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How to make keto vegan almond butter cookies!

These soft crunch keto cookies are the keto vegan’s best friends. They’re sweet and wonderfully aromatic. The combination of nuts and coconuts are to die for.

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INGREDIENTS (12-16 cookies)
1/2 cup (60g) ground almond flour
1 cup (90g) desiccated coconut
1/4 cup (45g) melted coconut oil
2 tbsps almond butter
1/2 tsp baking soda
2 tbsps stevia
Splash of vanilla
Almond flakes (optional)
1 cup (90g) chopped pecans (or walnuts)

3 flaxseed eggs:
3 tbsps ground flaxseeds
9 tbsps warm water

1. Make “flax eggs” by mixing ground flaxseeds and warm water together. Leave aside for 10–15mins to thicken.

2. Mix all remaining ingredients (bar almond flakes) in a bowl to form the cookie dough. Divide the dough into 12-16 desired cookie shapes. Place them on the baking tray lined with baking sheet (no greasing required). Sprinkle almond flakes on top of the cookies.

3. Bake the cookies in 180C (350F) preheated oven for about 20mins. Take them out and leave to cool for 15mins.

Enjoy x


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Video Transcription

hi everyone today we’re making almondbutter cookies so these cookies I’vebeen making since my early keto dayswhich is about two years ago and it’sactually adopted from a vegan cookierecipe I have before so these cookieshave been companying me for a long timeand a cute old version is just asaromatic and delicious but most of allis so easy to make it’s a dream recipeso let me show you how to make it theingredients you need so one of the keyingredients of these cookies is thealmond flour so this is a cause I’m amill and now we need some desiccatedcoconut so this is about a cup here sobasically what it is is dry coconut bitsthis is extremely aromatic if you likecoconut there’s so nice and then we needsome ground flexy so I’m using thegolden variety and it’s been finelyground we’re going to use it to buy nocookies together we’re going to createthe flax cake so you can use the normaldarker version but your cookies willcome out slightly darker but in terms offlavors it should be the same and as I’ma butter cookieswe’re need some almond butter and thisis so gorgeous and it smells wonderfulso this one’s got some crunchy bits inthere but you can use the smooth one noproblemand then we need some vanilla extractand some baking soda and no-sewsweetener of your choice so I’m usingthe granular stevia and ela cookieswe’re going to add in these goldenpecans these are so nice we’re going tochop them into smaller bits and add theminto the cookies and the next ingredientis optional but I’m going to put somealmond flakes on top of my cookies andthose are waiting to boost the fat we’regoing to use the coconut oil so this isit this is all you need so the firstthing we’re going to do is create theFlex egg so it’s pretty much identicalthe way you make Chia ache you can usechia seed to Creators if you want to butthe color will come out darker so sothere are three tablespoons of flaxseeds ground flexy here so this is anequivalent of three flex eighthsso three tablespoons goes in and foreach tablespoon we’re going to add in 3tablespoons of water warm water so I’vegot about nine tablespoons here and I’mgonna just pour it in and then just giveit a quick mix and we’re gonna justleave it aside for it to thicken and nowuntil a cookie dough literally we’regoing to just add all ingredientstogether and then mix so first of all weneed to add in half a cup of groundalmonds and then we’re going to add inone cup of desiccated coconut that goesin and now I’m going to add in about twotablespoons of almond butter so this isgonna be really rough measurement for meso I’m gonna just pour in about twotablespoons there I’m a busted smells solovely and then full of baking sodawe’re going to add in about 1/2 teaspoonso roughly about this much and I’m goingto add in a dash of vanilla extract justfew drops and full of sweetener I’mgoing to add in two tablespoons thegranular stevia so the quantity werevery depends on what sweetener used andthen we can add in the fat so I’ve gotabout quarter of a cup of melted coconutoil here so I’m gonna just put in andthen we’re gonna pour in the flax egg soit’s been sitting on the side for aboutten minutes and you can see it’s kind ofthickened up quite a lot and we’re gonnajust pour a whole lot in so this willbind our cookies together and then giveit a mix so we’re going to mix the doughtogether first before we add in the nutsokay so it’s kind of forming togethernicely and you might find is easier touse your hands so I’m going to use myhands just give it a good squeeze andquick mix is therapeuticokay now we’re going to add in ourchopped nuts so I just chopped thepecans into kind of piece size so theycan mix into the dough easily so it’sabout probably just under a cup ofpecans so just use your capable hand andthen just mix the whole thing togetherjust make sure all ingredients kind ofbind together it will make the bestcookies okay so that’s how cookie doughit’s pretty sticky and the way it shouldbe and now we’re going to divide theminto individual size and lay them out ona baking tray okay so I’ve got a bakingtray here and it’s lying with a layer ofbaking sheet there’s no need to greasethe surface it was thick so I’m going totake my cookie dough here so you canmake in two so the size you want so I’mgonna just go for the normal kind ofcookie size whatever that is so give alittle roll on your hand it won’t besticky but it shouldn’t sort of fallapart in your hands so I’m going toshape it in my hand into a little cookiesize and then place it on top but you’reso cute take another one and then keepit a press down and that’s your cookieit depends on the size of your cookiesyou should make from 14 to 16 cookiesfrom this recipe I just notice I’mmaking them big and bigger each timeokay so this one is gonna be a bitsmaller and last one so I’ve used upabout half of the cookie dough there soI should be able to get about sixteenbiscuits from this round and on top ofthe cookies I’m going to put a fewflakes of almonds so what I’m going todo is have some cold water on the sideand just snap my fingers into the coldwater and splash a little bit almond andthe reason for that is that it’s easierfor the almonds to stick on the cookiesbut I say prevent them from being browntoo quickly so so I’m gonna just put theflakes on a few flakes per cookieand just give them all a little pressjust use your fingers so I’m into astick on top okay so these are ready togo into lovin so the cookie dough’s areready to go into a hundred eighty degreepreheated oven for about 20 minutes sothese are soft crunch cookies if youlike them crunchy you can leave them inthe oven to cool after the baking timewell there you gothey look so cute so I’m going to leavethem to cool for about 10-15 minutes andthey’re ready to beat[Music]so there you go it’s time to eat thesecookies they smell so lovely so as Isaid these are soft crunch cookies solet me show you what they look like inthe middle I so lovely in the middlethat’s so good and it smells aromatic aswell so good mmmit’s a sweetness coming from coconut andthe sweetener it’s just so nice togetheroh this is a recipe that stands the testof time I mean I’m really have nocomplain so with these cookies one slitcool and you can keep them in a airtightjar like a cookie jar and they’re goodfor a week no problem these are reallygood for breakfast with a cup of coffeeand obviously snacksthese are guilt free snacks this is justwonderful so I hope you liked today’srecipe and you would give it a go theseare just so delicious so if you like topractice yoga with me please subscribeto my new yoga cello the content iscoming very soon and follow me onInstagram if you haven’t already if youlike some ideas and inspiration for yourketo vegan food so thanks for hangingout with me today and thanks forwatching I’ll see you next time[Music]you

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