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Welcome back everyone!
Thought I’d do a quarantine series with a few things to do while you’re bored and hopefully entertain you! X
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Video Transcription

hi everyone its lecture again and todayI’m here with my sister and today we’regonna be making some cookies so Ithought that because of quarantineobviously we’ve been here like a monthand a week now really bored so I thoughtI would make a few videos to sort of totell you like different things to dodifferent things you can doso today between some cookies we don’tknow if you guys know but there is thiscompany in the UK called minis cookiesand they just have a most amazing and welove them so we recreated a recipe thatsort of mimicked those biscuits cuzthey’re pretty good and they’re likesoft and really nice so we’re gonna bedoing that and then afterwards we willbe doing an actual face mask as wellbecause who doesn’t face masks and Ithink using that ingredients is reallygood so let’s get started so what youwant to do is start off by preheatingyour oven to 200 degrees Celsius on thefan first thing you want to do is grindyour baking trays with some parchmentpaper so that the cookies don’t stick toyour tray and we are going to be liningto trace so for our recipe we’re gonnaneed 125 grams of unsalted butter we’regonna need a hundred and 15 grams ofbrown unrefined sugar we’re gonna need ahundred and ten grams of white sugarthen we’re gonna need 220 grams of flouryou can use self I mean self raising iswhat we are using but if not you canjust add a bit of baking soda you’regonna need one medium egg you’re goingto need eightspoon of vanilla extracts but this isn’tnecessary because this recipe is alreadyquite sweet so this is kind of like upto you and then we have a few chocolatechips so we’ve just carve our ownchocolate this is milk chocolate andit’s white chocolate and we’re justgonna mix these two together obviouslyyou can use ready-made chocolate chipsbut this there’s no like white chocolatechips if we just cut our own up so whatyou want to start by doing is you wantto microwave to a butter but you don’twant to melt it you just want to makesure that it’s gone soft and we’re gonnastart our butter you can see it’s notall melted we don’t want it all to bemelted but otherwise your mixture isgoing to be too liquid and we just putthe butter in there we’re gonna take ourmixer and we’re just gonna mix that[Music]so you want to make sure that all ofyour mixture is nice and combined likeso next thing you’re going to want to dois crack open your egg a medium-sizedanything to add a teaspoon of yourvanilla extractyou don’t want to overmix this you haveput your egg vanilla extract in that’swhat it should look like still quitegooey and then we can move on to ourflourso remember self-raising flour or youcan add baking soda into your regularflour and we have to actually submit it[Music]do you have your flower in there like soyou want to mix this up[Music]you can add your choice of chocolatechips and okay I’m going to use a spoonbut you can use like a spatula and I’mjust going to mix all of it together andwe did wash our hands before we startedwe didn’t mention but now when you starttouching your dough and everything youwant to wash them again so just go overand wash my hands you have washed yourhands you want to reintroduce yourbaking trays with the parchment paperand you want to do want to take littleballs the size of like walnuts and thenjust take them and put them on yourbaking tray[Music]something like this you’ve got a headand sit them in your oven for sevenminutes when you take them out they maystill look a little bit undercooked butthat is completely fine because whenthey Harden it’s gonna be just perfectso I’m just gonna stand back onto theoven now hey guys cookies are finishedI’m just gonna take[Music]with a spatula I just take them off thetray as you can see like I said they’requite soft in the middle still but thisis what gives them that really that’swhat gives them that really nice likesort of texturelater on when they’ve cooled down howmuch you have got them on a plate likethis you can now keep putting your othercookie dough balls onto trays and keepokay guys so as you can see we arefinished with our cookies deliciousreally nice and now we’re gonna go do itour natural face mask so far our anactual face mask we’re gonna be usingbaking powder and some natural yoghurtwith no sugar or a particular anythingbut gonna be using some honey some oatsa little bit of banana and a little bitof avocado and for this you’re going toneed a blender so we have this splendorhere that’s just going to makeeverything into a paste so we can put onto our bases you know one tablespoon ofbaking soda and I’m going to be doingabout two and a half of yogurt[Music]a tablespoon or two of these boats theseare just a bit this is going to givesome texture so you just got to kind ofsee a house and now we have a bananathat’s already open so we are just goingto cut a few of the slices in to mix up[Music]we have the avocado we’re just going toadd about a tablespoon just over atablespoon and put it in I’m gonna add atiny bit more cuz there’s two of usremember so if you’re doing this justfor one person you’ll have to use halfor just a bit less of the ingredientsand then we’re going to put the thingthat mixes it on top and mix it alltogether[Music]okay guys so now we’ve mixed everythingtogether this is the consistency thatyou should get so we’re in our bathroomnow we’ve got a little headbands on tomake sure that none of our babies get inthe way we have got our mixture justhere and then we have a brush that we’regonna apply our mask on wet so when I’mbehind a mask is pretty important Ithink I need to do much explain in butbasically you want to make sure that allyour strokes go upwards okay so justgonna stop[Music]I actually have quite a lot of productleft so I do recommend you using alittle bit nervous for 15 minutes andthen we’ll come back from the officeall right so you just take it off mymask my skin feels really nice oh yeahreally smooth again and it’s quite abright as well my skin looks bright so Idefinitely and I hope you in here Ireally encourage many other things but Imight as well if you like this videoplease subscribe and give it a thumbs upand I will see you at my next videohi everyone hi everyone is Elektra againhi guys there’s a lecture again I’mdoing tit

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