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How To Cook…cookies (without Chocolate Chips

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Video Transcription

what’s up welcome back to the Chinesebanking here today and today we’remaking cookies oh there’s no chocolatechips so especially I just got thiswithout chocolate chips anyway let’s getinto it the first thing you will needhigh how to cook here yesBecky was the name used to be the nameof my youtube channel anywayput that sugar sugar[Music][Music]don’t make as much mess designed ita single need it’s 1 tablespoon 1teaspoon baking powder I’ll put down butyou can’t see it please bring thistogether with spatulano like this working it all in just keepdoing that I’ll be back combine cleansup but throw it in the fridgeyou know we’ve been there for half anhour and assuming you made as much massas me get to are youput it in in the bulk of you up for amini-fridge well okay I’m gonna anymoreput paper down on Oh No okay so takeyour wherever this is put some bigotryput some top dog the fridge take onetablespoon size scoop it up put it onyour baking tray I’ll do that so see itlike I said if you can only fit knowyour new trickthen just use it another trip they go onfor 10 to 12 minutes and then we’ll getthem out and see home okay they willspread out quite as you can see I’veleft quite but amazing okay so let’s getdough actually in the oven yes she didoh and now we are just gonna put thecookies in when it gets a little bitdifferent what you wanna do now isleave them to rest on there for quite awhile and let them cool down before youmove them onto the baking cooling truthcooling rack but I’ll check on you thenokay about taste testing I forgot but Idefinitely taste tested them but Iforgot but I make sure to LIKE andsubscribe[Music]

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