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How to make cookies like Chips Ahoy/Giant, chewy and tasty cookies!!!

In this video we will teach you how to make giant, chewy and tasty Chips Ahoy like cookies!!! Enjoy watching!!!
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Video Transcription

one-two-three action my name is mycousin Christian LLL make cookie[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]Godley like chips ahoy we’re going tomake our version of Chips Ahoy here arethe ingredients we have flour bakingpowder brown sugar white sugar meltedbutter eggs and vanilla[Music]first we’re going to put the meltedbutter in the bowl then add the brownsugar[Music]in the white sugar[Music]we are going to clean itJwhat kind of computation I’m going tomake classic chocolate then add the eggXing and the vanilla make sure to mix itwell[Music]darling how do you feel about our first[Applause]so it’s done so we can set this asidenext which I is going to make the drymixture[Music][Music]we’re going to[Music]and then minimum and the baking powderand then mix it back you should meetthis belt yesit will it will needs a mess[Music]what kind of terrible to be firm umbut you’re naughty[Music]yeah I’m going to be for my mommy[Music]that[Music]now welcome in impressions mixturebe careful soit is now manual then[Music][Applause][Music]here’s a cookie dough and we’re gonnaput this in the refrigerator for atleast two hours two hours laterafter two hours here is our cookie doughnow let’s start making our cookies herewe have our cookie bar we have almondsmmm we have Nutella[Music]young man we have Oreos we have to playandwe have some caramels crunch[Music]now ready to scoop our cookie dough[Music]get it today could you seize up[Music]yeah[Music]recipe week evening 12 rupees but fornow we’re going to make three cookieseach first I’m going to make the classicchocolate cookies I’m going to get somechocolate and put it in the top[Music]how about YouTube Jack what they’regoing to make[Music]will you ask[Music]the reality for my next cookie no I’mgoing to put some peanut butter[Music]and I’m going to put some peanuts andfor my last cookie no I’m going to putsome Stella[Music]and some omelets[Music]okay next ChaChanow[Music]I want to put some audio[Music]Oh[Music]next our[Applause][Music]and for my last one I’m going to put[Music]now we’re going to mix our cookie doughwhile mixing we’re going to sing justlike in the shopcold stone so this is how it looks likenow we are going to put it in apreheated oven for 12 minutes[Music]here’s our prison of chips ahoy cookies[Music][Applause][Music]try this cookie watch eyelashes I’vegotta try the Nutella cookie[Music]I have a nuclear the chocolate is socreamy blue just do ice cream[Music]Oh yummythat was good right – yeahdo you know our verse for today let meAxlit is with God all things are possiblefrom Matthew 19 verse 36 if we can makeit you can if you enjoyed our videoplease don’t forget to like andsubscribe to see more of cousinsadventure see you guys next time

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