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How to make Chocolate chip cookies (Part 1)

We are making 12 cookies!

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to my Channeltoday I’m at dog heroes house and todaywe are going to be making chocolate chipcookies hi I’m doc here I’m not onYouTube channel but we want to be makingcookies cookies so first we go we’regoing to be putting a cup of plain flourand before we start baking the recipeit’s better if you wash your heart andwe put the oven to 180 Celsius one batchbut if you want you to double the patchoff or should do the batter up if youwant more cookies you just put the samerecipe but make sure it’s some differentbase because if you don’t all turn intoscones and you don’t want to come to allcookies next of all time hero is goingto be putting a pinch of salt into therecipe okay so let’s get the saltso we’ll pinch your tooth page so I’mgoing to do one pinch of salt that’swhat you should be doing they’re great apinch of salt is about one gram okayyes next we’re going to be putting ateaspoon ofbaking soda or bicarbonate of soda we donot put baking powder we put there insoil if you have a teaspoon of bakingsoda next cat zero is going to be mixingthe dry ingredients together how aboutseconds for 10 seconds so good I’m goingto mix this for 10 seconds 1 2 3 4 5 8 910 there there’s a lovely enjoy in greenwe’re going to put this aside on tomeasure now we’re going to put our wetingredientsso first of all we’re going to put eggthey’re gonna put it into the bowl makesure there are no channels inside voiceworld will be Bob if they are egg shellsand if we try out the cookies all youfeel is shells and you do not want thator any more that mark next if you havedark brown sugar you put half a cup ofbrown sugar and quarter a cup of castersugar or ranch ready sugar to make themmore like but we have two light brownsugar so we don’t need poop cast sugarso we want to have the same[Music]you don’t have to go to work in yourhabit but I like to put a Big Bouncealone next chat hero is going to put atiny bit of almond vanilla extracthow many drops just one jumped okay sowhat drop-off time a that extract weonly had a teeny tiny bit left so that’swhy we’re putting it in but if you havea full one is put like tinier move it Itold I was gonna put one drop so I putthree drops but there’s only tiny bit inthis so it’s easy to put the drops injust tiny bit in air so next we’re goingto mix it all in this time our nextingredients together[Music]we do not need any cookie cutters for myway of making cookies so you might aswell take them away from you happensso dogged he will mix that whole so thisis what it’s meant to look like or itcan look a bit darker if you did putcastor sugar and brown sugar so dog hewill fixed the ingredients for 18seconds so after that we’re going totake the dried brief that we did earlierand put them in to the put the wet greenin the dry ingredient make sure wescrape all the bits in so we don’t havehalf of them mixture inside them thiswet liquid is what forms to do with theflour baking soda and salt it’s okay ifyou do not have taped our and putself-raising Tower but I put in paintour because of where these are makes itmore sticky there next catch me what wasgoing to mix so this is what it lookslike but after we mix it it looks verydifferent we need to mix this for a bitlonger because we don’t want the flourand we all don’t want you to look likethis so we need to make sure that allthe flour is gone yes it ain’t a herookay one two three four five sixeight nine tenwait we will stop there we need to meltthe buffer first so I’m going to put itinside a microwave hole how long 15 1617 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 26 so a mystical30 seconds[Music]I accidentally forgot to put the meltedbutter with the wet ingredients using meso sorry to cut your way to but we areto wait for the cottage to mount and amicrowave no you could have skipped thatpart so doggie know is going to mix thebutter in well the melted butter alittle bit more flour in because thecookie recipe looks too liquidy but makesure not to go too much flowering nextI’m gonna put the chocolates in that’sreally good doesn’t it catch here ohyeah after we mix ish it should looklike this or with light brown chocolatethere here’s our dog dog if you knowI’ll talk about thats fine you don’thave to put chocolate in but since welike chocolate we will put it in for theoven bitch we put the baking tray trayand the baking paper so we go like thiswe put a spoonful and then we slip itinto the baking tray with the bakingpaper on you don’t put it flat to beputting the surplus cuz when it bakes itgoes / don’t you / okay and that’s howwe make our chocolate chip cookies Ihope you enjoy the game and after dateif after me this was in the oven wouldyou apart – actually what the cookieslook like bye see you in power

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