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Demonstration Speech – How to Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies!

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Video Transcription

okay so today I’m going to be showingyou how to play chocolate chip cookiesthe first thing you to do is pre-heatyour oven to 375 degrees which I’vealready done in order to make the bestchocolate cookies we should first makesure you have all the ingredients secondfollow direction while staying organizedand third bake the cookies so theingredients you will need are one cup ofsoftened butter not melted all the wayyou’re going to need 1 cup of whitesugar already measured one cup of lightbrown sugar then 2 teaspoons of 2tablespoons of pure vanilla extract then2 large white eggs in this bowl 2 cupsof all-purpose flour already measuredthen 1 teaspoon of baking soda 1/2 ateaspoon of baking powder then 1teaspoon of salt I like to use sea saltand the most important ingredient youneed are 2 cups of chocolate chipsalready measured ok so first thingsfirst make sure your measurements areprecise you don’t want to mess up thewhole ok so follow the directions sofirst things first you’re gonna pour inyour flour two cups and I’m gonna takeyour 1 cup of softened butter use aspoon if it doesn’t come out[Music]we’re going to take your one cup ofwhite sugar and pour it into the bowland take your light brown sugar and pourinto the bowl I have to hit it a coupleof times then I’m going to take yourteaspoon and do vanilla extract and pourtwo tablespoons so one two then you cantake your eggs and crack them watch outfor the shells I just wipe off yourhands if it gets dirty on your area justclean it up so you stay organizedalright next thing to put in is your oneteaspoon of baking sodaand I’m using your teaspoon again I’mgonna use half a teaspoon of bakingpowder then you just use the side totake off the excess so next we’re gonnaneed your salt which is one teaspoonsand then pour it in and then lastly youcan pour in your chocolate chips pourthem in gradually like thisand the next thing you do is you’regonna mix them make sure to get all theingredients in and blended it might takea while but you try to get everything onthe side and make sure you don’t overmix the batter because you want theconsistency to be thick and not thin sojust keep turning it with this it willstart to get doughy okay once you’redone mixing the color should look likethis like golden okay I want a sex signmove over to the side and then you cantake your PIN you want to grease yourpan I use vegetable oil just bring alittle bit not too much and then takeyour spoon and you want to scoop out thedough with that not too much and then Ilike to roll the dough into balls sothey keep like a round form in the ovenso they’re gonna expand so you want tokeep them in this shape so it’s roll itlike this and then just place them onthe panmake sure to put them not too closetogether because it gonna come bigger inthe oven so want them to have them togrowso just do thatso knows for now that’s done just towipe off your hands and then now putthem in the oven take your oven mittsthey should look like this so put themin for eight to ten minutes and oncethat’s done I like to use his time toclean my area and make sure all theingredients put away and clean my bowlsutensils that I use and make sure whenthe cookies are out of the oven they’resoft and they look good not too Brownbecause in the Oliv bakes them when it’slooking cool for five minutes and thenjust some of what we just say like recapwe make sure we had all the ingredientswe measured them precisely we’ve stayedorganized put them everything back towhere it was in the beginning and nowthey’re in the oven baking so it’s thatsimple

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