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How to bake cookies in a air fryer

Join Dad Chow while we experiment with the air fryer to bake cookies! We are using two different brands of cookies. Nestle Toll house Chocolate Chip Cookies and Pillsbury Sugar Cookies! Check this out, because i FAILED!!!

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Video Transcription

Chow hounds we’re experimenting againcookies cookies cookies and airfryeralright Chow hounds the airfryer goingin the background what’s gonna happenhow good are cookiesPillsbury you know how we feel aboutPillsbury Pillsbury cookies gonna tastewhen I cook them in the air far not justPillsbury but Nestle Tollhouse chocolatechip cookies how are they gonna fare inthe airfryer let’s find out it’s warmingup already all right these pre-cutcookies they expand a little bit in theoven I’m just gonna drop them in heregive you a shower less and we’ll see howthese cook all right check those on theairfryer they will expand a little bit Igave them plenty of space and it spreadup and um I think it’s gonna be allright let’s get them in oh man I gotthere two three six eight[Music]now there is no air fried instructionson the Pillsbury Christmas cookiesthey’re sugar cookies so we’re just sortof winging it and that shall tip of theday kids never eat cookie dough you needto cook the whole way through becauseyou know you shouldn’t eat itfive minutes check timeoh boy five minutes I think these aredone alreadyI love it I love the speed those aresome cookies the sugar cookie in theairfryer apparently lost with you theway it cooked it was cooking a lotfaster on the outside that on the insidethe other side’s a little bit brown butit’s really soft on the middle I canfeel it it’s almost not fair becausePillsbury mix and excellent sugar cookieand this tastes delicious it’s cookienow let’s try the chocolate chipI’m gonna start with five cookies that Isort of pressing the little balls oneequal size we see how they fared meairfryer just kept these in I’ll behonest I’ve about going about thechocolateagain remember never eat raw cookiedoughexperts age bad it’s another fiveminutes AK good babies look you see thatso before Chow hounds sometimes dadshall failswell these cookies are done they werejust dripping on the bottom of thisthing whatlet’s get him out I’m not sure what todo we need to take back everything Isaidthey are dripping through and there isjust sure see this is where I’m torn thecookies are just crisping up on theoutside up top yet in the middle at thebase it’s just not workingmeaning their fire just cooks it toofast on the outside it’s not cooking inthe middle so these chocolate chipcookies in the air fryer this is notgonna work oh hey thanks for watchingdeath Chow today we have fun air friedcookies it was an experience for me Ihope it was for you these sugar cookiesturned out amazingparks let off the chipper okayhey part cookies definitely known the onthe outside and crisp on the outside butis raw in the middlewhat’s a shame because I love chocolatechip cookies so remember a like shareand subscribe to dad’s chop ring thatBell I’ll hear no Bell see you next timeguysthey’re terrible so bad Oh

2 Replies to “How to bake cookies in a air fryer

  1. Super glad I got your notification. I was still on the fence about the Air Fryer, but yeah…still on the fence NEVER eat RAW cookie dough. Got it!LOVED this video my friend

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  3. It never even crossed my mind to do this with cookies… Such a creative idea! I can actually imagine the warm, cookie texture. Loving your skills too! Send me some

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