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Ty Roane VLOG: instructions for making cookies | Peanut Butter Cookies

The hash mark may be one of the most prevalent symbols in modern life, but it’s been the “mark” of peanut butter cookies for more than eighty years, and for good reason. Pressing a hash mark into each cookie ensures this dense dough will flatten out and bake evenly. While using this kitchen-tested recipe ensures your peanut butter cookies will turn out perfectly. It’s been in Betty’s back pocket for quite some time, and you can bet this recipe isn’t going anywhere soon. Home cooks from all over have claimed this to be the best peanut butter cookie they’ve ever made—and we certainly agree! Soft and chewy with the perfect salty-sweet balance, these tender cookies will disappear at every potluck, party or cookie exchange. For an added bit of sparkle, roll your cookies in coarse sparkling sugar just before baking.

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Video Transcription

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