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How to make a TRIPLE stuffed oreo cookie with just 6 COOKIES!

It is what it sounds like!

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]this pack has six rupees in it and todayI’m gonna show you how to make I’m notdouble fast riffle riffle spiritualstuff for you it depends on how manyOreo cookie do John does we have a lotof Oreo cookies they’ll get a biggercookie but people have this mini don’tget that big of a double stuffed cookie[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]what you’re going to dojust take these Oreo cookies make six[Applause][Applause]and you’re gonna take your first cookieuntil they pop right off you just put itto you and I want you to do that witheverything put your us embracing boria’sand one snack and the ones withouttopping the other stack hipster piecesand then once you have all your Oreocookies you are going to take one cookiefrom staff and another cookie pants andput them together to put one photo fromthe stack and you never thinknorth of us understand now you have yourdouble stuff triple triple triple Oreocookie you can take a bite and you cantake a big triple height of yourfruitful stuffed Oreo cookies and showthat regular Oreo cookie through theboxesI hope you guys enjoyed my video andplease subscribe for more candy videosand yeah[Music]

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