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How to bake choc chip cookies (Vlog #2

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Video Transcription

hey guys welcome back to another videotoday I’m gonna be showing you how tomake chocolate chip cookiesfirst off preheat the oven to 180degrees this is 250 grams of butter andthen put the butter into a blender andthen measure out 225 grams of castersugar and also put that into the foodblender then add 1 TSP of vanillaextract and then add 1 tablespoon ofmaple syrup give it a whizz you won’thave to mix it a bit take it out and mixit and then carry on and if you don’thave a blender or you just think it’stoo it it’s not really working in theblender and just use a spoon of mash upall in a bowl in the end it should looklike this by the way it’s easier to usea spoon we’ll need to measure out 300grams of plain flour it into the bowlnext add 1 teaspoon of baking powder andadd half a teaspoon of salt and it goesthen give it all a good mix you can usea blender but I think it’s easier to usea wooden spoon after you’ve started tomix it all together start using yourother hands and it’ll start comingtogether like this that 85 fromchocolate using your hands need thechocolate in next you’ll need to line abaking tray with parchment but we don’thave parchment everywhere scrap piecesof your cookie dough like thisbut the size that you like you’ll haveto leave in the oven for 12 to 14minutes but remember to change changethe morale swap them around in the ovenafter half way take them out the ovenleaves them to cool for five minutes andthey’re ready to eat please guys likethis video remember smash the likebutton hit the subscribe button hit thenotification bell watch out there’sgonna be a trickshot video coming inthis week because it’s taking so longbecause there’s some big trick shots andI didn’t want to leave you guys waitingfor so long so I’ll see you guys nextvideo

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