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How to bake the best CHOCOLATE-CHIP COOKIES

How to bake the best CHOCOLATE-CHIP COOKIES

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Video Transcription

hi guys I mean apology tour and welcometo the life of the real days well guystoday Keith and I are going to be havinga competition do you know what bakingchocolate chip cookies we’re not reallybakers we’re not really cooks but I meanour husband’s kind of brought us someingredients and they’re like why don’tyou make chocolate chips from scratchyeah and we were supposed or we’re stillrecording other videos we thought that’swhat we were doing today so we weren’tpreparedyeah so let’s get started and so we’regonna have separate stations we’re gonnabake some chocolate chip cookies andthen we’re gonna have a my in-laws andour husbands and our friends come andtest out the cookies so then they’regonna decide whose cookies are betteryes and if we both feel we’re just gonnago to CTall right so let’s get started oh andanother thing yeah we don’t really knowhow to make the case that we’re bothgonna be using your phoneswe’re both using the same recipe it’scalled or are we ah best chocolate chipcookies and hopefully they are the bestyeah I’m pretty sure they will bealright so let’s get started we’re gonnaput tons and tons of sugar in it yeahokay so um we start off with 1 cup ofbutter and if jeans why don’t you startfirst since she had a home and a meltedbutter okay so here we are winking atyou guys dang I was really close morecholesterol[Music]hard work okay and what’s the next thingthat so we’re gonna go ahead and putwhite sugar into the melted butter wealready have it measured out so one cuplooks like a lot of sugar girl I knowokay and we’re gonna also put brownsugar in there here’s our drop darkbrown sugar and it has cookies on it soI’m guessing this is a sugar they’reasking for yeah any day now and you justput a left sugar just I think that’sgonna be healthy yeah okay there you goall right Brandon of G give me thelesser mine I have on my station okay sonow we’re just gonna mix everythingtogether until I have a whisk this ishow prepared our husbands are this iswhat happens when guys plan what you’regonna record you didall right water is mixing yeah cup withyour money nice looks like a disasteryeah maybe because we let it sit for toolong oh we did you have to move into mymatter look it’s because I was helpingyouthat makes no sense to me yes it diesit’s because we put my butter in hereand then my sugar in here for so longI’m starting all overI found more butter and we’re gonna tryit againokay so bulletin of heat start all overagain because I really don’t know whathappened here thing huhso now we need to beat two eggs solvingthe eggs out I’m gonna first try to addsome more butter into there and see howthat worksshe’s trying to add two over sticks ofbutter two more I need to just start bya little bit okay it doesn’t work wellactually I could just redo it should iredo it you guys yes okay okay so I amwhisking into egg here we go guysyeah you guys so I’m just starting allover okay it just seems like the easierthing to do here we’re gonna whisk theeggs in I’m gonna do one egg at a timeeven though I did with both eggstogether hopefully this works okay guysmy competition show called chopped yeahwell if this is the type of competitionI wouldn’t help you hey poor dear whitesugar – oh my god oh the next thing weneed to do is just off baking soda andhot water because this is also pretty -okay alright guys we have two teaspoonsof baking soda that we’re gonna go aheadand mix andthat’s really changing the way thebatter look hopefully for the betterokay you guys so it’s starting to lookcorrect like mine yeah so the conclusionis my sugar stayed in the butter alittle too long so you guys when you’rerecording videos probably shouldn’t beand then what I need is three cups ofall purpose flour so we will go aheadand get that from an objection let’s seehow she’s doingwow that’s greatyou’re a winner look I’ve never whist noI did but I’ve always done it with abigger Forkyeah and it just it’s so much fasterwith a tinier fork it’s like a baby four[Laughter][Applause]cups of flour there’s the third cup howwe whisps hey it said it’s that beat inthe eggs one at a time if you dosupposed to beat them in the mixture notseparately one teaspoon in two teethall right they don’t looking like thereyou go yeah guy chocolate chip guys thisis where the fun begins – just kiddinga lot the whole bag wow look at this itlooks beautifulI’m gonna watch maybe I should have readthat part instead of trusting you oMGthis is not as serious okay okay guys myhands are tired I feel like the cookiescookie dough is a little bit morestickier than I would like it to be Idon’t know what to do for that you thinkmaybe I’m adding more flour or is thishow cookie dough I think most I thinkthat’s how could you dos supposed to beI don’t know I feel like it’s likereally sticky yeah I think that’s a goodthing all right guys I’m gonna get readyto start baking my cookies so I’m gonnajust use them nonstick spray whateverit’s called so I’m just gonna throw itin my hand I’m gonna bottle it up likethis make it into a little cookie we’regonna boop-boop it down this butterwe’re gonna just bump it down okay guysthis is looking pretty good okay guyshere are six chocolate chip cookiesthey’re gonna go into the oven nowand we’re going to keep them in the ovenfor 20 minutes while the jeat still does[Laughter]they’re like kind of melting away I haveno clue if they’re supposed to look likethat just gonna add more flour so youknow when you’re like good mean arefebrile yeah and sometimes I think it’stoo watery that’s where we’re at rightnow you kind of look at mine guys lookhow beautifulthat’s like yeah end up David Goodingoktai yeahdon’t go okay you guys so I think youmean up the whole bag of chocolate chipsand her batter I don’t know if I want todo that it seems like a lie you put thesame amount of sugar[Laughter]alright guys so my cookie dough batterhas definitely thickened up so I thinkthat’s a good signput some spray on here Wow fancy isn’thow you did it I’m not telling you itlooks better yeah that looks greatyeah like we could call them likealright guys it’s been a little bit over10 minutes so I’m gonna pull my cookiesoutlet’s see they’re kind of connected toeach otheroh those actually look really goodbut they look like cookies so we’regonna let it cool down and then we willtighten upokay you guys so probably gottogether and here’s my cookiesalright you guys high five no cheese tenminutes it’s nine o’clock so at nine totenokay you guys so let’s check why not mycookies are baking they look really goodI think do a little good not if theylook good okay good okay so it’s beenabout ten minutes but I kind of want tokeep them in for a few minutes longerthey are looking really good though orso I think they are and since I thinkI’m gonna winI’m just making another batch foreveryone let’s take a look at yourcookie themself perfect circle’s youguys just like I do not on a perfectcircle just like maybe you okay you guysso the cookies are ready and they havemilk yeah and mom and dad came all theway from Toronto cookies now hey Mikewhy is this covering my stuff[Music]I don’t know maybe pretty good so mr.Manders trying the cookies right now mr.Mandor pops yeah Mandor neither bikehorns um oh gee I can hear the crunchyI’m gonna drink some milk anymore if youneed a little get to the cookie allright it’s a good sign all right now letme let me let’s let’s judge this okayonly four banger pops oh you guys okayso for this cookie do you like thetexture yes you do what about thesweetness low medium highthis is medium medium and do you prefermedium health-wise yes I like less okaythat’s good so for the diabetic peopleand then some this cookie is clearlythinner that is a fluffier do you have apreferencedo you like okay yeah we’ll get to thatso we know about this worth the fightmaybe any final thoughts before we moveto the next one you get more than thatthese use that but it goes yeah gonnamake sure we we still need your analysisso what about the texture of this it’sgood whatabout I contain the boater thiswise is what our team decide whetherwhat are different but what about thatsweetness look at those videos is meokay so your basic distinction is thesize as of now yeah I’m like what istaste wiseoh so you do sound like a politicianso hopefully for the next one we canhave more honesty mr. Mandor 2020[Laughter][Applause]which ones we have 1 1 1 and butter yesit’s a wonderful thank you momthank you mama may be on I think we havean idea of what the cookies is it’s notfair so why don’t you close your eyesand I’ll feed you and we’re gonna feedyou put me on the spot for sega’s 1never been to another I know exactlywhether you can have your wife do it dowe have a plane no we trust them youwant cheese alright I go closer artistswell good this is handmade cookie no youhave to put it in your mouth just thenbeautiful you take a Lemu listen I couldtell this one’s a thick one oh no it’snot that was a let’s[Laughter][Laughter][Laughter]we telling whatever all feel so youtrying hey applying to the second one[Laughter][Laughter][Laughter]we wish you guys could taste thesecookies and if you like and subscribemaybe we’ll send you a batch gonna eatyour cookie you guys said this was Venuscookie this is my cookie we did greatfor first time bakers but I think wewere phenomenal I think your could usemore voice all by hand if every cookiein between thank you so much for tuningin to this week’s episode do catch usevery saturday at 7 o’clock yes the timehas changed to Saturday’s becauseeveryone’s busy working reallyThursdays at 6 p.m. yeah usually theweekends like are happening on Instagramyeah yeahso matter day at 7 make sure tosubscribe like comment suggest and yeahyeah thanks for tuning in alright guys

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