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How to Bake Pusheen the Cat Inspired Cookies – Quick and Easy!

Hello everyone! Welcome back to Our Pusheen Addiction Channel! Join us in this video as we make some Pusheen the Cat inspired cookies! They are simple and delicious! Everyone can make them! Post a picture and show us what you have made or leave a comment telling us if you liked this recipe! Most of the things we used are linked below. Please like and subscribe to this channel! Thanks for watching!

*** Flavor Powders: can be any flavor you buy from the store, here I was using vanilla latte flavor. This can be optional. They will taste good regardless.***

*This is not a sponsored video, all products are purchased by us*


Pusheen Cookie Mold:

Mini Super Pusheenicorn:

Flavor Powder:

Stand Mixer:

Hand Mixer:

Marble Pastry Board:

Cooling Racks for Baking:

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Video Transcription

hi everyone welcome to our pushy andaddiction channel today we’ll be makingpusheen inspired cookies they’re goingto be easy but very effective so withoutfurther ado let’s get started first stepwe want to mix the flavor powder withthe flour so you want to put this in andmix it really well with a spoon andafter you’re done mixing you just wantto set this aside for later and now wemove to a stand mixer and if you don’thave a stand mixer you can use ahandheld one but here I have a standmixer and you want to use the pedalattachment and first thing we want toattach this and onto the machine and youwant to add about 3/4 cup of butter soadd this in and you want to beat ituntil it’s very smooth this is why wesoften the butter ahead of time which isgoing to make this a lot easier so thatthis makes[Laughter]okay now so the butter is looking verysoft and creamy scrape the ball and movethe content to the botton and now we adda pinch of salt into the middle and makesome more this doesn’t have to take verylong so it just makes a little bitokay that looks good now we add a aboutone cup of powdered sugar so just add itall in and I don’t want to mix rightaway you want to scrape this downbecause the powder can fly everywhere ifyou just makes it like this and startwith a low setting so it doesn’t flyeverywhereyou see now the butter and the powderedsugar are more incorporated you canincrease to a higher setting so it makesa little bit fasterso you want to blend until is soft andlight scrape down the bowl as you needokay now we want to scrape down the bowla little bit I have a lot of leftoveringredient on my spatula too so I wantto add that in also okay you can justscrape down the extra on the sideokay now that looks about ready justwant to add two large egg yolks add bothof them in at the same time and you wantto blend the mixture well okaynow this looks about ready so let’s stopremember the powder we set aside earlierwe want to gradually mix all that inhere and blend until they’re allincorporated so I’m just adding about1/3 and start mixing ok that looks aboutenough and I want to mix it up a littlebit beforehand so the powder doesn’t flyeverywhere[Music]see it’s becoming more chunky and nowyou just want to add that in two moretimes until it’s all incorporatedokay now everything is well mixed youjust want to add about 1/3 cup of whitechocolate chips so go ahead and stop themixer and add that in and blend wellit’s going to make some loud noisesso mix until all blended and you’re doneafter us all mix you can just take itout of the mixer it should look like adough or you can shape it into a doughand now you want to take out your littlemold I got this really cute pusci moldfrom Amazon I think they still have instock so I’ll link they’ll link the linkdown below and you just want to push thedough into the mold so I will try anduse the part where there’s no whitechocolate so you can actually see herface clearly but you know if you get alittle bit chokolate here and there it’sfine just as a little more character solet me push all of this into the moldyou just want to push actually a littlebit hard into it because you wanted tosee her tail and all her little detailsof the face so just take your time onthis make sure she’s perfectokay so one is done just do this sixmore times until your until you mix allthe dough into your little mold okay nowI’ve got all six so I will put this inthe refrigerator to chill for at leasttwo hours or you can leave thisovernight so once your cookie has beenin the fridge for two hours you can takethem out and preheat the oven at 350Fahrenheit and then also line the bakingsheet with a piece of parchment paperyou can remove the cookie from the moldset this in here carefully look you canstart to see the shape and her littleface make sure to leave some space inbetween each because they will expand alittle bit and once your oven is doneheating at the right temperature you canpop this in and heat for about 15minutes what the cookies are done bakingyou can remove them from the oven leavethem on the baking sheet to cool for 5minutes and then afterwards you canleave them on a cooling rackafter they’re cool that then they’reready to be eaten of course you candisplay them nicely for your guests witha little extra touch so like this videoand also come in our video below andshow us a picture of what you made orwhether you like this recipe or notsubscribe to our Channel and stay tunedfor our future videos see you next time

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