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Beauty and the BEARD TV – Making Cookies… in our undies.

Hey everyone! My name is Madison and today I’m going to make cookies with my dad in a segment we call Aprons & Undies!

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Video Transcription

all right we’re making chocolate chip
cookies today and this is our second
episode of aprons and undies they don’t
need to see that
Madison behavior just started okay
well let’s let’s get started on these
cookies wait we I’ve never really make
cookies so we’re not like making them
from scratch we have some extra
chocolate chips to make them extra
chocolatey and then I thought maybe you
throw some peanut butter in there what
peanut butter chocolate chip cookies
aren’t the best you’re grounded
go to your room okay so number one
preheat oven oh yeah don’t do that so
you gotta preheat the oven to 375 or 350
for dark or non-stick cookie sheet we
have a nonstick so we’re gonna go with
350 boom done
okay step to my cookie sheet with
parchment paper or coat lightly with
non-stick right now it’s a nonstick
cookie sheet doing need to spray – okay
step 2 cookie mix butter and egg in a
medium sized Bowl we’re gonna start with
the egg because Madison is cracking it
and we’re probably gonna have to take
some shells out throw those shells in
the garbage quick throw the garbage Jim
I think we got most of that thing in
there except for webbing on your hands
go hook go rinse your hands in the
bathroom okay I don’t see any shells in
there I’m actually pretty amazed but I’m
not sure how much of it doesn’t seem
like a lot of egg in there I might have
to add a second one because it does save
one large egg okay I think we’ll just
keep moving forward and if we don’t
think we’re having trouble with the
batter will add another egg – whoa all
right so we need eight tablespoons of
so we need to put in eight of these I’m
gonna do four
I’m dumping in more chips though or you
are one of us is of course no I’m gonna
advise you to not go totally crazy like
maybe this bag so I feel like maybe dump
too like they’re not on time
that’s pretty good a little bit more
ready that’s fine it’s fine
so you’re saying you won’t let me put
peanut butter in these cookies okay
we’re all stirred up we’re ready
put it on there are cookie sheet our
baking tray our nonstick cookie sheet
okay nothing we’re just talking about
how it’s not a good idea to eat raw
cookie dough okay
all right drop by rounded my nose you
need to get more go check have a big ol
blobby top it down
they need to be a little toot with two
inches apart and said two inches apart
okay okay that’s enough shape to them if
it helps make the ball put peanut butter
in recipes let me go that’s my fingers
up all right here’s a towel giant hands
all right some peanut butter yeah all
right I brought a spoon for this no no
no no no no no get back here have no
need for a knife for what dude how do
you talk sweating we’re put the peanut
butter in the batter and spread it in
there no advice to the kids at home
don’t throw knives okay it’s only for
grown-ups to do there’s only a butter
knife anyway still don’t do it
milk a peanut butter for our mouths to
drink get over here get over here
who taught you to do that who taught you
to drink out of a milk carton like that
give me that a milk carton you should
always get a glass
you don’t drink out a carton
it’s terrible manners okay
brother or healer oh it’s a learned
behavior I don’t even have spoon we are
ready to plot these bad boys down make
it some cookies dude you want some
well when they’re done you can add some
we’re making chocolate chip and peanut
butter chocolate chip yeah
no you don’t eat the rock coming out
funny everything but I don’t want to
clean it not clean it done shushing all
our cookies over now you got to get back
to the frame here all right don’t even
make it about 15 cookies so this made 36
don’t touch that puppy down it didn’t
have raw eggs in it raw eggs holes you
eat a raw egg so just as this doesn’t
look like a raw egg that’s not what’s in
there you know this is the peanut butter
ones are gonna be so much better I can’t
believe it just put peanut butter in all
of them
okay so I think it’s alright I’m
squeezing one in here and you can’t stop
me look brah this is the only room left
for another cookie
so the mr. peanut butter stolen over
here at the corner no yeah that’s the
rule others dump reading so we’re gonna
put these cookies in the other half and
it takes 10 to 12 minutes to bake and
then we’ll be back with our cookies
and also hot here you’re supposed to let
them like sit for a few minutes and
stuff cool down we did not sure wait
long enough that wants for you dude you
don’t want that it’s good right I need a
spatula that’ll help us hold on wait
this one here you go dude don’t should I
eat that big guy in the middle all right
I’m down with that
okay ready George I I think maybe just
be a boarder once posed like been in
there a little bit longer
alright alright well thanks for joining
us on aprons and undies second episode
and we’re gonna leave you today with
some booty scooty
bye everybody enjoy

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