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how to make chocolate chip cookies (kitchen sessions ep.2) | with trishia and bela

hey! how are u all doing? for this episode, we will be making chocolate chip cookies. this ended up tasting very similar to eggnogs (just with chocolate chunks) which is a good thing because it’s not too sweet. hope u have fun with this game type of video!

stay safe and always wash your hands! also there are lots of projects to help those that are struggling with the quarantine szn so lend a hand if u can hehe hope u get to make these cookies too! bye!! -trishia

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys it’s me Trisha and Allah and weare back with another kitchen sideshowknow and for episode 2 we’re gonna makechocolate for the Indians here’s whatwe’ll need sugar 1 teaspoon salt 3/4 ofa stick of butter 1 medium egg and 1teaspoon vanilla extract you will alsoneed 1 in 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/2a teaspoon baking soda around to 180grams chocolate chunks for theinstructions here’s an overview you canpause the video or take a screenshot ifyou want but for now let’s just getstarted first step is there’s still somerice in the microwave but we’re justgonna remove that for 250 grams ofbutter i melted it for a minute itwasn’t fully melted but you just have tomix it and it will avenge the backworking now for our second step you needto make sure to mix it well and to notleave any lumps for the next step youhave to add your vanilla extract andyour egg I use two small eggs because weneeded a medium one so at least one isapproximately 5 m also just in case youhave 5 ml but not a spoon labelled 1teaspoon that’s fine it’s gonna workconversions so you weren’t supposed toadd saltit’s still edible yep it turned out okit turned out great so you’re supposedto have that consent consistencyposition before you add your dryingredients so we added this yep so youactually need to sip it sip it sip itjust to make sure you don’t bite intolarge chunks of baking soda when you eatit so if you have lumps just push itthrough the sift and if it doesn’t workthrow it out so after adding your dryingredients just fold it into yourbutter mixture carefully fold it in forthat nice cookie texture what you don’twant to do is move it don’t stop that’swhy I or you can opt for actualchocolate chips that teardrop shapedones but I like chunks better because ittastes more of the chocolateand it looks nice so now just mix it inyour cookie doughwhat we realize at this point was thatthe chocolate um through in enough soput a lot of chocolate chunks thenbefore putting your door and shapingthem make sure to preheat your oven toaround 170 degrees and then what elseyou have sauces and then just get us anice cream scoop thing and then uh rightthere yeah and then just shape them intoa ball after baking we realized that wedidn’t have enough chunks so we decidedto put more chunks yep after shapingthem be sure to cool your cookies andthen we’re done that’s it for ourchocolate chip cookies just what welearned today if you’re interested pausethe video if not finish this session nowso that’s episode two chocolate chipcookies subscribe for more mediocrecooking sessionsthank you

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