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Cover of How to make lego man cookies / biscuits tutorial How to Cook That by Ann Reardon

Just don’t watch this…it took forever to film, do, and edit…but it’s not even worth it for you, honestly, haha! WAY too long but here it is.

These were certainly fun to ice and look at but that dough and whipping up and dyeing all that icing was a PROCESS! But darn if it wasn’t worth it.

Quick Summary: (SPOILER ALERT)
Ability to follow: 5/5
Outcome: 4/5
Score: 9/10 or
90% or

Took 3.5 hours of work or 5.5 hours total
Individual cookie man took 1 hour and 26 minutes of work or 3 hours and 26 minutes total
Cost ~$50

Watch How To Cook That here:
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Video Transcription

Hey ladies welcome back to fruitfullyfeminine I’m Gabrielle today we’re goingto be covering how to make Lego mancookies slash biscuits tutorial how tocook that by an rear then I think I gotthat I did I totally got it right sothis recipe is a lot I was reallyexcited to make it because I mean hesaid five boys and a little girl onFriday nights that love Legos they lovedesserts and they love Ninjago two ofthe times that I babysat them we’vewatched the Ninjago movie and I I’malways so shocked behind the Lego moviesthey’re so funny the video on herchannel is a two-minute video she justshows you how to ice one singular cookiebut what goes into that is I have tomake the gingerbread dough I have toshape them in a right waybake them so that they come out likethat make the icing and decorate themlike her she only shows you how to dolike one or two but I’m gonna do all ofthe Wall Street shows and on top of thaton her website there are two differentgingerbread house recipes hergingerbread cookie recipes so the oneshe links is the one I’ll be using butin her link she says if you don’t have astand mixer use this one a different oneand I kind of I kind of have a standmixer it’s a long story anyway I’m gonnabe using the one she links because thestand mixer one is so different and it’sfor a gingerbread house and if this isthe one she used for the cookies I justwant to be as close as possible sothat’s what I’m gonna do the only moldsI could find on the entire Internet arethese they are humongous there’s big myhand to finish my story I was gonna makethe cookies for the kids but because ofall this craziness and one of the kidsbeing immunocompromised she won’t evenlet me bring the cookies over just forsafety reasons and so I’m kind of justmaking them for me so it kind of suckedthe joy out of making it but I’m stillexcited to make them it’s just on theblog she says that they’re super timeconsuming and it was only worth it forhow excited her kids were so no I justhave myself to be excited for them solet’s get pumped to make ninjago cookiesfor just me who’s never played withNinjago Legos but I’ve seen this wasvery early on in her careerand the recipe it’s not perfect doesn’ttell you what to bake it at maybe I’mmissing it I’ll keep looking but I don’tthink it tells you these were ninedollars yeah these are like nine dollarsand four cents and shipping was free sothe tools the tool cost I guess it wouldjust be the I I don’t know if you don’thave a stand mixer it’s a bowl and abeater so I’m not gonna have that costin but the tools are gonna be ninedollars and the ingredients at least forthe gingerbread part just thegingerbread dough part is about I’d sayI don’t know I spent the only thing Ihad to buy was powdered sugar for theicing and sour cream for the dough I’dsay around 20 dollars by the way Kofa isin her recipe it’s vegetable oil orshortening sorry not oil vegetableshortening lard whenever it’s calledKofa there’s a that’s like a brand nameover in Australia I just go back butyeah it’s basically I mean it’s likeflour sugar butter eggs and stuff youhave I didn’t have sour cream but I hadeverything else so I found like $2 onthe cookies but I don’t know if youdon’t have cinnamon ginger stuff likethat COFA hey guys COFA I I know I’m ina different outfit that will beexplained in a second I was gonna finishthe cost because I didn’t finish thecost so $20 for ingredients but you needdyes and as far as that goes I only wasmissing two of them and they’re a dollar75 each so how many you actually needfor the video you need six to do allwell if you’re only doing the one indoubt ninjago man she does for the videoso I guess yeah basically off that ifyou’re only doing that one then you justneed three of these so we have sixdollars plus the 20 for the ingredientsyou need eggs powdered sugar and vanillavanilla is pretty expensive and cream oftartar um cream of tartar how do you saythat I don’t know say that tell me I saythat’s all that would be like 26 plusI would say around $40 so around $40 tomake a bunch of cookies for a party anddecorate them all probably 45 if you useall of the dyes like all the colors Ijust owned a bunch except for I didn’thave black or red so I went out boughtblack and red for the video and I thinkthat’s it the first step is to put allthe ingredients in a bowl – the extraflour so that’s super easy I’m justgonna put everything in a bowl you knowwhat since the lighting isn’t great inmy kitchen it’s really nice out thereI’m actually gonna cook at my diningroom table and step up in my kitchenwelcome to the living room let’s putstuff in this bowl I’ve encountered ourfirst problem the recipe says three anda half cups of flour it doesn’t sayanything else any other amount of flouranywhere then it says put all thegingerbread ingredients in a bowl – theextra flourhow much is extra this is needed anothertwo and a half cups of flour to make asoft dough so then if two and a halfcups is what we put in then just 1 cupof flour I’ll do that um I don’t knowwhatever okay I only put a cup of flourin so that’s wrong ah sorry a tripod iscoming in the mail and then I can dolike downward shots but for right now Ican’t rest my phone like that or else itjust Fallsyou should probably be measuring moreprecisely just since I am covering thisand not just cook how I do on my owntime time to add your Kofa I’ve got allvegetable shortening set 1/3 a cup and Ihate touching this stuff so I’m justgonna do that it’s basically table spoonof vanillaI am almost out of the vanilla’s like$10 so we’re gonna use what we havelet’s see if I can get it to atablespoon no hmm do you have neighborsI’ll be backgot and then we’re just gonna do a cupof sour cream then we just have two eggsall right we’re gonna go back to thekitchen and stand mix this you are backinside my cabinet and we’re gonna standmix it you won’t be able to see itbecause again no tripod but it is comingin the mail though let’s see what thestove right away I knew I should haveworn an apron I’m gonna try it you’renot supposed to do that it’s really sourcream forward and I think that’s ginginger or cinnamon that’s gonna beginger I don’t like that I like that atallginger bread dough not good you don’tactually mix the flour in you need it inso I’m gonna wash my hands and thenknead that dough and then we refrigerateit in plastic for two hours so I’llprobably need dark when I come back Ijust added one and a half more cups offlour and I’m gonna start with this knowI’ll need it I just it’s so it’s notdough I’m gonna do a spoon at first justat first and then when it’s kind of moredoughy I think I’ll put it there and addthe restit’s hard to stir now so I’m gonna addin the rest and then knead it over herestill should have put an apron on Idon’t know why I keep saying it’s juststicking to my hands I could have coatedthem in flour or oil or something butshe didn’t say to do that so yeah comeon come on girl just as always suspectedwasn’t quite enough maybe they’reAustralianit’s alright alright it’s just pullingout everywhere that’s no matterI don’t know I think I deserve a picklebreak I’m just kiddingso two hours I’ll be having dinner witha friend in two hours so it’ll be morethan that and but it does say at leasttwo hours so I’ve got time uh yeahthanks for comin no I’m not doing thatit’s not the entire wardrobe change okayI just finished my picnic with a friendcouldn’t wear the dress that I waswearing on the grass so what we’re gonnado is take fake ball paper which inAustralia which you know Australian inEnglishI don’t know I’m saying you’re gonnatake your dough out the fridge two hoursand it’s justyou’re going to roll it out and then cutthese guys out and then they come shedoes bake them on parchment paper I cansee that from the pictures definitelydoes not say how long to bake them sowe’re gonna be taking a best guess I’mgonna preheat it for 350 you can’t gowrong with 350 it’s the pinnacle of alloven settings so I’m gonna take anotherpiece of parchment and put that one onthe oven tray and I don’t know how manyof those I’m going to be able to put itat once but I think I’m gonna end uphaving to bake these in ships use yourhandy dandy rolling pin and it’s time tostart this part I really wish I couldshow you it’s just not gonna be good mejust rolling this out and you listeningto it so don’t know what to do I canreally film it and because it’s so bigand I just don’t have counter space I’mactually gonna cut it in half probably[Music]you just go in here let’s roll this thisis a disaster this is not dough youcan’t just roll it out I don’t know whatshe did differently I don’t know what’swrong with that poor Americaningredients or if the measurements areoff this is cookie dough so it’s juststicking I’ve coated this and the doughcompletely in flour I mean it’s justwhite and every time I roll over it itjust comes up on here and smears allover it I’m giving up I’m just gonna cutout these stinkin cookies I’m using myhand now instead they’re only pinbecause it’s not been worth it to usethe rollsI don’t know how to film and do this Ineed to get myself a cameraman camerawoman this one looksoh I’m just gonna I’m just gonna do ithow to do it you’re gonna have to laughwith me not at me because my kitchen isa disaster I look like this my floorlooks like that and uh I’m an idiot sothis was the one I was using thinkingthat’s crazy why didn’t it have pants itcame with one that had pants but here’sthe thing about me doing these covers asyou’re supposed to see how a beginnersomeone that has almost negativeknowledge of how things work would dothis and I’d like to present to youyikes alright so if if you can tell thatmy first round wasn’t good what happenedwas I didn’t use the right one so I hadto cut their legs and then I didn’t putflour down on the sheet before see thesecond round I’ve done that and I’veconsistently gotten better-looking menso okay so I’m gonna continue to use theflour down and the rolling pin it doeswork if you put flour down not greatstill I’ve added so much flour to theseguys just to get them in a stable shapeI’m gonna bake these for ten minuteshope for the best she doesn’t give timeso I’m gonna keep baking and this iskind of my starter run but I’m stillgoing to use them instead of justremoulding them back into there becausethat’s what this channel is all about ifthey all looked good then it wouldn’thave been genuine and I’m still gonnahave some good ones because I’ve gotleft to roll and I’ve now learned to putflour down she didn’t say it but thereyou go guys that’s my one tip for nowput flour don’t hello welcome back tothis recipe is a nightmareI finally donned an apron just got theseguys out of the oven my fat little boysas you can see they’re not Ninjagoshaped this was a first run though andout they’re very hot look at how goodthese are coming out I’ve just gotstacks on stacks of ginger Brian’s man’sso uh hopefully I’m gonna try to createSensei Wu Master senseiMaster Wu minute try to create JackieChan’s character from the Ninjago movieshats and maybe like a stormtrooperhelmet because that’s what’s in hervideo so we’ll see all those go I’llshow you those if I can make them andthat is all dang I am impressed inmyself okay so I’ve got my normal guysnot great still then we’ve got him soone of them has a helmet so I cut offhis little thing and then this is senseiso that’s awesome right yeah I think soand then this guy I cut out a head fromthe model and then I made a mask forboth the ninja guys so one in her videohas like a square where you can see mostof his face and one has just eyes andthey both kind of have this like pointedI know this like sloped I don’t know I’mso bad at art but that’s good for melooking so good dude this is gonna beawesomeokay I just finished making the all thecookies they’re all cut out and thesecond batch is in the oven and Irealized that the smart thing to dowould probably be make to make doublesof all the characters that are like maketwo of Sensei Wu and two of the ninjasand two of the stormtroopers so that ifmess up one I have a mold for anotherone but then I was like that would bethe smart thing and that’s not all we doaround herehi I’m Gabrielle no I really thoughtthat she probably doesn’t do that so Ican’t do it because she’s great and shedoes everything right on the first tryand then I thought well she probablystill does it just to be safe but itdoesn’t matter if she does or doesn’tcuz we’re not going to we’re gonna do itright the first time and I’m gonna showyou how it actually went down now whilethose are cooking and I’m waiting I’mgonna to the massive pile of dishes fromdinner and perfect they came out I’m soexcited oh they’re still a little hotwe’re gonna wait for you looky we’ll putthose guys in a vue d’en okey dokeyalright I’m going to make the lastlittle I don’t know what Star Wars guyhas goggles on his head I’m gonna turnthis one into that I’ve got two moreguys that didn’t fit on the littlebaking sheet so I’m gonna turn them intothe stormtrooper and the goggle guys TheAviator looking guy and finished bakingthe round that’s in there it’s got a fewminutes left and then bake those guysfor two minutes and finish dishes andcleaning it’s like 10 it’s done I don’tknow how this took so long I’m reallyglad I committed to bake them one nightand then ice them the next because shesays it takes like a whole afternoon andI just don’t have time on the weekend soI had to do it after work and I get offat 5:00 so I was able to start it like6:00 today but yeah I waiting the twohours and then just the process of thishas not been the most fun and I a littlebit feel like it’s not worth itI’d left my invite friends over for themand this one because he’s not worthicing the rest of them are about as badin the first batch but this one is theworstthey smell goodlet’s see break ability pretty goodit’s a good cookie tastes like theperson who made them after a lot offlour they’re okay they don’t changesecond gingerbread I think it’s becausehere in America we use molasses and it’salso why they’re not dark brown like anormal gingerbread so I think it’s fineit’s it’s more shortbread tasting justlike a slight cinnamon flavor I’m gonnago make storm trooper howls are you guysgonna finished my structure you can’ttell later this one I don’t know if youcan tell I tried to make two depressionsfor like the evening of your goggles ifyou can’t tell it is a new day I filmedall of that on Monday and now it’sThursday I plan to finish it Tuesday andthen um it’s not an essential item tobuy dyes so Joanne wouldn’t sell them tome and they were out at Walmart’s tryingto wait till Wednesday and then Walmarton Wednesday I got some and I wassupposed to film last night Wednesdaynight and I was helping a friend insteadso here we are Thursday night finallyfinishing my tripod actually came inyesterday so I have you on a tripod butit’s too high up and I can’t adjust it alot so I’m on my tiptoes this is my realhands getting as far as that goesI can actually film now making the foodI’m so excited I’m so afraid the camerasgonna drop my phone is what I mean myphone is gonna drop in the food then I’mmaking I’m gonna make the icing that’sthe first step it’s to put icing in abag and we’ve got to make the icingpretty nervous I’m gonna separate theminto eight different bowls because it’syou need different colored icing solet’s do it sorry for my wrinkly dressit’s uh it’s been a week so we’re gonnado egg whites if you’re careful and goodat things you’d probably just do this ina separate bowl but I’m notit says three and a half cups plus onetablespoon of powdered sugar whatrecipes that precise that’s basicallythree nine cups her recipe calls forhalf a teaspoon creme of Tata I thinkthat’s what makes it realizing besideseggs is the stiffness from the tartarsauce is what gets it to harden and thenyou can flood fill it what she says youcan use vanilla essence which don’t havethat so I’m pretty sure that’s vanillashe says or mint so that’s just a flavorthing I of course would prefer min but Iknow we gotta stick to recipe she’svanilla I’ve got to beat it for sevenminutes that’s gonna be quite the choreso let’s gookay it’s been exactly one and like isthat not icing I’m afraid to go longerwon’t it mess things upthat’s like perfect I guess I will justin case but okay okay it’s been twominutes but there’s just no way I justthink if I go longer it’s I mean that’sicing I don’t know what to do it’s alsodefinitely not enough and I only haveenough to make one other batch so ohyeah I’m gonna put this in as manydifferent bowls as I can and then divein we only really need a lot of five ofthem so I could split this into threebatches split another 1/2 into threebatches and then use the third of the sothis is three and the other ones threeand then use the last three to splitinto three for the tanned yellow andnevermind I’m being confusing but I knowwhat I’m sayingwe technically do need eight icing soI’m just going to split them into four Ithink that will work perfectly this islike Mod Podge crafter but I get it youknowwe’ve got one two three and then fourthis is gonna be a color that is likelike black we just need a little bit ofso I’ll probably do that one black andI’m gonna go make another batchokay Aggies got three of you as long asI don’t ruin them we all be fine Idefinitely shouldn’t do this over thebowl but I’m like I always say yeptime to die then I think I’m going tostart with the blue just because that’sthe one I want to work with first andthis is my most filled one and you wantto start with just a little bit becauseit does when you start stirring ityou’ll see that you actually had a lotmore dye than you meant to so just becareful about that we’re gonna need morebut you want to stir it at least so youcan see how vibrant that’s perfect Ithink I mean okay it’s not I just Idon’t want to do this anymoreI’ve got a lot more to go the Sun issetting and I still have to I saw theseboy she was right about this taking areally long time I don’t know what thetime is yet but it’s it’s been a day andthis is day two it’s blood redjust how I like itI think it can be a little more vibrantjust since it is the red Legos colordang it happens every time I add moreand then just wish I would’ve added morebut then I give up because I’ve added somuch already I just popped a hole inthis and I’m talking so fast I can’teven keep up with my thoughts I don’tknow what I was just saying oh yeahadding guy yeah oh well it’s just gonnabe a little lighter but I’m sick ofmaxing died and we’re on number two weactually need white so I’m gonna usethat as the white and then go to thisone is the next most full so I’m gonnado yellow for that it’s a little darkerthan I wanted I could add some of thewhite cuz I don’t need that much yeahwhat’s that something okaynow this should be perfect three out ofwell for us so we’re doing great I guessthe next most prevalent color is blackthere’s just not a lot of black so we’regonna be just fineI’m gonna leave it there I’ll do thisone for tan which when I keep saying tanI mean skin colornow that’s caramel so we’re gonna haveto add morte white to make it lighterI’m glad I used a lot of white I hope itdoesn’t do what it did with the yellowit just was a waste of white it was sixout of eight these last two are going tobe our tan and gray so actually for thegray I’m just gonna straight-up use thisfork that I mix the black in and see ifthat gives me a light gray it didwonderful wonderfully that was amazingwhat’s a good idea didn’t even use adrop of a cream last one is brown thisone I don’t want to put too much in butthis one I mean Browns has to be almostblack which there’s no way you couldreally make this too dark black andbrown will be easy cuz you just kind ofdo it you know you know oh shoot no thisis not the brown I wanted oh I want adark brown so I’m going back in yeahthat is not the brown I want I wantedthis color brown but it works they alllook different and that’s what I wantedwe’re gonna sit here and watch the raintogether and pipe leg oh man Ninjagoguys oh okaywe’ve got all of our icings I’ve gotsome Ziploc bags I’m going to do thefirst one she does since she only doesone on camera I’m just gonna have to doonly one sorry I’m gonna just rate onebut I’m gonna film myself doing all ofthem and we’ll see how they all turn outI’m gonna do all the ones she shows atthe end of her video and on her websitejust loose those are the same so I’mjust gonna do as many as I can until Irun out of icing and until these guys oruntil these guys are gone so the firstthing the first thing we do is fillingup blue we’re doing the blue man joggerguy and that’s basically you need tomake your royal icing and then you canjust use a normal set flat bag cut thecorner up I have to find my Ninjago guyremember the part when I said I wouldjust make oneshe definitely has at least two so ohthey smell really good I’m such a fan ofthis tripod praise God for that it waslike three dollars online it took monthsto get here but praise God okay I thinkso these were mine too Ninjago guys andthe one that she does in the video hasthe smaller eyes so it’s this one sowe’re gonna make this guy into a goodninja does everyone else know alreadythat ninja that Ninjago is just Lego andninja put together am i late to thatparty no you don’t want to use all yourblue because you aren’t gonna flood Phillater which means you have to mix youricing with water so can you put it allin here then you have to separate itagain so that you can keep some of itand anyways it’s complicated don’t wellactually no because there’s no detailingwith the blue so you just flood it soyeah put like half but like I don’t knowput out pretty much however much youwantalso I did try the icing just gonna sayit’s not the best but I’m not a fan ofpowdered sugar ice things like oncinnamon rolls and stuff it just nevertastes great I don’t know I think I justdon’t like powdered sugar very much it’snot a great flavor it’s kind of got alike cabinet flavor you know like whenyou leave something in a ziploc bag toolong and it takes on a ziplock flavoryou need to cut around the edge of yourleg I’m in so she makes the outfitleaving the hands alone becauseobviously hands aren’t part of an outfitI think I cut my thing too big I reallyhope notI’m so excited I’m scared and excited ohmy gosh[Music]I’m doing this right now and it’s noteven going badlywhat the heck in fact it’s going reallywell almost too well she gives a littlebit of sleeve here and more on this sideso cool I made a cookie and it’s likenot even bad you know Wow royal icing isthe coolest I’m sorry for dissing you Idon’t care how you taste now we’re gonnamiss Potts hopefully tricky I’m justgonna do this please please please don’tmess up what the snacks so good and thenwe’re gonna do this square I know itseems like I’m freaking out but I’m justnot actually good at things so for thisto you know I don’t want to mess it upby showing you guys but that’s I meanthis is good for me I’m definitelymessing up I just I also has a blackbeltshe puts a line going from here diagonaldown so sorry it’s not a great anglestill and this is my first video everwith it so just let me get things okayhang in there with me guys you’re doinggreatyour beltI want to show these to my boys so badnow I call them my boys cuz they’re justmy favorite they’re not mine is it weirdto be this proud of myselfleave it to completely dryno I just ripped a huge hole in the bagoh my word okay we’re gonna work aroundit I know this is gonna end with megetting icing on my dress or somewherein terrible but we’re just gonna walkaround it[Music]Oh maestro buzz head fell off I’m gonnaput her back God he’s the only one Imade okay last one is my little aviatorgoggles guy so I’m gonna do him and thenI’m just gonna make the rest until I’mout of all the icing that I’m not gonnaflood filters[Music]okay I think you get the hang of whatI’m doing so I’m gonna turn the cameraoff just while I do the rest of iolitewaste my icing since I’ve done all thecharacters now that she has on camera soI’m gonna let those finish drying andthen I’m gonna do just all these guyswhatever net to flood fill the areas sothis is exactly the same icing I’ve justwatered it down with a little bit ofwater mix it around and so now what youhave is a really runny royal icingI just brought water over so that Icould flood fill now I see so everyicing that I need to stay hard likelet’s say I need a detail in black Istill have the normal icing in the bagso I’m going to now fill any bowl that Ineed to flood with with water because Ihave enough already so I think I justexplained about two different times intwo different ways but to me it lookshard oh no I got some white on ityeah it definitely is hard unless Itouch it and crumble it yeah that is socool that’s fascinating to me it likethis is so much easier than anythingI’ve ever done I think I’m gonna useroyal icing forevereven though it doesn’t taste good itmakes beautiful cookies now when shepans back she’s actually got black handson him a black dragon a black thing onhis leg I’m assuming this the weapon Imight just look up and jogo and thenyellow inside so I’m gonna flood blackand yellow so let’s fill it with waterthis is so satisfying it just fit rightin[Music]way too much water just add a coupledrops of water don’t do what I didso I guess the reason you don’t use justicing cuz I was wondering earlier I waslike why don’t I just fill in this wholething that icing I’ve only got a littlebit of space to even put the floodedicing but she says that the other icingis to biscuits so it’s really obviouswhen you make mistakes like you can seeevery bump everything but this royalicing when I dry it it’s gonna be flatand so it’s gonna just dry shiny andsmooth and pretty and be a ninja andthen she says to go and with an ediblemarker when this is all dry so this isthe first and only one that I will belike demonstrate I’m just gonna do therest and then go from there and thenI’ll do black marker for the eyes in asecond on him once it’s completely drunkusing an edible macaron the otherthis guy is pretty much dry I’ve doneall the other ones so I’m gonna do thedetail new thing she says black marker Idon’t have a butt and it’s really clearin that it sits up lifted so it’s prettyobvious that it’s this but that isperfect and now I will show you all thatwhen they are finished which willprobably be another hour I don’t thinkso I mean it’ll definitely be anotherhour if I do even one more cookie theyjust take so long but yeahI think they all went pretty well Ishould have waited for the gray to drybefore I filled that one with black Ithink since I was pretty awesome Legoguys great I think his eyes I could havedone better on the yellow isn’t dry whenI did the black and then it popped alittle hole so I had to fill that thismorning and anyway it didn’t go greatthis guy his eyes looked horrible so Ijust I had some more black so I just didthatand I messed it up so anyway his dragonreading fire looks awesome his doesn’tbecause I went by the kind of what sheshowed not the final product my badstormtrooper guy uh not great but I knowhe’s I’m trueagain I should have waited for the whiteto dry because the grey blood and thenthis one I had watered down the brownway too much the tan was too dark butaviator goggles are okay and there we gothen with my spare time I tried to makesome just random once I made guy beltguy reverse guy belt people and then Imade a girl in a blue dress with blackshoes that’s supposed to be me and agirl on a wedding dress and she now haveI tried to design the wedding dress yeahwe’re just gonna get black on there andgive it swirls and hey guess who’s notgood at artistic things nice oh here’syour wedding dress man I’m just gonnaruin ityep it doesn’t matter she has a doublechin for some reason I don’t know whathappened with the icing but she’s a bigol bride so we got bigger old bride overhere I think they’re pretty coolhonestly I’m impressed not really withmyself more so okay yeah with myself Icome to you a broken woman I’m justkidding it was fun it was really fun andI know I had my doubts at the beginningmy doubts were mostly that gingerbreadcookie dough was brutal to work with andyeah it didn’t taste greatbut Australians are weird about cookiesso cookies or biscuits to them so theirbiscuits never are as sweet as artare sweets same I mean it’s not justAustralian that’s like European biscuitsaren’t as good as ours you know fortiming this is calculated really weirdso I’m gonna give you all the timingsand yeah I’m just gonna do it for timingI’m gonna say the amount of time I spenton it was five and a half hours thatincludes two hours of doing nothingtwo hours of the bread dough that youhave to you have to spend at least twohours so it’s I’m saying five and a halfhours because if you set aside a dayyou’re like I’m gonna get this done inone dayit’s not going to be three and a halfhours you’re gonna need five and a halfhours because that two hours that doughhas to be in the fridge so it’s five anda half total three and a half of workbut if we are going strictly off of thevideo and just making one one Ninjagoman you still have to use the sameamount of yourself to make dough so it’sgonna take as long and bake it but Ididn’t have to bake it in three roundscuz if you’re only baking one guy it’sonly the 15 minutes or whatever so I cutdown that oven time and I cut down allthe other icing time like dying anyicing besides blue black and grey and Icut down doing two batches of icingbecause you’d only need one and it endedup being actually honestly look at howmuch icing and how many cookies I haveleftI really think you probably only needone for the whole batch of cookies she’sreally good at measurements I guessshe’s a food scientist I should havenever doubted her I doubted her thewhole way I was talking about how theicing was weird and died and it wouldn’tHarden and the cookie they’re perfect Iwill use royal icing forever and AnnReardon I’ll never doubt you again I’mso sorry you’re incredible I love you Ionly doubted myself anyway so timing forjust the man would be three hours and 26minutesand that’s again two hours of likenothing 2 hours of sitting while thedough is in the fridgeso really it’s an hour and 26 minutes ofwork but sprinkled in there is like the10-15 minutes that you need to dry thedetails before you continue so reallyit’s probably an hour of work but that’slike the most cut-down version of timethat’s taking all waiting time justpurely work focus it’s an hour which isa long time for one cookie so my pointis it’s about a six hour I would putaround 6 to 7 hours aside if you want tomake a whole batch and again I did notmake there’s so many cookies there so Iwould definitely say it’s like probablyeight hours on if we but you do what youwant you do what you feel I was justhere to present to you that it does nottake five minutes or whatever her videoslike three minutesit doesn’t take only three minutes askfor ability to follow I would say thisis oh my gosh I have not even tried oneI have to try one on camera so you knowI feel like I do have to try one of theguys because if I tried these well thesearen’t dry do I have to eat the ninjaman I think I do I think I have to eatthe one I have to eat the dude here wego here’s the close-up me and my dudeokay so I’m gonna try it and I don’twant that to well I guess it has toinfluence we’re going taste ability tofollow no matter what is gonna be 5 outof 5 she’s excreted explaining all therecipes worked incredibly the only thingshe missed out was the timing of thecookies but that does vary oven oven shedid put the degrees in the comments sothat kind of would knock a point off butI’m gonna say five out of five foroutcome let’s find out should I go aheador foot head has two colors we’re gonnago ahead for outcome I’m going to saythe icing is not as bad as it was I meanit wasn’t even bad the icing I would sayis better hard but it’s almost becausethere’s just no flavor it is just likecuz it’s crunchy so you’re like morejust crunching icing and tasting thecookieI think the point of royal icing is nottaste but it is for decoration the thingis these don’t look incrediblethey don’t look professional so I justcan’t they can’t be a 5 out of 5 likethis is the best thing ever but they’repretty close to hers and she’s aprofessional I think this is just earlywhen she was starting off so I think a4.5 out of 5 is fair and the taste isn’tyeahthe taste isn’t like the best days isn’tgood enough to warrant a 4.5 out of 5I don’t think needs milk so overall thatwould be a 9 out of 10 which is a 90%that’s an A+so still pretty good sorry did I justsay a plus that’s an a-minusand yeah I mean this is this is greatthese are so fun I wish I could give itto my boys it would be perfect but sinceI can’t and I will have to just eat themand they can watch us later andhopefully I guess I can shout out tothem so that they feel special but Idon’t know if I can say their names soshout out to O and E and C and a and Tand my girl C so yeah thanks forwatching hope you guys have a wonderfulday or week or a month or whenever I seeyou again next time join me for a videotalking about death and how we asChristians can deal with it have a goodone

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