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Bake with ME| Pumpkin Pie


That’s the recipe I followed. She also offers a pie crust recipe. Last year I went all out for thanksgiving but this year I made 2 pumpkin pies and some Baked Sweet potatoes topped with quinoa, black beans and guacamole. Had a pretty chill Thanksgiving. I am grateful for you and your support. Thank you

Original of the video here

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Video Transcription

[Music]Happy Thanksgiving I’m making a veganpie they get pumpkin pies I wanted toshow you what I have in here I havecinnamon nutmeg ground cloves and seasalt I need some ginger there cuz Ididn’t find and I don’t know if there’sground up Oh ginger I need threetablespoons of cornstarch you could alsogo SparrowI didn’t read that so I don’t use thembut I guess I’ll show you better thanthere was to be closed for one cup ofbrown sugar I use 3/4 because I’m gonnause some coconut whipped cream and Ithink that’s been a minute since I didhave a ginger root I’m just going toblend everything or you can whisk thereit’s your choice[Music][Music][Music]and then I can have pumpkin purely[Music][Music]I forgot to put the lid on[Music][Music][Music]here are the two pies that I madeside-by-side and it’s the same exactthing but I could bake this one versethis one’s again this would had all thecream of the coconut and then that onehadcoconut milk but there isn’t a lot ofcream so it looks a little different asyou can see this all speaks for an hourthis was bacon for 90 minutes so I’m notsure dozens goodies but this one itother difference is that this one wasblendedthe feeling was blended in the thunderand then this one I blended with thewest whisk the true whip is the krogerbrand that I got for a cougar now Wowgo go Noahthere’s the vegan Cool Whip that I gotand I’m just gonna place this on top ofmy pie and hope for the best[Music]don’t you like itme too[Music]it’s so goodI wonder how the other ones gettingtazed

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