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Watch my pal Andy and I, in a BAKE OFF!!!!

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Video Transcription

what’s this we call Gordon Ramsay versus
hey everyone welcome back to my channel
sorry I’ve been a little bit lazy with
uploading videos I have been struggling
to really find content I wanted to post
you know that’s right on time today
we’re going to be cooking with Claire
and oh god welcome back hello Andy Andy
we’re having a bake off honestly Andy
has already made one batch but that was
like just like the test because he was
testing out to see if this this but I’m
just gonna to see the cookie recipes
look good his first ones were a little
um how about to do this um birds so now
he found a new recipe and he’s currently
in the middle of making his and I am
actually going to be making Skinnygirl
chocolate chip cookies for all the girls
out there that are trying to stay and
copy some of us have been that before
too first for all the girls and guys or
guys and girls that are trying to keep
that skinny life going for them you know
aka me because I tend to look at food
and just gain weight from looking at it
you know it’s a bit of struggle but I’ve
kept the weight off so anyways here are
some Skinnygirl chocolate chip cookies
to feed your inner hungry girl
I’ve had the dough off I will link a
picture of recipe I will – so guys this
is my dough it’s gonna chill in the
refrigerator for 30 minutes I’ll give it
the link to this recipe in the bio don’t
think I don’t look like must be from
it’s called chocolate-covered Katie calm
so shout out to you girl so chocolaty
apparently they’re 40 calories each do I
really believe that no but I told myself
that they do so you start off with a new
troublesome Quaker Oats
thank you you’re gonna need a a you’re
gonna you’re gonna need a refrigerator
no no you’re gonna need a blender of
some sorts here at our task house we
don’t really have a blender so I’m using
my roommates a nutribullet shout out to
them so you start off with 1/3 of a cup
you insert you’re just gonna you’re
gonna you’re gonna write her up in the
nutribullet isn’t working
she’s done you need about an eighth of a
teaspoon of salt but I really just kind
of risk it for the biscuit in and I call
it a day
here’s the baking so it over using today
you need about 1/4 of a teaspoon this I
actually measure because we don’t know
how baking so don’t work so like we
don’t know how much if we put too much
what will happen after that you’re gonna
need about 1/4 of a cup of granulated
sugar here’s where I change up my recipe
a little bit I don’t use the granulated
sugar I use
Truvia you’re saving a lot of calories
by using this I just want to put that
out there and um I think my local might
be healthier than chocolate-covered
Katie’s but now you need about three
tablespoons of some full fat cream
cheese but here’s the other team ladies
and gentlemen I use whipped cream cheese
and that doesn’t really change anything
um so that’s that’s funny I guess but I
will say it’s only penalties for two
tablespoons and I need three D so like
relationship after that we’re gonna do
1/2 a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract
next you need about 1 tablespoon of
vegetable oil or you can do melted
coconut oil but here’s we get to add in
our chocolate chips but I’m gonna make
that at first um my cookie um dough has
been made looks normal
I know surprising tastes like a normal
cookie dough as well and you can even
fend for me now I’m going to bomb up put
them in the oven and then
oh yeah see look they look like normal
chocolate chip cookies they look a
little more OD because you know like the
oats heat but I think these are gonna be
some of my best batch yet alright y’all
the cookies well my version of cookies
Skinnygirl cookies thanks kitty thoughts
are going in to the oven for about 9 to
10 minutes you’ll see them on the other
side okay these are done chilly just
ice-cream scooper that I don’t know who
got this no I’m sorry it’s not right now
mom I’m sorry I love you I’m doing this
we’re trying to lay the face off what
should this be call Gordon Ramsay versus
obviously Paula Deen Jenny Craig versus
Paula Deen this is the showdown as you
can hear that is my clip my last batch
of cookies that I made I know it’s very
alarming that they sound like that but I
swear they did taste good filming that’s
why I happen of the first time people
you’re on speaker and there’s a camera
hey bye I love you well what do you do
with all that yeah you can sit for up to
three months
make the refrigerator three months
freeze for a year okay
I took culinary arts all three years
high school
all right Paula Deen higher the hair the
closer to God the higher the hair the
closer yeah okay guys so here are my
cookies these are the cook you know I’m
putting them in the oven okay guys so
here’s the oven this is about to go in
at 350 for about 15 minutes your outfit
all right for today for Andy’s outfit of
the day
I’m blond white shorts that you sued my
uncle’s that I stole one time that I
went to the pool
my next are t-shirt got an advance
competition but watch this do not fret
caution jazz hands Laura Spencer boys
dance – all right so now Andy’s cookies
are gonna cook in the oven for 50
minutes and we’ll be right back with you
boys hands – 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
okay guys so this is uh and my cookies
are ready in the oven so we’re gonna
open it up so you can see oh yeah those
are the cookies so let me just take
these all sorry so they did spread out a
little but like there’s no issue they’re
like those are perfect am I wrong no get
ready so this one right here what we
like to call a a hockey puck yes so this
is what we like to call a hockey puck if
you want to see why we call it that
lesson ah love the sound
well done take your time three years one
more time for ASMR II yeah okay we’re
going to split this one so this was
Annie’s first batch as you can see it’s
really what if you have our oven really
messed it up I’m just gonna I’m gonna go
ahead and put a bite I’m just gonna oh
by the way today I’m using almond milk
I’m using regular milk from girl um I’m
getting notes up burnt Chris nice bad
spongy though no I didn’t get that
little bit of tape consistency no I mean
this is like rock consistency okay now
we’re gonna Amy’s cookie these are my
cookies I like to call these like
grandma’s cookies there’s still a little
prince’ crisper the night
there is a good good chocolate chip
cookie like your mom and me
mm-hmm so good we’re going to finish
this cookie show it was for you so you
see this these are the healthy girl
cookies Wow yeah that was that’s pretty
good sounds really nice very moist
consistency enough this is like to cook
you out you might have had a lot of food
food and I want to desert you I feel
good about yourself yeah but it’s still
so good guys they taste like regular
chocolate chip cookies cha-ching
moment of silence for our chocolate chip
that’s enough what do we rate this
cookie this is the furry one now what do
we write your cookie a nine I would rate
at a time but it wasn’t gooey you’re not
what would we make rate mine no I won no
looks I make two batches know how it
no we have to base it off us we have to
have someone like another person Rita
but you basically just admitted that
Mike with you it’s better nine and a
half kilos do you so yeah you just
admitted it alright thanks for joining
my channel basically we tied no
basically I wanted he admitted it and I
never win so this is a first
except for the time that I want
mr. quest I only wanted mr. Saur class
before we know and I didn’t even
actually when it was a class people wore
to fever

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