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Chocolate No-Bake Cookies from a Farmgirl’s Kitchen

Chocolate No-Bake Cookies

2 cups sugar
1/3 cup cocoa
1/2 cup milk
1 stick (8 tblsp) butter
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/3 cup peanut butter
3 cups quick oatmeal
Watch the whole video for my secret ingredient(s) and a quick talk about how to make glazed carrots 💕

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Video Transcription

I’m just kidding I’m getting this andI’m getting action from my man thatmeans the cameras on so let’s goeverybody hello hellotonight it’s finally no-bake night yayand it’s kind of exciting because thisis this is a cookie that everybody lovesmy nephew’s will fight each other forthe last one so I know I put theingredients for this up a while ago andI will put the ingredients again when Ipost the video but it’s some two cupI’ve already got a stick of butter inherecocoa 1/3 cup of cocoa 2 cups of sugar1/2 cup of milk and a well it says 1/2teaspoon of course you know with meinsult and not gonna do the whole halfteaspoon so actually I don’t even pourover the top of something cuz I’m afraidI’ll get too much in it so yep everybodyspilt some so I do like maybe half to2/3 of what they say and that is allwe’re gonna while we’re waiting for thatto boil because it has to boil thesecret to this yeah I’m going to in asecond the secret to no bakes is thatyou have to boil for exactly threeminutes not two and a half notdefinitely never over three minutesbecause if you go over three minutesthey get really hard and they get dry inthere and they’re hard to UM put on theput down put on the parchment paper orwhatever you’re gonna be using so I’mstirring it up here just to get it justsee okay now next thing is we need toget ready for Phase two I use a waxpaper clothes generally but you can useparchment paper if you like some peopleuse plastic wrap I’m not a big fan ofthis but you can usetinfoil as well but for me the bestalways is the wax paper down here Iprepare for the next phase of the cookiewhile that’s getting ready to be bakingto boil because it’s a very quick thingwhen you get into Phase two it’s likeokay you got to get them you got to getthe last three ingredients in and yougot to get them out of the pan and thenlike less than two or three minutesbecause if you don’t then they’re hardin the pan and they’re hard to handle soonce you get this boil to the stage it’ssupposed to be again that’s threeminutesyou always have to move like crazy afterthat so the other ingredients that’ll begoing in this hour and I did use the thequick one-minute oats I sometimes I putthe long ones in there but one minutehappy to have you’re gonna have ateaspoon of vanilla and my secret secretsecretwhen letting the secret up to all myfriends oh do I want him yeah I don’tkeep anything from you it says just 1/3cup of peanut butterso I amp it up twice I am pit up byusing crunchy peanut butter so have onemore ingredient which is the little tinypieces of peanuts and then I amp it upone more time I use honey roast crunchypeanuts peanut butter so it is fabulousthis is like the secret of the secrettotal secret of the secret to this couldbe so that’s what’s going to be going inhere so I have the honeyrose crunchyhere it’ll be a teaspoon of vanilla Ialways start with the vanilla then thepeanut butter than that while this isgetting ready to boil a couple of otherthings I used two years ago I wouldthrow and let scant handful of coconutif you’re a coconut person it’s reallygood I love itlots of people don’t care for coconut Iknow definitely it’s Hinduism for surebut that’s something you can throw in ifyou want to amp it up for value of howgood it can be for you you could do someof these super seeds you could throwlike a that’s okay you could throw itstarting to boil but no totally yep youcould throw some of these seeds superseeds in here their Chi flax and hempand that would give you some morenutritional values just a couple ofideas play with that think about thingsthat are in your home that you mightwant to amp up so by building I’m notmeaning that it’s this is just barelystarting to boil andyeah thanks Tim you’re deaf like enoughto get any I probably should use thefront burner so you can see better huhokay so by boiling a full boil is a boilthat will not stop when you’re stirringit you know when you’re making puddingcents to go to a full rolling boil afull rolling boil is one that when youstart stirring it like this it will notstop boiling and as you can see I havestarted a couple of times that stopboiling each time and I’m also trying adifferent poco here today to them alittle bit nervous I’m using um I’vealways been a hershey cocoa girl andthey decided because one of the placesyou can shop with no problem is thehealth food store so I decided to trythis Dutch process cocoa so I’ve neverI’ve never changed the oh now you cansee what’s going on okay see getting agood boil here and am i stirring itisn’t stopping this whole process ofthese cookies I mean it takes maybe 5-10minutes at the most to make thesecookies so once it starts to really boilyou gotta put your timer on right awayI’m sorry break I see that that cocoa isnot breaking up so I’m a little bitnervous about that okay okay let’salright here you gowe’re boiling I’m gonna put our timer onfor three minutes right now see how it’sreally boiling and timer go so we’regonna just let that sit for threeminutesso we’ve got three minutes to chat Iwant to show you something that I haddone over here in this pot I was goingto show you how I had carrots from thegarden last year just to point out thefreezer tonight and I was gonna have himfor dinner I had him just in a bigziploc bag all frozen I had pre-cut themas you can see how nice and colorfulthey are and I cooked them and so weended up dinner was he was done withthis cooking mistake faster than I wasready so I’m leaving these here tomorrowwhat I’m gonna do is I am going to takethose beautiful carrots I’m going to putthem in a frying pan I’m gonna put acouple pads of butter on there and I amgoing to glaze them by puttingabout 1/2 a cup of maple syrup in themand yeah when you cook them down untilit’s you don’t cook them down all theway over like they brown or anything butyou cook some kind of medium and you letthem glaze out you’ll know when it’sready you’ll know what glaze is readythe carrots themselves are alreadyprecooked I like to make glazed carrotswith carrots that sit in therefrigerator overnight so part of theprocess of the glazing is that they’recold and they need to get warm again Inever make glazed carrots out of onesthat have just been cooked just beenboiled and they’re all set because theysee they tend to get mushy they need toget cold in the refrigerator and thenyou’ll use them the next day rightstraight out of the refrigerator so thetime it takes for the syrup to do itsthing and the time it takes for thecarrots to warm up to where they need tobe it really coincides when they’ve beenin the refrigerator not when they’vebeen cooked like they were today sothat’s gonna be tomorrow soon it’s gonnahave glazed carrots and it’s literallyjust a couple pads of butter in thatfrying pan and I use my cast iron andmaple syrup and it’s just amazing okaywe have another minute in seven secondslook how wonderful that’s boiling it’sboiling like crazy that’s a full boilright there you know what I wish to cuthuh so I hope everybody’s Monday wasgoodgeez mine Monday it was work on billsday so that was kind of an inside day ohno I didn’t just have a oh I got a visitfor my grandchildren today and socialdistancing mind you we did do that wewere really good about it they came overhim Danielle brought them over to bringme something she picked up for me in thecity and then she was taking my bankingdown she brought the kids to play on theplaygroundoh my god Danielle said I’m one into theplayground in the chair and I sat on theother end of the playground in a chairand we talked from across this entireplayground well the kids were whizzingaround playing on all the structures andthing with their dollies and mind you Ihave not played with them or entertainedwith them at all since it’s been atleast a month because March 30th hasbeen the daycare was closed down himselfby a by the governor so it’s been andAlaia that’s been a month because staysa 21stdid you notice when this is boiling howits kind of changing – it was reallyrunny and everything before and did younotice how right now it’s got look atremember the maple syrup we have whatwas called the hare there we go we’vegot it now see and it’s gonna coat yourspoon when it’s done so you have a coachto your spoon like crazy that tells youoh I know what I need to teach you howto make us fudgeokay so we’re turning off and reallyquickly this part has to be quicklyquick we can check what we got to movewe need the teaspoon quickly I just lovehow that ball bubbles up like that likeit’s some science experiment orsomething when you put it in there andnext as fast as I canI think if these right I get this fromright out of here and I love thatthere’s nuts in here like I said you canuse those super seeds it’ll give yousome more nutritional value cuz I meanafter all it is a cookie I mean we areputting our own ingredients in there Iput a really high value cocoa in thereto see if it would make a difference inthe nutritional value so and it was justa try today I’ve never played we’regonna just literally stir this enough tothe weak it’s mixed in you’re gonnastart seeing the peanuts jumping up outof there what’s the peanut butter startsto melt inside thereall goes pretty fast from here on outsoon as I don’t see any of that peanutbutter anymore in just the peanutsthat’s why I’m gonna start filling thoseoh that bolt meal in there and again seehow it’s already starting to look at howback see and glossy that is too looks soperfect God teach you how to make mysecret fudge Oh see it’s wonderful it’schocolate but that’s my sister shila’sfavorite and it has molasses in it okayso we’re done playing with this threecups right on top one two and three solet’s get this turned over where did myspoon go here we are and then we alwayshave to use two spoons when we do thiscuz you fill one spoon and push it offwith the other has to go so quickly thatyou don’t mess about can you see howthis is mixing up everybody thanks babedancing for everybody you’re so funnyeverybody loves having you hand thatcamera they know you’re there they knowthe few times I’m filming without you onthe stand they can tell cuz I think eventhe way I talk is different when you’renot with me okay here we goand we get them off of here just asquick as we can because they will hardenvery quickly so here we goI’m just plopping them down randomly youknow you’re in good shape when they’restill glossy like this you know you’vecooked it too far yeah they startlooking a lighter color of brown becausethe light color brown means that they’restill in good condition when it turns tolighter color brown bats when you’vegone too far and they’re too dry becauseyou boil it just a smidge too longliterally this is all we’re doing it’sjust throwing them by tablespoons rightout on this parchment paper wax paperI’m using wax paper parchment paperagain I don’t really love plastic whenyou’re doing this but if it’s all you’vegot that’s fine and you can certainlyusetinfoil this works best because itpeeled right off of this in secondsthere no harden just like this these areyour done cookies this easy this fastsuper fun I would like to make for you Ithink I might do that tomorrow maybeI’ll do that recipe while Tim’s gonebecause I make up for I make these powerballs for Tim I like them for myself toobut I make them for Tim to take to workbecause we all know cuz I say it all thetime he doesn’t eat breakfast but hedoes sort of get hungry sometimes middayor he said a place where you reallycan’t get lunch right now because it’sbasically he can’t go into restaurantsfor anything so um and their power ballsand I have really cool things in themand those are I’d like to to make foryou tomorrow honey and syrup and goes umflaxseed and those are not baked eitheryou put those together the ingredientsgo together and then you put them in thefridge and that’s it and then afterthey’ve been in the fridge for like anhour or so um they um you take the wholething out and you roll them into ballsand that’s itcall them three ingredients togethermaybe five minutes there you go it’s aseasy as that these things will be hardin I don’t know five minutes maybe tendoesn’t take very long when they’re hardyou just kind of I found out the easiestway to take them off is you just lift upon the parchment paper and they come upfrom the bottom and right now they’renot quite hard enough so I don’t want todo that and break them and that’s aseasy as no bakes are so enjoy and I willbe talking to you again tomorrow bye

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