye byemommy’s cooking show cookieseasyokay perfect for the kids byebye bye bye bye[Music]you

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