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How to make Chocolate chip cookies (homemade)

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Everything used: : 🍫🍪🍫

1/2 cup Salted Butter
1 cup Brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
3 ts. Vanilla
2 eggs
3/4 ts. Baking soda
2 1/4 cups All purpose flour
1 cup chocolate chips

Materials ::

Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Strainer/ sifter
2 small stainless steel bowl for sugars
Medium ice cream scoop ( FUKTSYSM Ice Cream Scoop – Ice Cream Scoop Set, 3 Pcs Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop Trigger Include Small Size(1.57 Inch), Medium Size (1.96 Inch), Large Size (2.36 Inch), Melon Scoop (Cookie Scoop) )
Baking spray
Sheet pan
Parchment paper
Plastic wrap
Stand up mixer
Soap and water
Bleach water to wipe counters down before and after

Don’t over mix the batter; once flour has been added mix until combined. Then hand fold the chocolate chips in to make sure you are not over mixing. These cookies do not have to be chilled before baking. Set your oven to 350 degrees; Bake the cookies for 12- 14 minutes.

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Video Transcription

welcome back to J suite where it’salways lit C in the city and we’re gonnado some chocolate chip cookies today soyou’re going to need some roomtemperature butter or you’re gonna needsome butter that was slightly heated upin a microwave for 20 seconds thenanother five seconds just so it doesn’tknow completely you’re gonna need 1/2 acup of granulated sugar you’re gonna getyour sister and you’re gonna make surethere is no clumps inside of that sugaras well add that granulated sugar toyour butter then you’re gonna get brownsugar and you’re gonna pack it into onecup you’re gonna clean up the sides ofthat one cup make sure those hands areclean before you do this then you’regonna add that to the butter next you’regonna clean your sugars and buttertogether now you will start setting outyour dry ingredients which will be 2 and1/4 cup of flour and then you’re goingto get 3/4 teaspoon of baking soda[Music]after you have finished putting togetheryour dry mixture you want to place thatto the side and then you want to checkon your sugar and butter mixture this iswhat it should look like when it isready now you’re gonna add two eggs andyou can add them at the same time I haveit except earlier I’m so used to makingcakes but you can add them at the sametime and you’re gonna mix that for agood two to three minutes and tell theLightning’s in color before the two tothree minutes you can add the vanilla oracid or two to three minutes you can addthe vanilla it really doesn’t matterjust as long as you remember to put itin there so this is what your mixture isgoing to look like once you have addedthe vanilla in the eggs and you have letit we’ll put a two to three minutes thenyou’re gonna go ahead and get yourchocolate chips ready to be added intoyour mixture so before you add thechocolate chips you do want to make sureyou add the flour I guess I didn’t getvideo of me doing that but you just wantto mix until combined and it’s gonnalook just like what it looks like on myhook after you get all of the cookiedough off the hook you want to pour inyour chocolate chips and mix by hand[Music][Music]don’t forget that when mixing thechocolate chips in you gotta put yourback into it so make sure you got theirarm that restraint you had to have allthe day put it all into that cookie down[Music]so this is what your dough should looklike once it is Dyna now we’re gonna geta love and then we’re gonna spray thatglove with some canola oil spray thenwe’re gonna get an ice cream scooppreferably a medium sized one and spraythat one down as well and then you canjust watch me do the rest because it’ssimple once you have sprayed everythingdown you’re then gonna scoop eightcookies onto a cookie sheet you don’thave to put the canola oil spray on thecookie sheet cuz you have to parchmentpaper down but I just did it cuz I hadalready sprayed someone there so I justsayin want to not put it on there[Music]for these cookies you’re gonna put theminto a preheated oven of 350 degrees forabout 12 to 14 minutes after thosecookies come out the oven you’re gonnalet them cool for about another 13 to 15minutes they’re gonna have a little puffat the top but that’s okay that’s justbecause they need to cool down so onceyour cookies have cooled down they willflatten out and look like a regularcookiethey are so juicy gooey and moist on theinside and the edges are so crispy andcrunchy so if this order that you aremaking is made for a client of yourswhat you want to do is just place thecookie face down on the saran wrap andyou’re just gonna wrap them up like youwrap your brownies up so with any orderthat you have you want to be sure thatyou place your cookies down or yourbrownies down face forward on the saranwrap to make sure that the client seesthe perfect product and they don’t seeany wrinkles and crinkles if you were toplace it on the side that has the wrapgoing over itself so I’m gonna show youall me trying to cooking I tried to hitthe cookie on the plate and let y’allhear how crispy those ends were but itdidn’t work like that so I just kind oftry to show y’all anything like thateither but you know right here it’sworking like it was so crispy on the endso soft and gooey on the insideI really wish out a heated up so I’llhave those chocolate chips soft andgooey as well but guess this is anawesome cookie I don’t even likechocolate chip cookies I talked about itbut this is a good cookie right herethem lips tells no lies look at themanyway this is if you want to present itto your classmates clients anyone itdoes not matter this is just forpresentation purposes but y’all alreadyknow what’s ominous it’s time for me toget goingsocial media followed a like comment andsubscribeand I’ma see y’all later

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