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How to make red velvet cookies

By: zeph alcina

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Video Transcription

today I would be showing you how to makered velvet cookies so imagine bakinghome have you ever been home and youhaven’t had a lot ingredients and youdidn’t feel like going to the store yesyeah so I will be showing you how tomake red velvet cookies with a box ofcake and only four ingredients this is afail proof recipe so it’s very simpleyou take half a cup of butteryou have your two eggs you have 3/4 acup of your white chocolate chips or youcan use any chocolate chips you reallywant to it just depends on what kind ofcake mix on what kind of you use andthen I have my red velvet cake mix righthere I use the Betty Crocker delightsbut you can use any brand that you feellike is better for you ok so I have myhalf a cup of butter so we take that andyou melt that in the microwave andyou’re gonna do it at 30-secondintervals so it doesn’t burn and whilethat’s going on I am going to preheat myoven to 350 so as you can see my butteris completely melted and it’s drymeasuring cups and wet measuring cupsare completely different so even youhave half a cup of butter it’s not gonnashow one here that you do have half acup of butter because it’s different sothat does the butter have to be meltedyes the butter has to be melted becauseif it’s not melted then when you mixeverything together the cookie recipe itwon’t be more of a cookie dough it won’tif you don’t melt it it’s gonna melt inthe oven when it’s completely when youmix the cookies together if it if you doregular butter and you mix it to makethe cookie note if you put in the ovenit’s gonna melt and it’s gonna just messup the cookie dough mixture and it’s notgonna be cookie consistency if they’renot gonna be round okay so from here I’mmixed in my melted butter and then wecrack my eggsand then I have my trash can hear mebecause if you don’t you will mess withyour eggs you have to have somethingthrow the yolks away the shell the wayin so the recipe says to beat it but Iwork best with a fork it’s kind of justwhatever you think you are best if youthink you work best with a and as yousee as I mix it because we melted thebutter and because we added in the eggsit’s it’s similar to the cake mixbecause we added in the because in thecake mix you start with as the cakedirections say you start with oil andthen you have three eggs and then youhave your water and when you’re makingcake the water is what the water in itis what gives it the more liquidy kindof texture but in this your cookies aregonna be more cookie dough consistencybecause you want cookies so they’re notas thin as the cake mix so since you’renot adding the waterit’s not gonna be liquidy like the cakemix it’s gonna have a thickerconsistency is gonna be thicker becauseyou don’t want it cuz when you put acake in the oven it more it sinks up andit pans out and then it cooks butcookies they’re gonna spread out alittle bit because of the butter in thembut not as much because the waters notthere to make it a thin I type in doughor mixture and like you said before youcan make any kind of I mean with anycake mix you can do this yes I mean ifyou had like if you had a regularvanilla or a chocolate cake if youwanted to make some chocolate cookies aregular white chocolate chip cookies youcould and I mean you can you don’t haveto use the white chocolate chip you canswitch that out for milk chocolate ordark chocolate but whatever works foryou whatever you like this or you can dowithout the chocolate chips and you canadd some type of walnut to pecansdo you like that yes that would be agood variation because I mean it justdepends on what you like and what yourtastebuds are better for you because Imean if you wanted to you could use avanilla cake mix and you could just takeit and put it in your pecans yourchopped 1ups or chopped almonds orwhatever and then still bake it in theoven how you use it so right now I amgoing to I’m going to scrape this off ofthis forkI see the consistency is like notsticking and it’s big yes to where itstarts to harden it wouldn’t be likethat but right now I’m gonna add in mychopped white chocolate chip and I did alittle more than 3/4 a cup because Ilike a little more chocolate chips in mycup in my cookies but if you don’t whatas much you can do with the original oryou can do less it just depends on howmuch chocolate chips you like in yourcookies because I 5 3/4 a cup isn’t toomuch but this kind of with them a littlemore I find it kind of evens out thebatter and the chocolate chips but withthis you got a full gently fold it incuz if you don’t gently fold it inyou’ll mix too much air into the cookiedough and you don’t want to do thatbecause it kind of ruins it a little bitbut you’re you’re slowly getting it inthere to where it’s even amount ofcookie dough in batterany questions so far so no power toolseverything’s by hand well it justdepends most out of regular bakery orstuff like that most cooks are used todoing it by hand I I’m used to I’vegrown up with my mom showing me how todo everything by hand so that’s what I’mused to but if you feel like you don’thave the strength to do this then youcan when you beat the cake mix and theeggs and all that together you can justyou can use a power tool if you want butyou have to fold in the chocolate chipsat the end cuz that’s a mustyou’re not supposed to use a power toolto mix I mean because I would kind ofover mix the dough and mess it up youknow I’m gonna move these over here I’mgonna put this right herethat is my cookie scoop it’s best to usea cookie scoop but if you want to youdon’t have one you can use a spoon it’sa little big you don’t want it too smallso this just to put on the edges of itand so thank you and so from here youtake your cookie scoopyou just wait to the cookie scoop likeso and then you’re gonna just do thatand some parchment papers they have thatlittle grid where if you need space youcan see cuz they’re supposed to be twoinches apart I think but if you need toit usually they have that little grin onthere if you need to kind of sort of seeso I’m gonna put it about three one I’mon the line and then I’m just gonna gofrom there and see what works but butit’s best to use a cookie scoop becauseit helps better but instead of becauseyou don’t if you use something else thana cookie scoop you don’t know if they’reexactly the same okay so I have finishedscooping them into the pans I have myparchment paper out because parchmentpaper is what most Baker’s used and it’sa nonstick surface so when you put inthe oven and the cookies cook they won’tstick as much and so I have as you cansee I did two pans and I still have alittle bit of cookie to the left so withthis type of recipe cake mix you usuallymake a full cake but with this you’remaking cookies so this is about I haveabout two dozen cookies right here and Istill have my little bit of cookie doughleft so that shows you that this recipemakes about two dozen to thirty fourcookies two dozen to three dozen aboutand so that’s the amount you’ll have andso right now I am bringing my cookies tothe oven and like I said my oven is seton 350 and it’s already preheated so I’mgoing to put my cookies in the oven I’mup at these sideways and let’s put youdon’t have to but I have Des Moinesseparate racks and then they’ll go infor about eight to ten minutes you’llhave those in Freight to ten minutes andit doesn’t take long you can put a timeron youror whatever works for you okay so mytimer went off for my eight minutes formy cookies I’m checking them right nowto see if they’re ready you want okay sonow I’m gonna take these cookies outthey’ve been in for about oh about nineminutes okay so now my cookies are doneand that they’re completely cool so Ican set them on the plate ah nicely andface Italy this is the finished productyou know the nutritional value is reallypretty much the same as the cake mix Imean the nutritional facts are on theside of the box you’re using the sameingredients except for the water you’restill using a type of oil instead of avegetable oil you’re using a butter andthen you’re still using eggs in therecipe so it’s pretty much everythingthat is in a cake mix recipe or

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