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How to make Butter Biscuits / Easy 3-Ingredient Cookies / Shortbread Cookies / Melting Moments

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I am back again with another video, thank you for returning to my channel. So today I share with you how to make Butter Biscuits. Other people call them shortbread cookies and others call them melting moments. This recipe is so easy, it needs just literally 3 ingredients. Hope you enjoy it!

– 2 Cups Flour (not self-raising)
– 250g Butter/Margarine
– 1 Cup Icing Sugar (you can use the normal granulated sugar but your cookies will not be as smooth)

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Video Transcription

hey besties hi besties welcome back tomy channel if you I knew here welcomeyou know and yeah welcome to my channeland so today guys I’m gonna be doingsomething very easy I’m gonna be bakinglots of biscuits other people call themmelting moments other people call themwith three ingredient biscuits so it’sjust gonna be biscuits with baking soall that you need it’s just threeingredients firstly it’s 2 cups of flourand then secondly you need okay weightsfirstly it’s 2 cups of flour secondlyyou need about 250 grams of butter youcan even use butter you can even use myGeryon it’s fine for as long as it’s mydream that is good for baking like youstock bake your rama for baking thosekinds of things so I’m using butter andthen lastly and 1 cup of icing sugar sothis is like powdered sugar it’s veryfine on the hands so you basically usethis type of sugar because it’s verysmooth it makes the biscuits like supersmooth they sort of like melts in yourmouthfor instance maybe I’ll just make anexample like well what are thesebiscuits called it’s a most yeah thetexture you know it makes the texturesort of like it’s almost like they theyare smooth in your mouth so that’s whywe use icing sugar but if you don’t haveicing sugar and you really want to pickthese biscuits then you can also usenormal sugarlike the normal granulated sugar so thereason why we use this one as of statedit’s because it’s smooth very smooth itmakes that biscuits like smooth andmelts in your mouth so if you’re goingto be using granulated sugar they’ll bea bit roughish you know there won’t beas smooth as you’d maybe like them to bebut it’s still fine those please don’twant to be briskets at the end so yeahthis is just the three ingredients thatyou need also if you want to add vanillathen you are most welcome to add vanillaas well pants I’m just I’m not going toadd too many that’s just going to bethese three ingredients all right solet’s get startedokay so firstly I’m gonna be adding theicing sugar into our flour so I’m addingit in like that and then let me getsomething to mix okay so I’ve got mywhisk over here so I’m just mixing theicing sugar with the flouralso guys make sure that she have siftedflour and as well as the icing sugarjust make sure that she sets them sothat they become a really fine becausethat’s what we want we need our cookiesto be very smooth so just make sure thatshe would you sift them first beforeokay and I’m gonna go in with the butterso the button is to be here you see howit looks like it’s a bit like I say ithas thawed so it has like melted youknow completely so that it is like andliquid you need to get it into this kindof a stage so yeah you can just leave itoutside the fridge for a while so I’mnot gonna put all of it in I’m justgonna put it in sections like this andthen you’re gonna need to go in withyour handslike you can also even feel it on yourhands that it’s very very smooth like itreally does feel smooth on your hands aswell so and that’s exactly how you wantit and like when you have the granulatedsugar you’ll find it’s a bit rough onyour hands so yeah but if you’re usingthis type of sugar then it’s very smoothon your hands as well[Music]okay business so this is how the doughlooks like can you see how you can evenactually hold it like it’s not evensticking on to the dish so this is likeperfect perfect so now we’re gonnaproceed and it starts rolling it on thesurface but then before we start rollingit I’m just going to flour this thesurface you with flour and then justneeded a bits maybe for about twominutes and then also there I’m gonnastart cutting it into whatever shapesthat I want so yeah this is essentiallyhow you want your dough to me it’s veryvery it’s not perfect so yeah I’m gonnastart doing that now okay so as you cansee I’m just flowering the surface of itand then I’m taking my flour just towork on it’s just the pitch[Music]so guys when you are kneading the doughlike this basically it’s also gonna helpyou like if your dough is a bit too softso the flour that is on the surface isactually going to help the dog shouldbecome intense so then when you startrolling and actually cutting yourcookies they don’t breakso the flour really helps with that incase like your dough is a bit too moistor to it so this really really helpsbecause of this flour over here becauseI can also I can also feel my door rightnowlike it feels really good on the hands Ican yeah I can really feel that when Istart rolling it’s not going to give mea lot of problems because sometimes youcan roll and then wait and then you canroll in cuts and then when you actuallyhave to pick the cookie up and put it onthe pan then it becomes a problemso this kneading really helps a lot andonly you don’t need to need a lot butyeah it really helps so we can see howsmooth the flour I mean the dough isthis was like really perfect so I’malmost done I’m just going to finish upthis flower that is here on the surfacethis as you can see now the surface isdry like it’s absolutely dry like upcompletely godsendonce I’ve completely used all the flowerletters on the surface so now I’m gonnastart cutting the storm just gonna splitit into two and then I’ll put this inhere and then I’m gonna start cutting itso I’m still gonna flow myself it’s justa bit so that it doesn’t really likestick yeah not a lot so I’m gonna justroll it out so I’m gonna use my rollingpin so I’m also just flowering myrolling pin a bit so that it doesn’tstick and then it’s entirely up to youhow thick or how thin you want yourcookies to be I don’t want my cookies tobe too thin so I think this is fine allright and then I’m gonna be using mycuts our guys I need to buy a new tattooright oh my god doesn’t provoke Clintlike yeah they are broken so I need newones so also don’t use like a big cateye you know a cutter force for makingscones and stuff like that don’t usesuch a huge cutter I mean it’s just nicetasty biscuits so use a small on Jana ohthis one came out already anyway can yousee how perfect it is it’s really reallyproper I like itokay I haven’t really dealt with my pansoI’ve got some cancer over here so I’mjust gonna go in if you want you canalso like just dust some flour on thepan but I don’t usually do that I justleave it as it is like this so yeahmaybe consider cutting[Music]so this is about italso another thing you need to pre-heatyour oven while you are busy rollingwhen it is rolling your toe I mean notRowley sorrywhy do you busy mixing your doughpre-heat your oven on 180 degrees andyeah so that by the time you are donewith cutting then you know that the ovenis warm you don’t have to wait for it tobe warm so yeah just to remember topreheat itokay besties so I’m done putting mycookies in the pan this is how theylooked like but then I don’t want tojust have like plain simple cookies likethis so I’m gonna be using this spoonit’s like a quarter of a teaspoon andthen I’ve also got here some strawberryjam so what I’m gonna be doing is thisso in the middle or in the center of thecookie I just do this and make sort oflike a a hole with the spoonokay so in the holes what I’m gonna bedoing is I’m gonna be squeezing in someFM in this strawberry jam into the hole[Music][Music][Music]all right so they look very cute whenthey’re like this and I mean you canobviously do whatever that you want todo if you want to poke them with a forkor anything that you want to do then youcan so I like them like this so nowthey’re gonna go into the oven for about12 to 15 minutesremember the oven has already preheatedand now these biscuits they don’t havemilkthey don’t have eggs you know they theycook or they you sorry they bake veryquickly so you don’t want to have themin the oven for a long time they’regonna burn so yeah I’m just gonna havethem for about 12 to 15 minutes and thenI’m just gonna be checking them and thenyeah we should be done with themafterwards so I’m just taking them intothe oven nowso guys it’s on a 118 over here and thenwith the baking option you select thisone that has two lines and line at thetop and a line at the bottom so that itcan bake both at the top and at thebottom so now we’re just gonna bewaiting after 12 to 15 minutes I’llupdate you guys how they look like okaybased is so this is how they look likecurrently so yeah they are coming alongvery well I really like how they arethere it’s about 10 minutes now so inabout two to three minutes I’m gonna betaking them out mmm yummy okay okay guysso now I’m gonna be taking the biscuitsout it’s exactly 15 minutes after Iactually put them into the oven so theyare not done baking so now I’m justgonna be taking them out and let’s seehow they look likeso remember I told you that they mustnot be like brown anything like thateven though they look at this they arefully baked as you can see I don’t knowif you can see but underneath here canyou see it’s starting to be brownshowing that now if I left it a bitlongerit was gonna like burn so I’m gonna letthem cool off and then yeah but they areready when they are like this all rightthis is so this is my second pan I’lljust cut them and I’ll put them in hereso I wanna do something different withthis pen so I’m not gonna be using thejam anymoreI’m just gonna be using a fork so I’mjust gonna make some holes like soall right so these okay this is how theylook like so they they are goingstraight into the oven and then we’regonna bake them for 15 minutes and thenafter that I’ll be done bakingso basically basically this two cups offlour made two cups so you know that ifyou’re gonna make like four cups offlouryou know many minds and then I’m gonnalet it bake for 15 minutes and as youcan see over here I’m still lettingthese cookies cool because like when youtake them out of the oven they kind oflike a bit soft fish but you shouldn’tworry about that they have fully paideven though they’ll be a big sausage andthen just let them cool off and thenthey’re gonna harden the monogyna butthey have fully baked so yeah like nowhere you see how it looks likeunderneath you don’t want you to burnguys and you know how it’s a Moe’s looklike they normally like this so youdon’t want them to be brown or anythingso this is absolutely perfect and it hasnow hardened it’s hard it’s no longersoft so yeah guys this is how it looksand okay this is so wefinally done this is the second pane sothis is how it looks like come see comesee yeah so this is how it looks likethis one almost kind of burnt I thinkit’s because it was a bit thin it wasstill very thin so now remember I saidwe need to let them cool down so I’mgonna be letting them cool down a bitbecause these are already fine they’reperfect but these ones I’m gonna letthem cool down so that they can alsoharden but yeah so this is apart it’sguys so yeah I hope that you guysenjoyed this video as much as I did Ireally enjoyed recording this video foryou guys and if you do try it out pleasedo let me know how it turned out alsolet me know whether you used thepowdered sugar or also known as theicing sugar or if you use the normalgranulated sugar which it should alsowork just that it won’t be smoother andyeah let me know shape you choose withme on your own on my Instagram on myFacebook and yeah thank you very muchfor tuning in and don’t forget to Likecomment and also subscribe to my channeland I love you guys so much see you onmy next video[Music]

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