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Cinnamon Chocolate chip cookies /cookies recipe /cooking contest /khayega India Muskurayega India

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Recipe Name : Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies
Contest : khayega India Muskurayega India
Contestant no. 14: Akanksha Roy
Age: 19 years

In the recipe our contestant Akanksha will show you how to make Cinnamon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Ingredients :

1. All purpose flour-200g
2.Powdered sugar- 1cup( according to preference of taste)
3. Brown sugar-1cup
4. Vanilla essence
5. Butter-100g
6. Cinnamon powder
7. Salt
8. Baking powder- 1tablespoon
9. Chopped chocolates

Add a tablespoon of baking powder to a bowl of all purpose flour followed by adding a pinch of salt and give it a quick stir. Then add powdered sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon powder to a bowl of melted butter , mix it properly then add the dry ingredients to it and stir until a proper dough is formed. Then scoop it and give it a proper shape and place them on a greased tray. Bake the cookie dough at 180°C for about 12-15 mins .


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Video Transcription

hello viewers today I’m going to eatsome cinnamon chocolate chip cookies sofor the ingredients I have taken 1 cupof brown sugar one cup of white sugarsome cinnamon powder chopped chocolates1 cup of all-purpose flour baking powdersalt just for taste vanilla essence andmelted butter so now I’m adding bakingpowder and a pinch of salt and I givethem a quick stir so here I’m addingbrown sugar white sugar and cinnamonpowder into the bowl[Music]I’m adding a few drops of vanillaessence the dry ingredient and until thecookie dough is one this is my favoriteingredient[Music]they’re ready to go into the oven so youcould give them any shape of your choicenow we’ll put them into the oven forabout 12 to 15 minutes at 180 degreeCelsius so viewers my cookies arefinally ready and I put them on a plateto help and to cool down faster

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