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Cooking Cookies With Happy Huda

Cook With Happy Huda

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Video Transcription

but if this is how to make perfectchocolate chip cookies first preheat theoven to 375 put two and a quarter cupsof flour into a bowl and add oneteaspoon of baking soda add a half ateaspoon of salt add 3/4 cup sugar intothe mixturestart with two sticks of butter and addit to the mixture after that you’regoing to want to just eat this at mediumspeed until it’s creamyand two eggs to the mixture then add thenext egg vanilla at the first mixturegradually into this add two cupschocolate chips into the mixtureeverything is mixed take a spoonful andlay it out eat it put it into the oven375 bank for nine minutes after thatcheck to see if it’s ready see if itneeds more cooking or if it’s toughyou’re gonna want to take it out and seeif it’s ready the time there was sonalbums was perfectly golden brown butyou always might need a bit more timebecause there’s a different than ours sojust put the timer on for two or threemore minutes and check up after that andsee if it’s good

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