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how to bake VEGAN cookies

hiii today i filmed myself making vegan cookies for the first time! i usually suck at baking but they turned out good..

how old are you? 14, almost 15
what do you film with? canon g7x
what do you use to edit? imovie
where do you live? california
sub count ; 2344

btw i do not own any of the music used in this video.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi friends welcome and welcome back tomy channel so today I’m doing a littlebake with me / review a new recipe /vegan cookies I’m not vegan but I’vebeen trying to eat vegan as possiblethere’s a vegan alternative forsomething that I will usually try tomake it so today my sweet tooth wascrazy a little cookie I’m going off ofthis recipe from my darling vegan calmbasically I have all the ingredientsexcept for a vegan butter so technicallythis is not vegan but I’m saying itbecause it really it’s it’s pretty veganover the first instruction is to preheatthe oven to 375 line two baking sheetswith parchment paper on a siliconebaking mat and set aside I miss most 1/2baking sheets apparently but Iand you guys can’t tell I’m not really abaker I only make things that are likepre-made so yesterday guys for littleStuart I’m my dog is a little bit on thefatter side and he was running aroundour yardchasing like this dog on the other sideof the fence and we let it run becausehe wasn’t barking and then his tonguesort of like falling out of his mouth itwas so concerning 3/4 cup and we thoughthe was like dying he survived oh yeah wewere so scared bring a new spot becausethere wasn’t an outlet where I was[Music]basically the problem is the butter iscold and not mixing it didn’t ask for awarm butter it did ask for a paddleattachment and it did ask for veganbutter so that is where I went wrongyou know what commercial break I’llupdate you when things go better helloI did it at applesauce and vanillaextract and beat to combine what we gotunsweetened applesauce and these littledays I need a one and a half tablespoonof vanilla so I’m using this purevanilla extract one and a halftablespoon there’s one and then around ahalf yeah this isn’t a hundred percentanything so I’m hoping these still turnout okay but combine oats flour bakingsoda cinnamon and salt I’m using theseold-fashioned rolled oats I justrealized how little I have left one cupby officialy need more oatswhy one roughly a half cup I need onetablespoon of cinnamon I’m using groundof cinnamon hopefully that works so Ijust realized I did this wrong you’resupposed to add this in separately but Ihave unfortunately messed that part up Ithink this actually might have workedout oh my god that looks like aunt barbI finished mixing all this stufftogether and now I have it be betterready now we’re supposed to uh put thisin the fridge for 30 minutes with theplastic wrap on top also I’m thinkingabout adding some chocolate chips to oneof the batches just kind of like spicethings up a little I’m pretty sure achoco chips are not vegan are they seeyou guys in 30 minutes I just realizedthat this is not in any way healthierthan normal cookies the only differencebetween vegan cookies and regularcookies is no milk and no eggs andinstead oats and applesauceso I’ve just tricked myself into makingless yummy cookies that are in no wayhealthier so I’m a little bitdisappointed but it’s fine I mean Istill you know what I deserve a treatespecially because I’m not harming anyanimals[Applause][Music]hi guys it’s been at least 30 minutesand I have my batter right there so I’mnow going to put them on this pan and alittle bit mean to be once chilled scoopout two tablespoons of dough and roundthem between them okay my hands arewashed[Music][Music]it’s what it looks like on the bakingsheet it says it only takes nine to tenminutes to bake so I poured two that I[Music]just took the cookies out of the oventhat is what they’re looking like rightnow they look like some weird likechunky pancake things I just decidedthat I’m not gonna make another batchbecause twelve cookies is enough websitesays you can store the batter for up totwo months so what I will definitely bedoing that[Music]

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  1. Here before 100K Subscribers. this reminds me of a few years back. Also, I really want to be friends :d

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