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How to Make Casein Cookies in less than 10 Minutes

This is a great nighttime sweet treat. Casein Protein is a slow digesting protein that is predominantly supplemented at night before bed. Baking these cookies allows you to still get those protein benefits all while curbing that sweet tooth craving with no guilt!

RECIPE YIELDS | 10 Cookies
→Serving Size: 1 Cookie
→Calories: 56
→Protein: 5G
→Carbs: 3G
→Fats: 3G

Essentials from THIS EPISODE…
→BBCOM Signature Casein:
→Mixing Bowl:
→Baking Sheet:
→Non-Stick Spray:




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Video Transcription

hey guys so today we are going to be
making signature
chocolate casein cookies yes you heard
that right
casein cookies so it’s four simple
ingredients and it is a scoop and a half
of body one calms chocolate casein
protein it is three tablespoons of
creamy peanut butter 1/2 a teaspoon of
baking soda and everyone’s favorite a
teaspoon or tablespoon and a half of
chocolate chips so we have our oven at
350 heating up we have all of our
ingredients in the bowl and then we’re
going to add water to consistency so
there’s really no specific amount of
water that you need I have 1/2 a cup of
water here and I’m just gonna add it and
start mixing until it gets to that nice
cookie dough consistency and we’ll be
all set
all right so to put the half a cup of
water in and it’s still not at that good
consistency so we’re going to add just a
bit more water
you can see that the cookie dough is at
a nice smooth consistency so now another
spoon and this should make about 10
cookies that’s kind of all of the
pending on the size of the cookie you
want this mondo cookie the more you’ll
get obviously the bigger the the less
you’ll get
okay make these with a bit bigger it
only made seven but definitely if we
would have made it but it’s a bit
smaller but we definitely have been able
to get 10 out of them so we’re just
waiting through the oven to finish you
up we’ll put them in they’ll cook for
about 14 to 15 minutes they’ll get their
nice crispy outside and their nice chewy
inside ready to eat already
so our oven is finally preheated to 350
let’s get these bad boys in
all right so our ovens preheated our
cookies are in and the timer set for 15
minutes you’ll want to check on the
cookies out of our baking just to make
sure that when they’re making they don’t
extend and melt into one another one
thing you want to keep an eye on okay so
the reason we’re using casein protein
powder for these cookies is because
casein is a slow digesting protein so
most people take it at night right
before bed so the good thing about it is
that the cookies Archaean or dessert
right before bed so this is a good way
to get your protein in before you go to
bed and still have that slow digesting
process happening all right cookies are
right we’ll grab our overlap so that the
pieces don’t
nice and chewy on the inside crunchy on
the outside
and it’s actually really nice because it
takes just like a cookie it’s not very
strong in protein liver and it’s not too
chocolatey with the chocolate poisoning
and their chocolate chips it’s a really
nice balance between YouTube okay so the
one thing I’m sure everyone is wondering
what are the macros for these cookies so
the natural serving size support the
amount of ingredients that we used is 10
so for these cookies for 10 cookies to
eat one of them it’s 56 calories those
calories include 5 grams of protein 3
grams of carbs and 3 grams of fat now
I’d say that is pretty good macros of
her nighttime sweets

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