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How to make Christmas cookies more technical. 🎄

How to make Christmas cookies more technical. 🎄

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Video Transcription

I guess I really don’t know whatChristmas is all about we have thisfrosting to make like details it’s blockto make like this video okay guys so thefirst thing I did was turn on the ovento 350 because that’s what we neededit’s me so for this and yeah and so Igot all the cookie dough and Iwrote it out oh yeah I uh I alsoobviously um looked at it and was likeoh wait how long do we use for it but Ifigured everything out don’t worryso yeah now I’m just taking the wrapperoff okay so then I wrote out the doughand put flour on everything so yeahwatch me you that okay and I just wantedto show you that because I thought itwas really cool okay I look really weirdin this like angle but it’s okay I justlike watch my faceI like amazed hold on like cuz it was socool you’ll see in this next clip likeit’s awesome so now I am don’t know whatI’m doing oh I was realizing that Ineeded a pan so I got this pan spray andI sprayed it so that they would notstick you know you gotta get it nice andgood and then oh my dress is like reallydirty because it has flour all over itbut yeah let’s go to oh we’re taking thecookies and putting them on the sheetthat is the next step so yeah oh I alsoforgot to mention that Tallulah won’t bein this video cuz she cannot bake todaybut yeah[Music][Music][Music]youokay now I’m cutting out some more andputting them on cuz yeah but that wasreally other one of the hardest partssticking them off but I figured out apretty good way guys I’m so proud ofthese okay they don’t they get huge andI did not know they got this huge butthey do get pretty big in the oven soyeah but now I’m putting them in theoven so yeah and then my phone dies in afew second it well know it already diedwell my phone already died but that’sokay so yeah and I’m reading the wrapperto see how long it cooks and they cookedfor 11 to 14 minutes so I sat a timer onthe microwave for 11 minutes but theycooked in like 10 so maybe that wasbecause I took I don’t know why but nowI’m making the second match I was ablesee and the you know at the end I made abunch of batch it’s like six and we havea lot of cookies that we were giving toour neighbors now so yeah I just watchme choke on Pam because I liked what’sgoing to the beat I was listening tojingle bell rock but I couldn’t put iton here cuz copyright obviously but nowwhat am I now I am rolling this outlet’s dough out and I’m just making somemore cookies so yeah[Music][Music]okay so now I finished making a bunch ofbatches of these cookies there’s likesix batches and we gave some to ourneighbors and stuff but there was a lotand so I’m decorating them now and soyeah watch me do that[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]sketchy we still have two plates of this- yeah and I’m actually pretty proud ofthis Santa I think I made its had toomuch cookies but my fingers I recommendalways getting whipped I think we kindajust so much fluff hereit’s so much better I says these arereally good hey I don’t know I mean tellthat was a Christmas tree I don’t know Irecommend this sprinkles those are bombbut yeahThank You Kroger for providing us withall this stuff hey guyswell I’m gonna say we finished becausewe did every single cookie and at theend we just started we had a stationwhere we would do the frosting and thenwe would wait for more and we would justput the cookie there like flip it overand lock them in the sides beforeeverything on it so yeah but thenthere’s two other plates of them so ifyou want cookies come come here cuz wehave lots oh yeahso that is basically it for this videothank you guys so much for watching Ihope you love this video and make sureyou subscribe I do not say this at thebeginning so subscribe follow us onInstagram should be right here andbecome part of the squad cuz you knowyou want to we love each and every oneof you I think’s for watching

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