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Healthy NO BAKE Cookies! How to make in 20 Minutes | Cooking #1

Today in the Kitchen Lab we make cookies that DON’T REQUIRE BAKING! Could it be done? Apparently!
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Video Transcription

[Music]let’s just start okay I’ll oh how areyou okaywe are in the kitchen lab for cocainegin lab and today we will be makingbliss bites healthy no bake cookies sotheir cookies but you don’t have to putthem in the oven and they’re healthy solet’s let’s just run through thestatistics of our ingredients here so wegot prep time of 20 minutes cook time of15 minutes and it makes 9 or 18 miniones are we gonna make minier well we’reactually gonna do bite size so not so 18many bites no even more than thatbecause instead of using a lot of theseinstead of using a mini cupcake pan weactually have the ultra mineral companypan that we’re gonna use so we might getmore than 1800 ah okay we’ll get atleast 18 yes and so do you want to gothrough our ingredients it’s prettybasic stuffyeah looks like basic stuff so coconutoil almond butter syrup cocoa powdervanilla and oats the old-fashioned stylenot the quick yeahjust ground up out suck yeah alright soshall we get startedoh and salt get started I forgot aboutsomething oh yes we need salt all rightso what do we need okay so firstinstructions place 9 cupcake liners intoa muffin tin or 18 liners into a minimuffin tin okay so listen to our linerno we don’t need them we don’t know okayso we’re goodit has been sprayed with nonstickcooking spray the pan pan yeah so playokay you read it so well just tell mewhat to do we need to put 5 tablespoonsoil okay all of this into our coconutoil okay so I’m gonna measure this outnow this has not melted yet so thismight take a minute because coconut oilis solid when it’s cold part is rock sowe need how much five five okay so willI measure that into a pot what can I doplease tell me give me our purpose tolive what else do we need besides fiveof these what’s nexttwo tablespoons of peanut butter oralmond butter in this case okay cuz I’mallergic to peanutshey you wouldn’t want anyone dying todayno we wouldn’t not todayso this might take a while sorry Iprobably should have had this melted butI don’tso we’ll just sit over there to figureit out that’s pretty strong I think thisthe night we have another tablespoon Iwill grab one okay that’d be great wellI continue to measure out three more ofthese all rightand I think this is a pretty forgivingrecipe so it doesn’t have to beabsolutely exact which is great becausethat’s the one thing that’s hard withcoconut oil is that is okay I’m gonnacall it real quickly move over here andjust pour this in for you[Music]this so this will be the fifth one ofthis and then we’ll be good here five ofthose and you grab an extra please tosit here we’ll set this on us here we goalright so what’s next five tablespoonsand almond butter hugger couple maplesyrup quarter cup work a new lastquarter cup of syrup and a quarter cupof cocoa powder so let’s do the cocoapowder first because it’s dry and thenwe’ll use the wet ingredients so quartercup of this or that and an error in thetop holder oh yes just so it doesn’tspill this dust messy mm-hmm very I knowalright so why that’s almost a quartercup holder okay that’s the beginningpump it in all right now you can do thequarter cup of syrup there you go[Music]and thenokay looks good and then just set ithere and then what do we need a teaspoonof vanilla no Allah and this isn’tvanilla this is imitation vanilla yesit’s not real because we don’t have anyreal vanilla on hand but it doesn’tmatter and this is a pinch of salt mmmthat’s probably more than a pinch do itover the thing please okay see I’m anexpert I did that so quick you wouldnever know that I know I’m fullycombined remove from heat and stir in 1cup rolled oats[Music]this is oaks we gotoops I don’t know where to put it justsit right there for someone to bringthis over to mix it in[Music]now it’s pretty good that looks likechocolate it’s going down with a fight[Music]almost rate once we mix the oats in thenwe’ll need to get our gloves and pressthis into a little fightall right so this is done so I’m gonnamix in the oats do you want to put onsome clothes just to be ready I’m mixingin the oats this is only a cup so thisis a recipe I think if these end upbeing good that will definitely be toquadruple or something to make a knifeyou know like yeah ooh that’s a lot ofmousse so what are these supposed tolike exist in place of payday bars so Ithink it’s kind of like a payday bar nothis is like instead of eating a candybar or instead of eating a granola barso you’re getting it’s kind of like agranola bar but there’s really no sugarin it okay we can put the boots awayyeah we no longer need those here I’lltake it take on your 10 MOA I’m gonnastart scooping them sookay so put a suit and then you’re goingto level it out with your hands and weput the excess in the next one overso nothing it out across the top yeah sowe don’t want balls like we want them tobe oh god way too much in then yeah soyou want it to be oh my godflat there you go you could basicallyput two yeah so I think one scoop isgonna equal about two I think okay yeahyeah professional cooking 101 if youhave extra just move it over to the nexthole[Music]heated it up so it melted and then howlong did you heat that up for I wouldsay on medium heat probably two to threeminutes just so it’s melted you’rebasically just melting that yeah youdon’t want the chocolate to burn rightsince caress and so then[Music]we could make them grow even more senseyeah and well can’t we don’t need togive anything to those selfish kidswelcome hum a wall candy they find it onthe street just so can’t forgive us youneed to get more oats into these threehere well they don’t need to be exactlyfull okay I mean cuz these are like weneed to get more oats in Dhaka okay welllet me get you just a little bit herebetter that’s a lot betterI’d like to count how many we getbecause this will be interesting to seewill do just we’ll just do some simplemultiplication one two three four that’sat six times four is[Music]I think if you smash their yorkpeppermint pattie into one of those thatwell you can test it when we take it outand see if it would fit but let it chillwhile we make the top okay so these theit makes 24 if you make them in littletiny bite-sized bits that are the sizeof a york peppermint pattie yes so nowwe need we’re gonna make a drizzle orthe topping stuff so this meat needs aquarter of a cup of almond butter orpeanut butter if you’re using that orwhatever you’re using butter alrightquarter cup and then we need onetablespoon of maple syrup so if youwould like to pour a tablespoon of maplesyrup grandma know we have a tablespoonright here well just use it it’s rightthere use that table spent brotherlastly one more tablespoon of this so Ineed that tablespoon I know you got anew knife because I don’t like to getwhat else do we need to put in hereHammond Aidid um we just need a littlebit more of this so here’s what I’mgoing to do where’s that tablespoon weneed yeah how am I gonna do thishow about you get a new tablespoon noit’s fine use that one we don’t want touse extra silverware well no because Igot to reach back in here every onething if I didn’t have to keep gettingin here but just yeah big chunk and Ihope it fitsyeah we don’t want to use extrasilverware look we don’t want to useextra silverware it’s just that I don’tlike to cross contaminate silverwareswhat I’m sayingyou don’t want to cross contaminatesilverware when you’re cooking okaythat’s about a teaspoon so there we goyou asked a tablespoon of that done allright so that is that we got to heatthem this is our drizzle okay that’s ityes so while that warms and though coolwe can clean up our works clean up yourwork station it’s the most importantthing you do yes[Music]here’s our cameraman okay holiday now Ican see uh we know we took his chair sohe’s forced to stand up it is the timeof something to tasting now it’s time totaste grace time to taste see howdelicious or disgusting our bits havecome on you never know we could haveaccidentally added sugar instead of saltwe didn’t or too much salt instead ofsugarmmm we’ll put three little bitesJack do you want one that you did alight drizzle which one do you wantwhich one I’ll definitely try either Ihave the largest one since I’ve been onthis camera shoot for 12 hours I’m kindahungry yeah Thank You Cal I’ll try theone with the light drizzle Wow[Music]okay moment of truth they’re frozen arethey hard to bite that’s just like himsay what do you thought about itdelicious it’s crunchy it’s got it’s goteverything that like a a chocolate cakewould have with nuts in it it’s reallygoodokay Jack looks like a chocolate browniewith nuts this is I’ve Knutson itassholeoats oh but it has almond butter but yesalright Jack your turn very soft Ithought they were going to be hard wellthey will be when they freeze longer butI don’t want to break a tooth what doyou think what does it taste like[Music]it’s like chocolate oatmeal that’s whatit tastes like chocolate oatmeal I meanit it has the oats how I mean they justmake anything a meal because that’s theonly thing I eat oats with but you onlyeat oats with chocolate it is like abrownie yeah that’s kind of like achocolate brownie with it kind of tasteslike caramel almost like a caramel tableyeahround top kind of tastes like kind ofweird uh I’m sorry what was your nameagain what did you make this recipeyourself or did ityeah well girl found it on the internetyou can find anything on the Internetthese days actually wait where did Ifind this I found this I did find it onthe Internet no was on the internet butum I was good mm-hmm I was googling doyou want lots of yeah yeah I wasgoogling um healthy desserts andsmoothies but this recipe I came acrossand I actually should find the paper sohe can give kudos and a shout out towhoever made this recipe cuz it’s reallygood we added in the chia seeds that wasnot the recipe but everything else wasand it wasthis is really good it tastes likebrownies caramel-coated browniesokay okay well that was the kitchen labno we’re not gonna let you go we got todo an outrookay that was canola oh yes don’t messup my outrothat was kitchen lab with my mom do youhave anything to say okay I’m thecameraman goodbye[Music]

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