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Can you make Cookies from the Cookie Dough in Ice Cream?

Elizabeth and I melt down a half gallon of Tillamook’s finest cookie dough ice cream and see if we can use that cookie dough to make an actual chocolate chip cookie.

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Video Transcription

hi I’m Dustin and today we’re going totake this cookie dough out of this icecream and see if we can turn it into areal cooking in the oven but first we’vegot to extract the cookie dough from theice cream here by taking the cookiedough the ice cream which is alreadypartially meltedwe’re gonna hold on a cookie dough wehave to do likethat is our Romanian cookie dough overhere that’s what the cookie dough lookslike when you when you melted are theindustry sue we actually already startedthis process turned off flat much inthere cookie you are trying to cookiedough first I’m gonna try this cookiedough and see how it tastes and I’mwe’re trying to cookie so here’s ourcookie dough cookiethat’s sadso it’s kind of the consistency of acookie kind of but doesn’t look like acookie put your back up here one twothree I’ll betvery much mr. cookie that’s chocolatechip cookie summed up my mind about thatno I knowthanks for watching

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