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How to Make Cake Mix Cookies

Hi Guys! Today I have a super easy and cheap cookie recipe! I bet some of your guys didn’t know it was possible to make cookies so fast!
This recipe is literally about $3.00 and you get so many warm freshly baked cookies!

What you need is:
1. Box of cake mix (any of your choice)
2. 2 eggs
3. 1/3 cup vegetable oil.
4. Chocolate chips (optional)

Mix all ingredients together and form any shape size dough balls that you would like (I like to make mine medium sized. I get 20 cookies by using a tablespoon and a half of cookie dough.)

Preheat oven to 350° and bake for 9 minutes.
After 9 minutes your cookies may look a bit undercooked but that’s okay. They’ll keep baking on the hot pan and you DON’T want to overcook them. Unless, you like hard cookies!

I hope you guys liked today’s recipe and make sure to comment down below if you plan on making them.

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Video Transcription

[Music]hi guys hi guys welcome back to mychannel my name is Shirley aka Beulahbunny and I seriously cannot believeit’s been almost a week since our lastvideo and in that video we made somedonutsdon’t please explain this to mewhy does they only put sprinkles on halfthe donut like who likes sprinkles onjust half a we attempted to make somedonuts they came out a little bit flatbut that’s because I kind of owe moneybut anyway umm they tasted great don’tget me wrong they did they but I will beattempting to do that again not todaybut today we are going to be making somecookies I know some of you guys havekids so you guys are probably busy momsand dads that don’t have a lot of timeor maybe just your schedule will doesn’tallow for much to be done or maybe youjust don’t like the whole baking thingand how long it takes to make one thingI’m making it just plain lately and whatit needs a way to make some cookie thisrecipe is super easy super simple ittakes literally like probably 15 minutesso let’s not waste any more time andlet’s start but you guys are probablywondering what kind of cookies we’regoing to be making today well todaywe’re gonna be making some freakin funBettycake mix cookies[Music]yes funfetti if you mix didn’t know youguys could actually make cookies withpicnics it’s super fast super simple andyou literally only need two things Imean you could only just do the funfetticake mix cookies or you could addchocolate chips just like I’m going tobecause why notunlike the donuts I know these are goingto come out because I make these guysall the time and they last like two daysin my house not even though what youwant to do is just take a box of cakemix and these consumers I love them youcan find such awesome things andeverything’s a dollar but yeah you justtake this cake mix you want to add 1/3cup yes 1/3 cup oil so that you want toadd two eggs[Music]and then you just want to mix thattogether as you’re mixing it it’s gonnastart to turn into like a cookie doughoh my god it smells so freakin deliciousyou guys I’m not even done mixing it andthen you can see like it’s starting toform into cookie dough what kind ofcookies do you guys like to make if youguys want to leave down a comment downbelow and I could probably meet them orattempt to make them why not yeah I justwant to mix this really good make sureeverything’s mixed[Music]okay so now you guys want to see that’sturning into a dough and then you wantto mm-hmm that’s when you want to addyour chocolate that’s when you guys wantto add your chocolate chips you’re likea lot of chocolate chips just like welike a lot of sprinkles in thishouseholdand that’s gonna be a little bit hard tomix with the first I just do it with myhand make sure you wash your hands itwill be super sticky so there’s justthat give me some more chocolate chips[Music]and now we want to get to line pantswith parchment paper okay we have ourpants and everything so I just grab atablespoon and then just scoop those upand start making little balls with themyou want to get just a little bit morethan a tablespoon if you want I mean itjust depends on how big you want yourcookies really I guess then just makethem in silly little balls I think thatone looks a little bit too big that’swhat she said that’s okaythese are going to come out like softsugar sprinkle chocolate chip cookiesand be so delicious I hope you guysactually try to make these becauseyou’re not going to regret it[Music][Music]how’s everyone’s weekend and stuff Ihope it’s going well mine is goingawesome you can early even see today’san exciting day because we’re gonna getto go get ice cream yes ice cream I loveice cream and we’re going to a nice newlocationnot really quite sure where it is thinkI’m going to need I’m going to try tosqueeze these other guys in here so[Music]okay so I’ve made my cookies and whatthis recipe you could get 24 cookiesI’ve got 20 cookies just because I madethem a little bit bigger than like miniso to be mini yeah now we’re gonna stickthese guys in the oven at 350 for nineminutes no matter what nine minutesthey’re gonna look a little bitundercooked but that’s okay becausethey’ll be sitting in the hot pan so youdon’t want to overcook them okay sowe’ll be okay so it’s been nine minutesand our first batch of cookies are doneand these look absolutely perfect likeperfect[Music][Music]okay so that wraps up this week’s videoI hope you guys liked it and if you guysdid make sure you guys give it a thumbsup and subscribe to my channel share itwith other people and make sure you letme know down in the comments if you guysmade this recipe or if you plan onmaking it I also want to say thank youguys so muchso so so so much for all the support onmy last video I know I know I alreadysaid thank you but I can’t say thank youenough I didn’t think that many peoplewould be interested or that they wouldeven watch so I’m so so shocked by thatI’ve been paying hiding away in my housefor a really long time and I’m trying toexpand my horizons and together we’regoing to grow and we’re gonna do thedamn thing so with that being said I’llsee you guys on the next one bye guys[Music][Applause][Music]

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