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How to make a Tea and Cookies Pouch using Wrapped in Plaid

Laura Buechler, Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator
Today I’m going to show you how to make a really quick and easy gift item you can use for teacher thank yous, hostess gifts, and any other opportunity that pops up over the holidays. All products available at my website,
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Video Transcription

hello stampers and thank you so much forjoining me today this is Laura buek lairof inky fingers paper crafting yourindependent Stampin Up demonstrator inthe 9 will be see now today I’m gonnashow you this really cute super simplelittle gift pouch that you can makeyou’re not gonna believe how easy thisis it holds two bags of tea and then youcan put in the middle part a littlepouch of cookies and there’s even aribbon at the top that you could use tohang it so this makes such a cute giftfor a teacher thank you or a hostessgift or a stocking stuffer or just kindof anybody that you’re thinking of atthis time of year if you want to makethem a little something special and it’sso so easy this is a perfect little giftso let me show you how it’s doneso all you need to make that pouch isone piece of 6×6 designer series paperso I’m using the beautiful wrapped inplaid designer series paper look at allthat beautiful gold foil in there I loveit it’s got these gorgeous plaid designson one side and then on the other sideall these really fun Christmasy imagesso all you need to do get one sheet ofthat don’t even need to cut it start byfolding it in half diagonally use yourbone folder to get a nice crisp fold andthen you’re gonna need some kind ofscoring tool I’m gonna use my newtrimmer I hope you can see this kind ofhard to have the trimmer and the tripodon the desk at the same time but I’lltry and talk you through what I’m doingso parallel to that same that originalfold that we’ve made I’m going to lineit up in my trimmer at half an inchand I’m going to score along that lineand now because I’ve only scored on thisone half of the Dinos so I’m going toflip it over and score on the other sideas well again at half an inch okay andthen so you see I rotated it because nowI’m going to put some score lines thatare perpendicular to that original scoreline and I’m going to line this up attwo and three-quarter inches score andrip it aroundline up again at 2.75 inches that’s allthe scoring that we need to do so if Ihold it with the point facing up awayfrom me I’ve got a score line here andtwo score lines here two vertical scorelines so the first thing I’m going to dois open it back up and then I’m going tofold along those vertical score linesokay and now I have these three scorelines going horizontally I’m going tofold them so they kind of make this Wshape in the center from the side viewcan you see that little W that’s itthat’s literally itif I didn’t want to decorate this Iwouldn’t even need to use any adhesivethere’s no cutting no adhesive it’s sostinkin simple just like I told yourightbut I am going to decorate it a littlebit so I will need some adhesive as wellas the Menken stamps before I do thatthough I’m gonna use my hole punch puncha hole right up here at the top andthread some ribbon through thereand now I can add my goodies there we goso to do a little bit of decorating onthis I’m going to use the perfectlyplaid stamp set I’m going to use theplaid Christmas tree from that set andI’m going to use a stamp from itty bittyChristmas which is an amazing stamp setpacked full as you can see of prettymuch every Christmas sentiment that youmight think of and I’m going to be usingthis little one that says Christmascheer I’ve already punched out a two anda quarter inch circle of cherry cobblerso now I’m going to stamp my treewith shaded spruce ink and I’m going tostamp my sentiment with cherry cobblerand I’m putting that sentiment on crumbcake and I’m going to punch that one outwith the I think this is called theclassic label punch and I’ll punch mytree out with the pine tree punch[Music]then I’m gonna put these three piecestogether to make a little decoration formy giftI’m gonna pop that right on there sothere we go can you believe how easythat it was I told you thank you so muchfor watching today and I reallyappreciate it and if you want to drop mea comment and let me know what you thinklet me know if you think you might trythis project let me know if you have anysuggestions for something that you’dlike to learn about I love hearing whatyou think and remember that you canpurchase all the products shown on mywebsite which is inky fingers CA andyou’ll also find more project tutorialscurrent promotional details andcatalogues of the local workshopschedule and the sign up for my monthlyemail newsletter if you happen to bewatching this on YouTube I want to letyou know that I have a Facebook pageunder inky fingers paper crafting whereyou can join a weekly card sketchchallenge and win a prize from me now ifyou do place an order please use thecurrent hostess code which you can findon my website because everyone who usesthat code is gonna get a free gift fromme and if you’d like to earn your ownhostess rewards all you need to do isplace an order of over two hundreddollars or contact me and we can startplanning an online or in-home partydrop me a line for more details have agreat day everyone and happy stampingbye

19 Replies to “How to make a Tea and Cookies Pouch using Wrapped in Plaid

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  4. Perfect timing – today is a cold day and I already have all the ingredients. Going to start baking. Thanks for sharing your recipe

  5. As always you slay all day! I’m as always making this for the family tonight thank you and may god bless you and your family.

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing this cookie recipe. I like that it’s simple and the star of the cookie is a nut of your choice. I will be sharing this with my sister who bakes a lot of cookies this time of year.

  7. I just made these cookies for my husband and kids and they LOVED them. Such a simple recipe, but still very rich and delicious! Thank you for sharing

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